Hydrographic Society Russia

At the end of 1991, hydrographer Viktor Rybin put forward the idea of creating a public organisation, uniting the hydrographers of various departments in Russia on a professional basis. This idea was maintained and on 24 April  1992 a group of 22 hydrographers gathered at the  Arctic and Antarctic Museum in Saint Petersburg, to discuss and approve a project of the Charter of the Hydrographic Society of the Russian Federation (HSR) prepared by Viktor Rybin. This day has since been considered as the day of HSR’s creation.

Since then 20 years has passed. And on 25 April 2012, the anniversary HSR Annual general meeting took place. Before  the beginning of the AGM in a boardroom, the new HSR flag created for this anniversary was unwrapped and 18 pictures by the artist Grigory Akulov, a HSR member, on hydrographic subjects were exhibited.
President Nikolay Neronov opened the meeting and suggested that ’the Marche of hydrographers’ be played - an informal hymn of the Society. He then read aloud the messages from the St. Petersburg Society of Geodesy and Cartography and from several HSR members from other Russian cities  and abroad.  
The president then reported about HSR activities over the past year and HSR Revision committee member Nikolay Jagodnitsyn announced the auditing of the financial activity.

HSR member M. Bekzhanov reminded everyone that this year will be the 100th anniversary of the well-known Russian hydrographer Anatoly Zhilinsky. In addition, Sergey Valchuk emphasised Viktor Rybin’s contribution to the establishment  of the Society and presented some gifts relevant to HSR activity. He presented the Society with three recently issued books of The Annals of the Russian fleet. One more gift to the Society was a group portrait of hydrographers, made by HSR member Stanislav Kapran.
Subsequently, Viktor Rybin gave a slideshow presentation showing Society activities over the past 20 years.

The assembly came to an end with the election by ballot of the president, vice-president and the secretary. All of the current position holders: Nikolay Neronov, Nikolay Nesterov and Valentin Smirnov were re-elected for a new term. Voting by showing of hands resulted in Andrey Leonov, Aleksandr Lebedev, Nikolay Lozovsky, Evgueny Medvyodkin and Viktor Rybin being elected as members of Council.

As always, the meeting ended with the traditional group photograph and an informal  buffet.

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