Commission 4: FIGuring Significantly in Hydrography - 19/12/2011

Commission 4 continues in its 1st year of the 2011-2014 term, pursuing significant contributions to hydrography and hydrography-related activities at the international level. The Commission’s Work Plan is now available online ( 1). In 2011, Commission 4 members and associates have, and will, contribute to a number of conferences and meetings and other initiatives.

FIG Working Week 2011, Marrakech, Morocco

In May 2011, (18 to 22) FIG held its Working Week in Marrakech, Morocco. A report on FIG Working Week 2011 can be found online (website 2).Notwithstanding some no-shows, Commission 4 technical sessions comprised approximately 26 papers and covered general themes such as:

  • Hydrography-Assisted Monitoring;
  • Hydrography in Practice;
  • Hydrography and the Environment; and
  • Marine/Coastal Modelling and Technology.


The technical sessions were well attended and attendees made significant contributions through questions, comments and commitments. Of significance was the participation by the ‘Young Hydrographers' as part of FIG's Young Surveyors' Network.


11th South East Asian Survey Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The 11th South East Asian Survey Congress was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 22 to 24 June 2011. The chair of FIG Commission 4 was invited as a special guest speaker to address a plenary session on the topic of implementing a marine cadastre. The concept of the marine cadastre remains important to jurisdictions in South East Asia and hydrography plays an important role in developmental strategies.


Hydrography Awareness in Nigeria

A meeting to enhance awareness of the importance of hydrography was organised in Nigeria in October 2011. Policy makers, all of Nigeria's 36 States' Surveyor Generals and other hydrography stakeholders convened to have discussions on the topic. Commission 4 was represented by its chair, the chair of Working Group 4.5 (Hydrography in Africa), Ms. Angela Etuonovbe, and some of its Nigerian members.


FIG Working Week 2012

Commission 4 is getting ready to participate in FIG Working Week 2012 to be held in Rome, Italy from 6 to 11 May. The next Commission 4 meeting will be held at this event.


Commission Officers Sought

Commission 4 is seeking nominations for the following positions:

  • Chair-Elect (2012-2014). This person has to be nominated by an FIG member association. It is desirable to have nominations presented at FIG 2012 in Rome;
  • Chair, Working Group 4.2, Standards and Guidelines for Hydrography, to eventually take over from the current chair; and
  • Chair, Working Group 4.4, Maritime and Marine Spatial Information Management, to eventually take over from the current chair.


Please check Commission 4's appropriate website (website 3) for contact information to make nominations.



Check out Commission 4's main website (website  4) for information on, and access to, the following publications:

  • FIG Publication No. 57 - Report on the Economic Benefits of Hydrography; and
  • FIG Publication No. 56 - Guidelines for the Planning, Execution and Management of Hydrographic Surveys in Ports and Harbours.



David Neale

In June 2011, Dr. David Neale, former Commission 4 vice-chair Administration and Communication, lost his battle with cancer. He is very much missed.


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