Australasian Hydrographic Society - 05/12/2013

Ian Hall

Rupert Gerritsen R.O.N. (1953-2013)

Rupert Gerritsen passed away in Canberra on 3 November 2013. He was chair of ‘Australia on the Map’ (AOTM), the ­Heritage and History ­Division of the Australasian ­Hydrographic Society (AHS).
He wrote a number of books, many scientific papers and reports and played an influential part in re-charting ­Australia’s maritime contact history prior to British settlement. With his friendly, encouraging nature and his considerable skills as a networker, he will be sorely missed by a nationwide network of friends and acquaintances.
A driving force behind the ­success of national commemorations in 2006 of 400 years of European contact, Rupert was a founding member of ’AOTM 1606-2006’, the organisation set up to promote and coordinate the commemorations.

Rupert Gerritsen was decor­ated in 2007 as a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau and was a Petherick Reader of the National Library of Australia.
The Patron, Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie AO RANR, AHS Council, Regional Committees and Membership extends its sympathies to Rupert’s friends and family.

By Ian Hall.

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