Improve Capacity Building in Spanish Speaking Countries

Improve Capacity Building in Spanish Speaking Countries

Hydro International Interviews Captain José Ramón Fernandez de Mesa Temboury

The Spanish Hydrographer, a gentleman from Madrid with extensive seafaring experience, defends the use of Spanish within the IHO and is proud that the work of the Hydrographic Institute of the Spanish Navy (IHM) is used and appreciated by the Spanish Administration. Hydro International interviews Captain José Ramón Fernández de Mesa Temboury, Commanding Officer and director of the IHM.

The IHM represents Spain in the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and is one of its founders (1921). What is your commitment to supporting IHO’s activities?
This IHM, as an organisation of the Spanish Navy, enjoys full support for our role as the Spanish representatives to the IHO. We try to take part in as many working groups and committees as possible within our budget and personnel limitations. The IHM currently participates in 14 bodies, such as hydrographic commissions, committees and working groups. To date, the IHM has contributed 79 charts (in addition to national series charts) to the international paper chart catalogue. Furthermore, several collaboration arrangements with foreign hydrographic offices have made Spanish national series paper cartography available to international shipping. With regard to electronic charts (ENC), the IHM currently maintains 211 ENCs, available through the IC-ENC RENC. In addition, IHM is the long-range radio navigational warning coordinator for the NAVAREA III area (Mediterranean and Black Seas).

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