Haestad Methods, Inc. - 01/01/2008

Haestad Methods, Inc. (CT, USA) is internationally recognised as a water resources software company by water and wastewater utilities, government agencies, engineering consulting firms and universities. Founded in 1979 by John R. Haestad, the privately held company provides more than 130,000 civil engineers in over 170 countries with hydrologic and hydraulic modelling software, technical services, continuing education workshops and computer-assisted publications.

In 1979, Haestad Methods was the first company in any industry to move software designed for large mainframe computers to PCs. It pioneered the development of Windows-based software for water resources modelling, making these models widely available.
The company’s initial success stemmed from modifying models used by the US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center, the National Weather Service and the Soil Conservation Service.
Today Haestad Methods provides standalone, AutoCAD, and GIS-based water resources management software to municipalities and civil engineers around the globe. Virtually every water company in the world uses its software, as do most of the highway, transportation, water, and sewer departments in the United States. The company’s growth over the past 25 years has been based on software development, education and training, technical support, and publications.
Haestad Methods is an Autodesk Registered Developer and an Authorised Developer for Environmental Science Research Institute (ESRI). These partnerships have resulted in ongoing efforts to develop increasingly integrated hydraulics/hydrology/CAD and GIS solutions.

Product Range
Company engineers have developed a full suite of software products to help civil engineers design and model water distribution, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems, detention ponds and culverts. The company was the first to introduce a GIS-integrated software solution for efficiently modelling, managing and safeguarding water distribution infrastructure. The Haestad Methods IS-based application includes a dynamic component for water system security and emergency planning, a Software Development Kit (SDK) for customised extensions and a calibrator and designer suite for water distribution system optimisation.
The company believes that one of the main drivers for growth is innovation and its R&D efforts are focused on developing products that are practical, feature-rich, and easy to use. For example, the company recently introduced a new product that works with drawings and maps in both CAD and GIS environments. This new technology gives the modeller full control over the entire dataset, with the ability to create, edit and query ArcGIS data using existing CAD software skills.
With the its latest pump selection and analysis software release, the company has extended its market reach to the mechanical, industrial, process manufacturing and petroleum industries. This technology brings together pump manufacturers, distributors and buyers through a central, on-line community, providing access to the most current pump data for comparison and evaluation, sizing, selecting and configuring pump stations.
Haestad Methods has also recently announced the commercial availability of a hydraulic transient modelling solution for meeting the challenges of water hammer and pressure surge. Based on technology acquired from the Environmental Hydraulics Group Inc. (EHG), Canada, this software provides a comprehensive analysis of a water system’s response to a transient event. It helps water utilities reduce the risk of system failure, minimise leakage and improve operating strategies for enhancing water quality, all of which help extend the longevity of the infrastructure.
Over the past decade, Haestad Methods has expanded its offerings into training and publishing. The company has granted more Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to professionals in the field of water resources modelling than has any other organisation in the world. Its continuing education services include on-site training, e-training, web casting and industry-specific conferences. Additional academic programmes and services include on-line discussion forums, academic pricing on software and textbooks, technical book donations, student scholarships and CivilQuiz, a challenging civil engineering quiz.
In 1994, Haestad Press, the publishing arm of Haestad Methods, was formed to provide quality reference and textbooks for hydraulic and hydrologic engineering. Today, thousands of these popular textbooks have been distributed throughout the world to civil engineers, students, libraries and universities.
Endeavours such as these have heightened visibility and solidified the position of Haestad Methods as a leader in the field of hydraulics and hydrology modelling. For more information visit www.haestad.com.

International Scope
Organisations in over 170 countries purchase Haestad Methods’ products. The globalisation of the economy is a reality for Haestad Methods and its international client base appreciates the company’s unique approach. To meet the growing demands of its customers the company has established local representation in Australia, China, and India.
Haestad Methods’ Global Markets Department is focused on each country and its differing needs. The company has made its water, sewer, and stormwater modelling software available in French, Chinese and Spanish. Additional international services include localised training and multilingual technical support.

Company People
The company’s employees provide the driving force behind its success. They originate from over 35 countries, sharing a common passion for innovations in water resources. The Haestad team of experts strives to develop the best technology while providing one-on-one support for customers.
The Haestad Methods’ management team is lead by some of the most well recognised names in the industry. In 2000, Dr Thomas Walski was brought onboard to direct and oversee product development and education. As one of the most published water resources modelling experts in the world, Dr Walski has written several authoritative books on the subject including Water Distribution Modelling and Advanced Water Distribution Modelling and Management. Dr Walski currently serves as Vice President of Engineering for Haestad Methods.

The company is enjoying steady growth, as its goals continue to match the enthusiasm and diversity of its customers. Haestad Methods is committed to responding quickly to customer requirements and will continue to achieve market growth by providing breakthrough technology for both existent and emerging markets.

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