HYPACK 2016 Training Event - 18/01/2016

The HYPACK 2016 Training Event was held from 4-7 January 2016 in Tampa, FL, USA. The event was attended by over 325 people representing more than 25 countries, and hundreds more viewers tuned in to watch selected training sessions remotely. Furthermore, 26 of the industry’s leading companies exhibited at the HYPACK 2016 event.

The proceedings commenced with the unveiling of HYPACK’s newest version, HYPACK version 2016. This new version has been enhanced with several new features. These features include: high-density laser data acquisition, multi-detect multibeam support, multi-day acquisition and processing, post-processed positioning (PPK) in HYSCAN, SBET editing tool, many new exported reports to PDF, Support 4-channel magnetometers, dual head water column logging, sound velocity interpolation by position in MBMAX, TIN MODEL volumes features, new 64bit singlebeam editor, new marine search software package, just to list a few.

In version 2016, HYPACK also added several new hardware drivers and improved existing ones. These drivers include: Velodyne VLP-16 laser, Renishaw Merlin Laser Scanner, Leica P20 laser, Edgetech sub-bottom, Marine Sonic ARC Explorer (side-scan), Diver-6 driver for tracking diver position, and several forward looking side-scan sonars/profilers.

The HYPACK Training Event takes place annually and is beneficial to all who attend. General training sessions are scheduled for those who are just beginning to use HYPACK and sessions for people who need a refresher.  Expert sessions are available for a more in-depth training on a particular subject. Also offered throughout the event are one-on-one sessions with our technicians and programmers to assist users with specific questions. Anyone attending will have the opportunity to receive comprehensive instruction in HYPACK, DREDGEPACK and HYSWEEP software.

The HYPACK Training Event offered a forum for attendees to receive essential instruction in HYPACK hydrographic and dredging applications; it provides an opportunity for them to network with others and view exhibits from the industry’s leaders of hardware, equipment resellers and service providers.

For the first time, HYPACK added three trainings presented in Spanish. This gave our Spanish speaking users the ability to have a more comprehensive training. HYPACK is also pleased to announce that for the third year in a row, the HYPACK Training Event was streamed live on Ustream.tv. For those who missed this broadcast, the presentation videos from the General Room have been posted on the HYPACK website for future viewing. It provides viewers with 16 hours of HYPACK training.

The HYPACK organisers extend a special thank you to all the attendees and exhibitors who came to Tampa and made HYPACK 2016 a memorable and exciting event. They enjoyed all the positive feedback and can’t wait for HYPACK 2017. For more information on upcoming trainings and seminars in 2016, please go to HYPACK’s website.

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