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Featured Authors

Dr. Knut Hartmann

Dr. Knut Hartmann is director Client Services for EOMAP. During his educational and professional bac... (read more)

Chris Haworth

Chris Haworth joined SeeByte in 2010 to help drive the transition of autonomy capability from resear... (read more)

Richard Goosen

Richard Goosen is a senior hydrographer with Fugro and was the hydrographer in charge of the UKHO pr... (read more)
Contributors to Hydro International

Carol Lockhart

Carol Lockhart is a Project Manager and a Hydrographer. She has been surveying for over 20 years and was the owner of Geomatics Data Solutions (GDS),... (read more)

Cassie Bongiovanni

Works at Caladan Oceanic LLC and is the Five Deeps Expedition hydrographic surveyor. (read more)

Cees van Dijk

Cees van Dijk is the content manager of Hydro International. "After having worked in different media positions for more than twenty years, this is an... (read more)

Charles de Jongh

Charles de Jongh has an MSc in Geography with a master in Cartography and Geographical Information Science. He is a senior member of the CARIS BV... (read more)

Chen Zhang

Chen Zhang is an IT Specialist with the NOAA Office of Coast Survey. He works as a software developer at the Hydrographic Systems and Technology Branc... (read more)

Christopher Parrish

Christopher Parrish is the lead physical scientist in the Remote Sensing Division of NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey (NGS) and affiliate Profess... (read more)

Christophe Vrignaud

Christophe Vrignaud is an Engineer for the French Ministry of Defence. His main interest is related to underwater acoustics. Early in his career he fo... (read more)

Clemens Kirchner

Clemens Kirchner has been employed as a project manager at Boskalis Hirdes since 2014. In recent years, he has been involved in the planning and execu... (read more)

Coen Werner

Coen Werner is senior geologist and R&D manager at STEMA systems. He is also responsible for the development of Silas and Tune systems. Prior to t... (read more)

Colin Devey

Colin Devey is Professor of Oceanic Volcanism at GEOMAR in Kiel, Germany. His research centres on the fluxes of heat and materials from the Earth&acut... (read more)

Conceição Fortes

Conceição Fortes is a principal research officer and head of the Ports and Maritime Structures Unit of the National Laboratory for Civil... (read more)

Craig Wallace

With a background in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Craig Wallace has spent the last 9 years specialising in technology related to t... (read more)

Daniel Peixoto de Carvalho

LCDR Daniel Peixoto de Carvalho graduated from the Brazilian Naval Academy in 2000, became a Hydrographer in 2004 and earned an MSc in Meteorology and... (read more)

Dariusz Lapucha

Dariusz Lapucha holds a PhD in Geodesy from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland and an MSc in Surveying Engineering from The University of Calgary... (read more)

Darren Wilkinson

Darren Wilkinson is employed by Land Surveys in Business Development for Geospatial Services and has been in the geospatial industry for 32 years. He... (read more)

David Arctur

David Arctur is a research scientist with appointments in engineering, geoscience, and information science at the University of Texas at Austin, USA.... (read more)

David Gray

David H. Gray worked for the Canadian Hydrographic Service from 1971 to 2005 and was involved in geodetic surveying computations, radio navigation sys... (read more)

David Mearns

David L. Mearns is an expert in the research, location and filming of shipwrecks. During the course of his 30-year career he has led the research and... (read more)

David Murrell

David Murrell is a senior hydrographic surveyor at Marine GeoSolutions in Australia. He has more than 16 years’ experience in the hydrographic,... (read more)

David Walcott

David Wolcott has been with NOAA as an oceanographer for 9 years developing tide reduction models to support hydrographic operations. He holds a BSc i... (read more)

David Wolcott

David Wolcott has been with NOAA as an oceanographer for 5 years and has provided tide reductions to support hydrographic operations. He holds a BSc i... (read more)

Dawn Wright

Dawn Wright joined Esri as chief scientist in October 2011. Previously, she spent 17 years at Oregon State University as a professor of geography... (read more)

Deanna Talbot

Deanna Talbot was the marketing manager at Bluefin Robotics and is responsible for all marketing, advertising and promotional activities with the prim... (read more)

Denis Hains

Denis Hains holds a Bachelor Degree in Geodetic Sciences, Laval University and is a Québec Land Surveyor.   He worked 35 years in the Publ... (read more)

Derrick R. Peyton

Derrick R. Peyton is CEO of IIC Technologies and the Governing Council chairman for the IIC Academy. He has been involved in the geomatics community f... (read more)

