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AXYS Technologies Inc.


AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) is an ISO 9001-2000 registered Canadian company with over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of remote environmental monitoring systems worldwide. Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, AXYS is an international leader in environmental technologies for marine applications. Offered in addition are technical field services to train and support customers in the operation and maintenance of the entire product line.  AXYS systems and turnkey solutions utilize proven cost-effective technology related to a wide range of applications and include a variety of telemetry options including VHF, Inmarsat and Iridium.


AXYS has built and commissioned more than 250 meteorological and oceanographic stations of various types around the world, in over 30 countries. Clients include international military agencies, environmental agencies, coastal engineering firms, offshore oil & gas companies, mining companies, wave energy research companies, port authorities, meteorological agencies and oceanographic research institutes.


Products such as Watchman500ä, WatchKeeperä, AVOSä, Sentinelä and TRIAXYSä are all examples of successful product developments. Today TRIAXYSä is the directional wave buoy and sensor of choice and is in use around the world.  AXYS holds three TRIAXYSä design patents in the USA, United Kingdom and Canada.


AXYS' most recent hallmark product is the Watchman500TM Network Solution, a remote monitoring platform that can be deployed in any location or environment.  It offers a reliable data collection and distribution system for sensor networks. It has two-way communication capabilities and is the ideal solution for long-term data acquisition from remote locations.  The WatchMan500TM Network Solution has the capability to interface with any custom or off-the-shelf sensor allowing for easy initial installation and equipment upgrades. Using AXYS' Data Management System, the user has complete control over the configuration, control and expansion of their monitoring network and allows users to view important system information in virtually real time.


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