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Saab TransponderTech has introduced a new vessel traffic management and information system (VTMIS), complying with the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) recommendations for coastal surveillance and vessel traffic control.

Saab's new CoastWatch VTMIS is designed to provide a flexible array of solutions. Scalable programs range from a simple system with a single user and one or two sensors, to a large multi-user network with a wide variety of integrated sensors and subsystems, including radars, AIS, direction finders, infrared night vision, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and underwater sensors. Saab can provide a complete turnkey system including all the sensor arrays, or can utilize existing radar and AIS infrastructure. The modular software and open architecture make it easy to upgrade and add new capabilities in the future.


The Saab system provides full redundancy in accordance with IALA requirements for 99.9 percent availability. This is achieved by duplication of hardware and software modules, to eliminate any single point of failure. The CoastWatch operator stations utilise an intuitive and easy-to-learn, super responsive graphical user interface based on a digital chart display, which is readily configurable to avoid information overload and clutter. Integrated work-flow support enables the seamless servicing of a ship from pre-entry until it leaves the VTMIS area. The operator can quickly view information on any displayed vessel, including CCTV pictures, and generate reports with simple point-and-click functionality. CCTV control is fully integrated into the chart functions. With a simple mouse click on a ship's icon, the cameras will automatically start tracking the vessel. System capabilities also feature data recording and playback for training and post-event analysis.



Supplier: SAAB

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