Author: Prof. Capt. Ralph Becker-Heins
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-806205-9-9
Publisher: Geomares BV
Pages: 248
Binding information: Paperback
Price: €44 (excl. VAT if applicable and shipping costs)


ECDIS is one of the most complex and sophisticated navigational tools on board a ship today. All SOLAS-ships will be fitted with this equipment over the next few years. High quality training and instructions are therefore essential requirements and this is where this book can play an important role. The objective of the book is to impart practical hands-on knowledge about ECDIS. For less experienced users, the book will help to gain a profound overview of the principles of ECDIS navigation and the related challenges. However, it is likely that advanced ECDIS operators will also be able to find new answers and helpful suggestions for ECDIS navigation in this book. Based upon the principles of the IMO Model Course 1.27, the book is suitable for all kinds of ECDIS courses in different settings.

Author: Steve Ritchie
ISBN/EAN: 90-806205-5-6
Publisher: Geomares BV
Pages: 118
Binding information: Paperback
Price: €34.00 (excl. VAT if applicable and shipping costs)

As It Was, Highlights of Hydrographic History

'As it Was' is a selection of 48 historical hydrographic highlights by Steve Ritchie, who wrote the 'As it Was' columns for Hydro International magazine.
Rear Admiral Steve Ritchie (1914-2012) was educated at Dartmouth Royal Naval College in the UK, going to sea as a midshipman in 1932. Five years later he joined the Surveying Branch of the Royal Navy in which he served for 35 years. He commanded four H.M. Surveying Ships and served as Hydrographer of the Navy from 1966-1971. Thereafter he was elected president of the Directing Committee of the International Hydrographic Bureau in 1972 and in 1977 for five-year terms of office.

Cover book Maths for Map Makers, 2nd edition

Author: Dr. Arthur L. Allan
ISBN: 978-1870325-99-8
Pages: 416pp (234x 156mm)
Binding information: softback liberally illustrated
Price: € 55,00 (excl. VAT if applicable and shipping costs)

Maths for Map Makers, 2nd edition

This book remains the first port of call for anyone seeking a comprehensive treatment of the mathematics involved in map making. In response to demand, the author has written a new chapter on the subject of least squares estimation. The new text is again problem-oriented, and is generously illustrated with worked examples and exercises.


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Author: Horst Hecht, Bernhard Berking, Mathias Jonas, Lee Alexander
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-806205-8-2
Publisher: Geomares BV
Pages: 378
Binding information: Paperback
Price: €59 (excl. VAT if applicable and shipping costs)

The Electronic Chart

The Electronic Chart: Functions, Potential and Limitations is a textbook for ECDIS use and training. IMO is referring to the third edition of the book The Electronic Chart  in its Model Course 1.27 for Generic ECDIS training. The book may be used either for self-teaching or in conjunction with ECDIS training as a reference book. Mariners, ECDIS producers/developers, maritime authorities, ECDIS trainers/teachers and maritime students/ECDIS trainees all over the globe have been using this handbook.

Author: Shunji Murai
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-806205-0-6
Publisher: Geomares BV
Pages: 197
Binding information: Paperback
Price: €21.90 (excl. VAT if applicable and shipping costs)

Higher Ground: Learning from the East Japan Tsunami and Meltdown at Fukushima

In this new and remarkable book, NPS professor Shunji Murai describes the horror of the disaster that struck Japan on 11 March 2011. Murai touches the hearts and minds of all readers with his serene, narrative approach and warns them to never underestimate the destructive power of nature. This book is a must-read for experts and policymakers in regions that are prone to natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, in order to put the lessons learned from Japan into practice and make plans within their own communities!

cover book High Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery

Authors: Professor Ian Dowman, Dr. Karsten Jacobsen, Professor Gottfried Konecny and Dr. Rainer Sandau.
ISBN: 978-184995-046-6
Pages: 248pp (240 x 170mm)
Binding information: hardback liberally illustrated, colour throughout  
Price: € 99,00 (excl. VAT if applicable and shipping costs)

High Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery

This book had been awarded the Karl Kraus Medal 2016 by ISPRS.

It is Written by a team of acknowledged international experts, this is a comprehensive guide to the characteristics and use of high resolution optical images from satellite-borne sensors, concentrating on sensors designed for mapping. It considers in detail satellites launched since 1999 with GSD of less than 1m, but also looks at sensors with a ground sample distance (GSD) of less than 15m, operational since SPOT 1. The book explains to students, anyone working in map production and scientists working in fields other than mapping, the way in which high resolution imagery is obtained and the issues which surround its collection and use.