HSR Council session

HSR Council session

On 26 February 2010, a session of HSR Council took place. Questions on the current activities of the Society were discussed. The most important being the preparations for the forthcoming 17th HSR Annual General Meeting to be held in April this year. Some necessary decisions were accepted. One of them concerned increasing the number of Council members to eight. It was decided to put this to the AGM.

In addition, a situation in the Russian Hydrographic service was discussed, namely, that considerable reorganisation arrangements are being realised in the Armed forces and the Navy. From way back, the Russian Hydrographic service is part of the Navy.
HSR members are therefore concerned about ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water' and that the implemented reforms may affect facilities of the Russian Hydrographic service in carrying out its functions inside the country and obligations in the inter­national plan.
It was decided to prepare a letter to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stating the anxiety of the HSR members. The letter has been prepared and signed by the HSR President Nikolay Neronov and has been sent to the Prime Minister.

Send-off for veteran
On 12 January 2010, the oldest HSR member, 1st rank captain (ret.) Victor Vladimirovich Starozhitsky, reached the age of 91. He graduated from the hydrographic faculty of Frunze naval school in the summer of 1941. From 1944, he was officer of the Hydrographic service in the Baltic Sea. He left the Navy service in 1961, but has continued to be a scientific employee in the State Research Navigation and Hydrographic Institute (SRNHI). He was still working there when he turned 91. He has now decided to retire, after 65 (!) years of service and work in Hydrography.
On 13 January 2010, HSR members, together with a management and employees of SRNHI, warmly congratulated the hero of the occasion and solemnly gave him a send-off. Now our dear veteran hydro­grapher can devote himself completely to his favourite hobbies.

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