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Teledyne TSS Ltd

Teledyne TSS Ltd, a Teledyne Technologies Company, conducts research, development, manufacturing and testing in addition to comprehensive customer and product support from headquarters in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK. Regional offices in Aberdeen and Houston provide sales and product support facilities.

The TSS range of motion sensors are designed to enable highly productive surveys aboard small or large vessels in varying sea conditions. TSS motion sensors are proven to negate the errors usually associated with motion and to enable surveys that meet or exceed IHO standards. The DMS-500 range has been designed specifically with the dynamic positioning marketing in mind and combines TSS motion expertise with new features such as power and data over Ethernet.

TSS also produces a world-leading range of underwater pipe and cable location equipment, used in the oil and gas, and telecommunications industries. These systems can be fitted to ROVs and, when interfaced with suitable navigation packages, provide the precise location and depth of burial for pipes and cables.

With 100 years of experience in gyrocompass technology, TSS provides IMO-approved navigation solutions for the commercial marine market including mechanical and solid state gyrocompasses and repeaters.

A latest range of inertial navigation systems includes MAHRS, the highly accurate ORION ring laser gyro systems; and the Saturn range of INS and AHRS fibre optic gyro-based products. Adapted specifically for the defence market, the MK31 Inertial Reference System is now in service with navies and coast guards worldwide.


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Seatronics Predator Inspection

The Predator, a 300m depth-rated inspection class ROV has been developed to meet the demanding markets for rugged and reliable underwater viewing systems.