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Featured Authors

Chris Haworth

Chris Haworth joined SeeByte in 2010 to help drive the transition of autonomy capability from resear... (read more)

Dr. Magnus Wettle

Dr. Magnus Wettle is managing director for EOMAP Australia Pty Ltd. With more than 15 years experien... (read more)

Lijuan Huang

Lijuan Huang has been with NOAA and The Baldwin Group, Inc. as an oceanographer for 9 years and has... (read more)
Contributors to Hydro International

Karl Kenny

Karl Kenny, president and CEO of Kraken Sonar Systems, grew up in a small fishing village in Newfoundland with connections to the sea. Since his early... (read more)

Katy Barbier-Greenland

Katy Barbier-Greenland is originally from Melbourne, Australia, and now lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She holds undergraduate degrees in social... (read more)

Kevin Whyte

Kevin Whyte is a project manager and marine civil engineer at the subsea asset protection and intervention division of Geomara. He completed his under... (read more)

Kim Picard

Kim Picard is a marine geoscientist at Geoscience Australia. Her research focuses on using mapping techniques to understand the processes that sh... (read more)

Kira Coley

Kira Coley is a freelance science and technology writer specialising in the ocean science and technology. She is a regular contributor to several... (read more)

Kirill Otradnov

Kirill Otradnov is partner, CTO and chief designer at BaltRobotics. He is an experienced project manager in complex international projects on rob... (read more)

Klaus von Bröckel

Klaus von Bröckel is a senior scientist at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel in Germany., He started with all aspects of phytop... (read more)

Kristiyan Panayotov

Kristiyan Panayotov is a land survey engineer who graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia, Bulgaria. He... (read more)

Kutalmis Saylam

Kutalmis Saylam is employed as a research scientist associate at the Bureau of Economic Geology, of the Jackson School of Geosciences, at the Universi... (read more)

Kyle Goodrich

Kyle Goodrich, President, TCarta Marine, Denver, Colorado, US, has had a 19-year career in geospatial services. Since founding TCarta in 2008, Kyle ha... (read more)

Laura Robinson

Laura Robinson is a Reader in Geochemistry at the University of Bristol, Bristol, UK. Her research is focused on documenting and understanding the pro... (read more)

Laurie Biscara

Laurie Biscara earned her PhD in Marine Geology from Bordeaux University in 2011. She has been working at SHOM since 2012 and has participated extensi... (read more)

Lawrence Haselmaier

Lawrence Haselmaier is an Oceanographer for the Naval Oceanographic Office'sHydrographic Department. He has received his BSc in Physics from the Unive... (read more)

LCDR Cesar Reinert Morais

LCDR Cesar Reinert B Morais graduated from the Brazilian Naval Academy in 1997, became a Hydrographer in 2001 and earned an MSc in Meteorology and Phy... (read more)

Leandro Posoni

Leandro Ponsoni is an oceanographer graduate from the University of São Paulo, where he also completed his master thesis. He has a PhD in... (read more)

Leo Maas

Leo Maas is an oceanographer, interested in waves in stratified and rotating fluids. He has published over 60 papers in international journals an... (read more)

Lijuan Huang

Lijuan Huang has been with NOAA as an oceanographer for 10 years developing tide reduction models to support hydrographic operations. She holds an MSc... (read more)

Lilian Lieber

Lilian Lieber is a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen investigating basking shark behavioural ecology using hydroacoustic methods. Her wider re... (read more)

Lisa Brisson

Ms. Lisa Brisson was the lead engineer for EdgeTech’s bathymetric products. Her expertise is in underwater acoustics and hydrographic surve... (read more)

Louis Licate

Louis Licate has been with NOAA as an oceanographer for 5 years developing tide reduction models to support hydrographic operations. He holds a BSc in... (read more)

Lt Cdr Chukwuma Azuike

Lt Cdr Chukwuma Azuike is a hydrographer with the Nigerian Hydrographic Office. He graduated with a BSc from the Nigerian Defense Academy (2000) and a... (read more)

Lt Cdr João Vincente

LtCdr João Vicente has been a hydrographer (CAT A) at the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute since 2000, with an MSc in GIS Science from Lisbon... (read more)

Lt Cdr Michael Gonsalves

Lieutenant Commander Michael Gonsalves has been working with NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey for over ten years. He has served sea tours aboard th... (read more)

