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New Possibilities of Wireless Applications

We are entering a new era in which working with digital equipment will fit into daily business. Developments are moving fast, making keeping up difficult. GeoMETIUS is a Dutch company that offers all-round solutions for survey equipment, marine construction, hydrographics, GIS and Mapping, data-capture systems and GPS-related hard and software.

GeoMETIUS was founded in 1994 as a result of a management buy-out from Radio Holland. The founders felt the need to share their knowledge about GPS with the Dutch market. The new company immediately acquired exclusive representation of Trimble surveying systems. Since then GeoMETIUS has developed into a full-service company, supplying reliable, high-quality products and in-house repair and maintenance. The company recently won official representation for Odom. Up until then there was no certified Odom Service Centre in Europe; there is a match in business philosophies between the two companies.

The Strengths

The GeoMETIUS mission is about ‘building steady relationships with customers and business partners’. The company achieves this by offering data-processing, measuring and locating solutions of high quality, with a professional spirit. The company is today both a trading company and a service provider, focusing on GPS positioning, navigation, data acquisition and data communication for professional users. The main quality of GeoMETIUS is expressed by its combination of commercial and technical knowledge. As the company is capable of in-house servicing of all products belonging to its product-range, all solutions offered will meet the demands of the customer.

Service Centre

A reputation for technical competence and shared dedication to customer support are the elements that convinced Odom Hydrographic Systems to assign GeoMETIUS as its European Regional Service Centre. The chief technician has already participated in technical training at Odom’s US plant and the Odom president has participated in a Trimble User Conference hosted by GeoMETIUS. The relationship is growing and is expected by both parties to provide many more opportunities for expansion in years to come.

Hands-on Support

Factory training, factory support, local spare parts, experience and commitment are the benefits of the co-operation with Odom. As European Regional Service Centre, GeoMETIUS is dedicated to the application of expert service and quick turn-around. Clients are assured of fast and professional support and there is always stand-by for technical or operational questions, or simply to repair Odom equipment if needed.


GeoMETIUS customers use Trimble, Odom, Applanix or Ohmex products to compose their specific solution for dredging, rig-positioning, piling and jetty construction and structure placement. Tidal-height variation, current, distance from land and a work area that not always is visible make positioning a structure, vessel or dredge-head compromising. Also to be taken into account are issues like depth of water, working at night or in foggy conditions. Here Trimble offers a reliable range of high-precision centimetre-level (RTK) positioning, as well as sub-metre (DGPS) positioning solutions that can be integrated with other marine sensors to create application-specific marine systems. Together with the Odom single or dual-echo sounders, mobile hydrographic systems and remote controls, an optimal combination can be created of flexibility and technology through user-friendly interfaces.

Advanced features and options make the Odom range suitable even for work in less than ideal circumstances. The robust, reliable and repeatable Applanix Position and Orientation Systems (POS) with integrated Inertial/GPS and inertial-aided Real-Time Kinematic (IARTK) are used worldwide for hydrographic surveying. OHMEX portable equipment and software is used for small-scale hydrographic and topographic surveying. A special range provides for in-shore and shallow-water hydrographic survey needs, utilising readily available equipment such as Robotic Total Stations or DGPS.

Precision Data

Laws and regulations concerning responsibility for construction projects are becoming increasingly strict. Companies therefore have to focus on delivering facts and figures that prove the job has been carried out as agreed. The provision of data and pictures of underwater conditions before and after dredging, reconstruction of harbours and quays etc. is increasingly important as evidence of accomplished work. The use of echo sounders will deliver the data needed. The GeoMETIUS rental service offers a small boat equipped with Odom echo sounder and Trimble RTK-GPS equipment. The boat is easy to transport and offers customers the ‘underwater eyes’ they need.


To offer customers total solutions in the survey, marine, GIS, hydrographic, dredging and agriculture markets the company only represents equipment that can be repaired by the company. As already described GeoMETIUS is Regional Service Centre for Odom and authorised Trimble Service Centre. The training centre provides hands-on training and workshops on a regular basis. A rental service en–sures that the work can continue during reparation time. The helpdesk is capable of offering customers immediate support, including when working in the field.

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