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Kongsberg Maritime

With an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge hydroacoustic survey equipment from sonar, single- and multibeam echo sounders, positioning technology and sophisticated underwater vehicles to data analysis tools and subsea cameras, sensors and instruments, Kongsberg Maritime Subsea is an established technology provider for the oil & gas exploration, scientific research and maritime engineering sectors.

In addition to developing vital technology for the subsea industry, Kongsberg Maritime Subsea also works closely with leading research institutes and organisations to create advances in the fields of hydrography and underwater positioning for scientific and commercial applications. The company is also committed to leveraging its subsea expertise to develop new solutions for environmental monitoring; supporting the oil & gas industry to minimise the impact of operations in environmentally sensitive locations.

All Kongsberg Maritime Subsea deliveries are tailored to exact customer requirements and benefit from high-quality design and manufacturing. Kongsberg Maritime Subsea solutions cover all aspects of technology on the seabed, in the water, and on a wide variety of vessels involved in hydrographic and seismic survey, offshore support applications and maritime construction.


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Seatronics Predator Inspection

The Predator, a 300m depth-rated inspection class ROV has been developed to meet the demanding markets for rugged and reliable underwater viewing systems.