Dmitri Travin

Dmitri Travin is a retired captain of the Russian Navy whose professional career included participation in numerous hydrographic surveys around the wo... (read more)

Dmitry Vershinin

Dmitry A. Vershinin is a head of the Research Laboratory of Hydrological and Ecological Problems and Associate Professor of the Department of Hyd... (read more)

Don Pickering

Don Pickering has been a long time pioneer of Internet, enterprise applications and big data technology. As CEO of BluHaptics, Don is responsible for... (read more)

Don Ventura

Don Ventura is a hydrographic business development manager with Fugro, helping to lead the company’s SDB service offering. He is a Charge I... (read more)

Douglas O'Brien

Douglas O'Brien is a member of the S-121 project team, a spatial data engineering consultant, and president of IDON Technologies Inc. He is currently... (read more)

Dr. Benjamin Williamson

Dr Benjamin Williamson’s research includes AUVs, multibeam sonar and algorithm development at the University of Aberdeen, including the FLOWBEC... (read more)

Dr. Cai Bird

Dr Cai Bird has worked with Marlan Maritime Technologies since its foundation in 2013. His research focuses on developing and applying novel algorithm... (read more)

Dr. Charles Calkoen

Dr. Charles Calkoen studied physics at the universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam. In the last 30 years, he was involved in oceanography and remote sen... (read more)

Dr. Conor Cahalane

Dr. Conor Cahalane performs applied research using satellite, airborne and UAV data for coastal mapping and monitoring at the National Centre for... (read more)

Dr. Daniel Ierodiaconou

Dr Daniel Ierodiaconou is a senior lecturer at Deakin University, Warrnambool, Victoria. He is a marine ecologist interested in multidisciplinary and... (read more)

Dr Don McFarlane

Dr McFarlane is Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at the Claremont Colleges in Southern California, USA. He received his BSc from the Uni... (read more)

Dr. Henry Dol

Dr. Henry S. Dol received his MSc and PhD in applied physics from Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, in 1993 and 1998, respective... (read more)

Dr. Jenny Hanafin

Dr. Jenny Hanafin was awarded a PhD in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography by the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Universi... (read more)

Dr. Jyotika Virmani

Dr Jyotika Virmani is senior director for planet & environment at XPRIZE and prize lead for the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE. Dr Virmani has over... (read more)

Dr. Koen Blom

Dr. Koen Blom received his MSc in Computer Science in 2009 and received his PhD on blind equalisation techniques for underwater communications in 2014... (read more)

Dr. Magnus Wettle

Dr. Magnus Wettle is managing director for EOMAP Australia Pty Ltd. With more than 15 years experience in aquatic remote sensing, he has previously he... (read more)

Dr. Martin Juhl Jørgensen

Dr. Martin Juhl Jørgensen, received BScEE and MScEE degrees from the Technical University of Denmark, where he recently completed and successfu... (read more)

Dr. Mathias Jonas

Mathias Jonas is Secretary-General of the IHO. He is also Master Mariner, has a PhD in Nautical Engineering, is Reserve Officer German Navy was Nation... (read more)

Dr. Mikael Bliksted Larsen

Dr. Mikael Bliksted Larsen, received MSc and PhD degrees (2001) in engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Mikael is an acknowledged exp... (read more)

Dr Mike Osborne

Dr Mike Osborne, managing director of OceanWise, is an oceanographer and marine data specialist. He worked in the oil & gas sector as a consultant... (read more)

Dr. Mohd Razali Mahmud

Prof Dr Mohd Razali Mahmud is head of GeoCoastal Research Unit, Faculty of Geoinformation and Real Estate, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UT... (read more)

Dr. Paul Bell

Dr Paul Bell is associate head of Ocean Technology & Engineering at the UK’s National Oceanography Centre. He specialises in the development... (read more)

Dr. Peter Ramsay

Dr Peter Ramsay is Business Development Leader at HYPACK, a Xylem Brand. Before entering in this position, he was a director of Marine GeoSolutions in... (read more)

Dr. Purbo Poerbandono

Dr.rer.nat. Poerbandono is Associate Professor in Hydrography and course coordinator of FIG/IHO/ICA Category A Hydrographic Surveyor Profession Educat... (read more)

Dr. Stefania Giodini

Dr. Stefania Giodini received her MSc in Physics from Universitá degli Studi Milano-Bicocca (Italy) in 2006 and her PhD in Astrophysics fr... (read more)
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