Hydrographic Society Russia - 18/07/2011

Just as last year, the 2011 AGM took place in the first spring month, on 22 March. The Department of Navigation and Oceanography of the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation once again provided facilities, the necessary hall and premises.

Participants of the meeting heard the report of the HSR president Dr. Nikolay Neronov on the Society's activities over the past year and the report of the chairman of the Revision committee on the results of the financial audit. The participants approved the plan of actions for 2011.


As a result of the ballot carried out, Dr. Nikolay Neronov was elected as the HSR president, Nikolay Nesterov as the vice president and Valentin Smirnov as the secretary. Voting also led to the election of the following HSR Council members: Andrey Leonov, Alexander Lebedev, Eugeny Medvyodkin, Roman Romejko-Gurko and Victor Rybine.

Following in the tradition of past years, the assembly ended with a modest buffet during which participants could mingle with fellow attendes.


Visiting of Joint-Stock Company Navi-Dals
In accordance with the AGM plan accepted on 22 April, a group of HSR members visited the open joint-stock company Navi-Dals. HSR council organises such visits according to the Society Charter, which states that one of the Society's tasks is to assist in the finding of solutions to concrete scientific, technical and other problems in the field of hydrography and navigation.

Such visits not only inform HSR members on the activities of companies, but also allow for discussions on collaboration between organisations working in the same field.


At the start of this visit, a round table conversation took place. The general director of the enterprise, Mrs. Olga Glushkova, informed everyone that Navi-Dals is engaged in the development, manufacture, service and repair of navigating equipment for coordinates definition, aids to navigation equipment, navigation echo sounders, magnetic induction compasses, depth measuring instruments for deepwater devices, means on optical fibre highway to the transfer of all kinds of information. She confirmed that products of the company are successfully used on vessels and coastal objects.


Co-operation with other enterprises working in the same field have been discussed.
Interested visitors could then examine the industrial premises of the company and meet the employees. They concluded that the scientific employees and managers are ready to make Navi-Dals the world leader in the field of development and creation of aids to navigation and hydrographic technical equipment for safety of navigation.


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