Inmartech 2016 - 17/11/2016

Report from Semi-annual Marine Technician Conference in Bergen, Norway

The International Marine Technician (INMARTECH) group was established in 1995 by the global network for operators of oceangoing research vessels formerly known as International Ship Operator Meeting (ISOM), now named International Research Operators (IRSO). See for more details. INMARTECH is a sub-committee for marine technicians and users of marine research instruments and equipment. The most recent Inmartech  Conference in Bergen, Norway, was visited by 200 participants, including approximately 30 delegates from sponsors.

By Hilde Spjeld, IMR, Norway 

The INMARTECH  Conference is organised bi-annually to exchange information and plans regarding new equipment and to share experiences and lessons learned from supporting research cruises around the world within all aspects of scientific instruments and equipment, in addition to computer hardware and software, computer network equipment, data handling systems, telecommunication systems etc.

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The first INMARTECH Conference was held in Southampton, United Kingdom in 1996. Since then another 10 conferences have taken place in the USA, the UK, Japan, France, the Netherlands and the latest one in Bergen, Norway from 4 to 6 October 2016.


The global marine research community is widely spread across the globe, and usually represented by a relatively small number of people in each country and institution. It is therefore of vital importance that all categories of research staff, from scientists to technicians, can meet, learn from each other, and develop and maintain personal professional networks. So to set aside a work week every two years to travel and meet up with colleagues and industry is a very good investment for both the individuals, their institutions and the global marine research community.


The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research (IMR) was the convener for INMARTECH 2016 and the venue was the main concert hall in Bergen, Norway, called ‘Grieghallen’. The conference attracted approximately 200 delegates and sponsor representatives from 16 different countries spread across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

INMARTECH 2016 was divided into 6 thematic sessions:

  • Hydroacoustics
  • In-situ observation systems
  • Autonomous and tethered vehicles
  • Data management and ship-shore communications
  • Seismics and coring
  • Vessels and operations

A total of 52 presentations were given during the main conference and, in addition, several side sessions were held by sponsors on specific equipment and topics. A poster wall and stands for the 14 sponsors and IMR as the host were located outside the main conference hall. Lunch was also served here during the conference. 

The INMARTECH 2016 was a great success if measured by the responses from delegates and sponsors, both the daytime conference and the social events in the evenings.

IMR/Research Vessel Department, as the organisation responsible for the conference, wish to thank the speakers, the sponsors and everyone else involved in the preparations and execution of the conference for their great support and enthusiasm in making it such an interesting and enjoyable event!

More Information

All presentations, the conference handbook:


Figure 1: Dr Ole Arve Misund, keynote speaker at Inmartech 2016


Figure 2: Interest for the trade show.


Figure 3: There was also time for social activities.



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