Hydrographic Society Benelux - 01/01/2008

T.H. Heringa

Web-site HSB Renewed
The Hydrographic Society Benelux recently has renewed its web-site www.Hydrographicso ciety.nl - a valuable tool for communication between our members and disseminating information about our activities. As the web-site was developed by the HSB for its own members, the main language of the site is Dutch.
The new site invites you to look at the following items: information about the organisation, calendar, news and vacancies. Interesting links may also be found on the site.
At the Calendar all coming events are to be found and extra information is available regarding workshops and exhibitions. Further, workshop lectures may be downloaded from the sire.
The item Education describes our educational fund to enable Dutch students to visit symposia, workshops etceteras. This fund is also used to support activities of the Dutch and Belgium hydrographic education institutes.
In support of the Hydrographic Society Benelux and to keep the web-site up to date, HSB offers the possibility to place your vacancy or advertisement on our site.

Visit our renewed web-site to find the new possibilities offered by the Hydrographic Society Benelux.

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