ADCPs in Action on Coronado - 04/12/2013

Durk Haarsma, publishing director, Hydro International

Teledyne RDI Instruments held their 9th ADCPs in Action Users’ Conference from 29 September to 3 October 2013 on Coronado Island in San Diego, California. With a mix of social events, presentations, demos and workshops, users from Teledyne ADCPs from all over the globe had the chance to renew and refresh their knowledge on techniques, talk to Teledyne employees and to socialise or do business with other users.

The conference moved to the beautifully located ­Marriott Coronado Island Resort this year, leaving the good old Catamaran Hotel, also in San Diego, because it was being renovated. Many of the delegates had already started the conference unofficially on Sunday with networking during fun activities such as Surfing for Beginners at Mission Beach and Sea Kayaking in the La Jolla Caves, ending the day with a relaxed Ice Breaker reception at the pool of the Marriott.

The conference officially started with a plenary session on Monday morning, with Bill Kikendall, VP/group general manager RD Instruments at Teledyne and Harry Maxfield, VP marketing and sales at Teledyne RD Instruments updating delegates on the state of the business of the Teledyne RDI at large – highlighting the immense sales of Dopplers since the last AiA in 2011 to users in Marine Measurements, Water Resources and Navigation. It was also mentioned that since the last global users meeting, new hire Ed Apodaca, manager customer service and repairs, reduced time to repair by 40%, a fact that was greeted with enthusiasm by the delegates. A new addition to the portfolio of RD Instruments worth mentioning were carbon sensors, in cooperation with German company Contros.

The following plenary session was divided into three tracks, namely, Marine Measurements, Navigation and Water Resources with ample opportunity to see presentations from all over the globe, where ADCPs where put in use. A total of 18 training sessions in the separate tracks started with basic theory on ADCPS, and went into greater depth with a look at the WH ADCP in training sessions under the name The Final Frontier in the Marine Measurement training track. In the Navigation track trainer Greg Rivalan talked about Integration Considerations in ROVs and AUVs.

Several partners of Teledyne RDI Instruments including EIVA, VideoRay, Liquid Robotics, OceanScience, Aquavision, SBG Systems and Bluefin Robotics as well as other groups of Teledyne, such as TSS, Marine Acoustic Imaging, Marine Systems and Interconnect Solutions showcased their solutions at a small side-show. Representatives from these partners presented their projects in the 47 co-sponsor presentations. Dockside demos, carried out by partners such as HR Wallingford, OceanScience and Deep Ocean Engineering on Remotely operated ADCPS platform made for good excuse to enjoy the good weather of San Diego and learn something on the waterside at the same time. More than 80 Teledyne RDI employees visited the conference so as to be available for one-on-one meetings with customers. The week ended with a tour for delegates through the Teledyne facilities in Poway, CA, USA.

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