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Hydro International will publish five print magazines and host two online Theme Weeks in 2022.

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Online Theme Weeks 2022

Offshore Surveying & Marine Renewables

No matter which form it takes, energy is a basic necessity. In this issue, we focus on the survey requirements for installing windfarms, commissioning and decommissioning platforms, and laying pipelines and cables. This type of work regularly uses equipment such as underwater acoustic positioning, ROVs and AUVs, and requires the early detection (and removal) of UXO. These and other topics are explored extensively during our Offshore Surveying & Marine Renewables theme weeks.

Bathymetry & Hydrographic Data

These theme weeks take us to the very core of our industry. The nautical chart – the original driver of hydrography – is still going strong and, be it in paper form or ENC, is used on every ship. To create these, extensive bathymetric surveys are performed and additional data is collected on aids to navigation and topography. However, it is not only the nautical chart that requires bathymetric data: this is and will continue to be the backbone of hydrographic surveying employing echosounders, side-scan sonar and advanced positioning systems.

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