Election fever reaches boiling point more often these days, it seems, than in earlier days. Maybe because we’ve seen such crucial elections recently with a substantial impact in the world of politics as well as in global economics.  For example, Brexit (not a real election, but a referendum) and the presidential election in the United States, but also elections in Europe: in the Netherlands, France and later this year in Germany. Without discussing the outcomes of all these elections and any related consequences, I only want to say that I always enjoy the election fever that precedes the final election day. The debates, live and on television, the long background features on the internet, in the newspapers and magazines, and the short messages on social media, I soak it all up.

As luck would have it, the hydrographic community is facing its own election this year. During the first IHO Assembly, taking place from 24-28 April in 2017 in Monaco, represented Member Sates will elect the new Secretary-General and Directors for the International Hydrographic Organization. There are nine candidates (at the moment of preparing this magazine as nominations still could be submitted): Mr. Gilles Bessero (France), Rear Admiral Carrasco (Chile), Commodore Mir Imdadul Haque (Bangladesh), Rear Admiral Mustafa Iptes (Turkey), Dr Mathias Jonas (Germany), Captain Abraham Kampfer (South Africa), Admiral (ret) Luiz Fernanndo Palmer Fonseca (Brazil), Captain (ret) Rafael Ponce Urbina (Mexico) and Captain Luigi Sinapi (Italy). Looking at the background of the candidates and their regions of origin, their experience and ideas, there’s really something to choose. In this issue of Hydro International and on our website www.hydro-international.com the candidates are all presented to you. They share their views on a number of hot topics within hydrography like expansion of the IHO, cooperation with private industry, developments in the field of the Marine Spatial Data Industry and more, brought together by our contributing editors Giuseppe Angrisano and Joost Boers. I really hope this article will contribute to the election fever and ultimately the election of the best candidate to serve hydrography and the worldwide community of hydrography professionals  in the years to come. Good luck to all candidates!

A fever that feels a bit like election fever is one that the hydrography world suffers from when Ocean Business approaches. This biannual event will be taking place from April 4-6 at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, United Kingdom, and is this year’s hub for the industry with more than 300 exhibitors and an expanded training and demonstration programme. Visitors will be treated to the traditional wine trail and there will be plenty of opportunity to meet up with each other and get familiar with all the new innovations in our business. The Hydro International and Geo-matching.com teams will be there to interact and catch up with you. You can find them at stand R4.

I am really looking forward to both events -  the election of the new Secretary-General and Directors of the IHO and Ocean Business -  and I am planning to suffer or rather enjoy the harmless fever that comes with them both. I hope you will as well.

Durk Haarsma

[email protected]


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