Commission 4 Report

Commission 4 officers and members participated in a number of conferences of importance to hydrography during 2012.

In this article we present an overview of the activities and congresses where the FIG commission 4 has been represented during 2012:
• IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing;
• CVRS2012, Xiamen, China, 16-18 December;
• ISPRS 2012 Congress, Melbourne, Australia, 25 August;
• ASPRS Annual Conference, ­Sacramento, California, 19 - 23 March;
• Canadian Hydrographic ­Conference (15 - 17 May) in Niagara Falls, Canada;
• Hydro12 conference, with the theme Taking Care of the Sea, Rotterdam, The ­Netherlands, 13 – 15 November;
• FIG 8th Regional Conference, ­Montevideo, Uruguay, 26 to 29 November.

Last year, due to a tragic accident, the Commission lost Professor Volker Böder of HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) and former chair of Working Group Group 4.3 Multi-Sensor Systems for Hydrographic Applications. In 2011, Commission 4 lost David Neale, former vice-chair Administration and Communication due to illness. In spite of the loss of these once active members, Commission 4 remains vibrant and committed to all things hydrographic.

2013 represents the penultimate year of the current 2011-2014 term. Below are two main events in which the Commission has participated in 2013.

FIG Working Week 2013, Abuja, Nigeria

FIG Working Week 2013 was held in Abuja, Nigeria from 6 to 10 May 2013 at the International Conference Centre and Nicon Luxury Hotel. There were two Commission 4 technical sessions: Hydrographic Education and Standards, and Hydrography in Practice. Both sessions were comprised of nine papers. Abuja is a beautiful and modern city. However, FIG was aware that some anxieties existed among potential conference participants because of recent unfortunate ­incidents involving foreigners. The conference went on as planned.

Joint FIG-IHO Conference – The Blue Economy

On Tuesday 9 April 2013, FIG (directly via Commission 4) and the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) held a one-day conference titled ‘The Blue Economy’. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors was the local host. The conference was held at the National Oceanographic Centre (NOC) Southampton, England. Presentations were made by speakers from a number of organisations with interests in hydrography-related economic development. Organisations represented included FIG, IHO, The Maritime Alliance, International Association of Marine AtoN and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), International ­Maritime ­Organization, United ­Kingdom Hydrographic Office, National Ocean­ography Centre, International Association of Oil & Gas ­Producers, International Marine Contractors Association, The Hydrographic ­Academy and University of Twente.

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