Coda Octopus MOTION Control Software Release - 29/06/2015

Coda Octopus announces a new major release for MOTION, providing complete setup, management, monitoring and replay for all three products in the MOTION range: the F180, F180R and F175 series. Following the intuitive interface design already used with previous releases, some new features have been added like advanced GPS settings and configuration options.

Performance enhancement across the MOTION range comes in the form of advanced GPS settings including custom GPS constellation elevation mask and the ability to set the INS blending mode of the system based on GPS availability and robustness. This is useful for environments such as bridge inspection where frequent GPS drop outs are expected.

Efficiency gains can be made through the added feature to configure the systems serial output strings, baud rates and formats on-the-fly without the need to restart the system. Additionally new NMEA output string support is provided. The upcoming GPS leap second event on 30 June 2015 is addressed in this release, minimising interruption and maintaining quality survey data.

Customers of Coda Octopus TEAM are encouraged to upgrade to this release free of charge.

Last updated: 05/04/2020