Hydro2016 – Preparing for the Future

Hydro2016 – Preparing for the Future

The hydrographic world gathered in Rostock-Warnemünde for the Hydro 2016 event from 8 to 10 November. The German Hydrographic Society DHyG hosted this event for the second time at this location right next to the Baltic Sea. It was not only a get together with old and new friends with a passion for hydrography but an opportunity to expressed thoughts and learn from each other.

By Michael Bergmann, Bergmann Marine.

In his keynote speech Professor Peter Ehlers expressed the need for ‘Ocean Governance’.  He highlighted the essential role hydrography plays, producing geospatial data for all marine purposes, not only navigation and maritime shipping. This sentiment was echoed by various speakers throughout the conference: hydrographic data gathered once can and must be used multiple times for various purposes.

The second keynote speechby Professor John Hughes Clarkes focused on multibeam backscatter for seabed classification and the benefit of AUVs. This supported the statement made by Prof Ehlers, as Prof Clarkes looked at just another data collection method enhancing the use of hydrography.

During the conference several other presentations, including the future perspective of the IHO (Robert Ward, IHO), hydrographic data in e-Navigation (Mathias Jonas, BSH) and the relation of hydrography and blue economy (Don Ventura, Fugro), further illustrated different facets of the initial theme.

Technical aspects of multibeam echo sounding, software for hydrography and data management were presented,  as well as technical studies on Lidar, Space hydrography and new GNSS techniques.

But classic topics, like Nautical charting, improved nautical information or ‘nautical depth’ were also presented and illustrated to the audience key aspects of today’s work as hydrographer.

One other interesting aspect was the ’Student session’. It was encouraging to note the good work and forward looking research done by those who hold the future of hydrography in their hands. The young experts demonstrated that the universities are moving our industry forward.

In addition to the technical presentations and discussions, the 350 participants could visit a large exhibition area where 49 exhibitors presented their work and products for the hydrographic world. Furthremore, 4 ships and various AUVs were presented in action in the marina of Warnemünde. This gave the  delegates an opportunity to see in practice some of the aspects discussed in theory in the conference halls and the exhibition area.

A special, highly attended presentation by Melanie Bart (Fugro), shed some light on a project which brought hydrography to the attention of the general public, which usually doesn’t know anything about this work: ‘The search for Malaysian Airlines flight 370’.

The Hydro2016 Conference was instructional for everyone participating with an open mind. It was also beneficial to discuss hydrography with fellow experts in the field and have fun during the well-organized social events in a nice maritime environment. My congratulations to DHyG and all organisers.


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