LT Christine Schultz

LT Christine Schultz is an officer in the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps serving as the technical operations coordinator at the National Weather Serv... (read more)

Lt Georgios Georgopoulos

Lieutenant Georgios Georgopoulos graduated from the Hellenic Navy Academy in 2003 and served in a variety of roles across a range of vessels for a dec... (read more)

Luis Conti

Luis Americo Conti received his BSc in Geography, MSc in Physical Oceanography and PhD in Marine Geology from the University of São Paulo, Braz... (read more)

Luís Santos

Luís Santos is a survey engineer at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL, 1992-1997) with a Post-Degree i n Geodesy (2002-... (read more)

Maaten Furlong

Maaten Furlong joined NOC in 2005 as an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) development engineer and has been involved in all aspects of AUV developme... (read more)

Maggie Tran

Maggie Tran works as project manager at Geoscience Australia, involved in data processing and coordinating the public delivery of the seabed data acqu... (read more)

Marcelo Rodrigues

Marcelo Rodrigues is a geologist, has a PhD in Hydraulic Engineering, and worked at the Oceanographic Institute of University of São Paulo in M... (read more)

Marck Smit

Marck Smit graduated in Maritime Technology from the Delft University of Technology. For more than a decade he was responsible for the NIOZ Marine Tec... (read more)

Marc Roche

Marc Roche is a geologist and scientific advisor and, since 2005, Head of the Continental Shelf Service (COPCO) in the Belgian Federal Public Service... (read more)

Marianne Molchan

Marianne Molchan is president of Molchan Marine Sciences LLC, a consulting business dedicated to promoting a safe and secure marine environment. Speci... (read more)

Maria Pleskach

Maria Pleskach graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute' with a degree in underwater acoustic engineeri... (read more)

Maria Teresa Reis

Maria Teresa Reis, with a 5-year Degree in Civil Engineering (Coimbra, 1990), an MSc and a PhD in Maritime Civil Engineering (Liverpool, UK, 1992 and... (read more)

Maria Vernet

Prof Maria Vernet is a senior researcher/phytoplankton ecologist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Dr Vernet has conducted research in the Arcti... (read more)

Mario Hoppema

Dr Mario Hoppema is a senior chemical oceanographer/biogeochemist based at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, Germany. He received his train... (read more)

Marita Luk

Marita Luk has over a decade of experience as the business development manager for the School of Construction and the Environment at the British Colum... (read more)

Mark Gray

Mark Gray is a hydrographic surveyor at Swathe Services, which offers equipment rental, sales support and personnel to the marine hydrographic survey... (read more)

Mark Pronk

Mark Pronk is Business Developer for Teledyne CARIS. For the last 14 years he has been working in the Marine Geospatial industry. Mark has worked for... (read more)

Mark Warner

Mark Warner is Marketing & PR Director at Inmarsat Maritime. He has over 18 years’ experience in the maritime industry and is a Univers... (read more)

Marten Hogeweg

Marten Hogeweg is product manager at Esri. (read more)

Martin Austin

Martin Austin is a Senior Lecturer in Coastal Sediment Dynamics in the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University, UK. His research focuses on the... (read more)

Martin Jones

During his military career, he was the senior policy lead negotiating the shared objectives for the Allied System for Geospatial Intelligence (ASG), a... (read more)

Mary Crowley

Mary T Crowly is the founder and executive director of the Ocean Voyages Institute, established in 1979 as a public charity based in Sausalito, Califo... (read more)

Mashkoor Malik

Mashkoor Malik is a Physical Scientist (Hydrographer) with NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. Mr. Malik received his MS in Ocean Mapping a... (read more)

Mathieu Rondeau

Mathieu Rondeau holds a bachelor degree in surveying engineering from l’École Supérieure des Géomètres et Topographe... (read more)

Matthew Lee Crowley

Matthew Lee Crowley is a project surveyor at DeepOcean Management AS, supporting a major survey contract and providing technical input to commercial t... (read more)

Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson is the technical lead the Naval Oceanographic Office’s Hydrographic Department. He has received his BSc in Oceanography from th... (read more)

Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson is a physical scientist with the NOAA Office of Coast Survey. He works at the Atlantic Hydrographic Branch in Norfolk, Virginia, involv... (read more)
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