Hydrographic Society Benelux - 16/03/2011

The new year for the Hydrographic Society Benelux will kick off with a workshop focusing on the Terschelling region and the Wadden Sea. This workshop, coinciding with the Annual General Meeting, will be held on 24 March 2011 from 12.30pm to 4.30 pm at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. To conclude the day, there will be a social event.

Presentations will be made by Ernst Lofvers (Rijkswaterstaat) on the morphological development of the ‘Schuitengat’ and by Herman Peters (Rijkswaterstaat) on stream measurements in the Wadden Sea using Seadarq.

These presentations will be followed by the Educational Fund, for which graduates were invited to submit their papers to be judged. The winners will be announced during the meeting.
This will be followed by the Annual General Meeting, highlighting current affairs of the Society. The council will report on the activities of the past year as not all efforts will have been visible for all members. A lot of work is done ‘behind the scenes’, for example, promoting the profession which involves making contacts with other organisations in the Geomatics and educational sectors, or the international links through the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies.

Image: Terschelling and region already was highlighted during a visit and workshop in 2007. 

New Website
The members will be able to witness the results of efforts made over the past months in creating a new website. During the meeting, the new Hydrographic Society Benelux website will be presented. It has a fresh, new look and many additional practical features. Upcoming meetings will have an improved presentation as it will be possible to generate route descriptions using Google Maps and to register (and cancel) online. Once a workshop has taken place, the presentations can be more easily accessed online and it will also be easier to find presentations, members and companies. Of course, general information about the Society itself can also be found on the site. For international site visitors, more content will be available in English than was previously the case.

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