Hydrographic Society Benelux - 17/07/2014

A Hydrographic Society Benelux Workshop was organised in Aalst, Belgium on 12 June 2014. It was hosted by the dredging company Jan De Nul and organised by HSB vice-chair Alain De Wulf. The theme of the workshop was ‘WHD 2014: Hydrography – More than just charts’.

Presentations were given by:
- Emmanuel De Riddder and Alexandre Steffen (Survey Project Managers at Jan De Nul): ‘Hydrography – much more than just nautical charts’
- Joost Mars (Beamworx): ‘A New multibeam calibration tool’
- Dr. Peter Staelens (DotOcean): ’Hydrography and supercomputing: Will the availability of massive parallel miniature graphic processing units revolutionise hydrography?’
- Dr. Coen Stal (Ghent University): ‘Applications of integrated bathymetry and geomatics: advanced intertidal surface modelling and accurate GNSS buoy measurements’.

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