Marine ­Technicians Exchange ­Experiences at Dutch NIOZ ­Institute - 18/01/2013

Leendert Dorst, contributing editor, Hydro international

Between 25 and 28 September 2012, marine technicians from all continents met at the Dutch NIOZ Institute (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research), on the island of Texel, for the Innovations in Marine Technology (Inmartech) conference. The organisers Erica de Koning and Henk de Haas said that they organised the meeting on behalf of the International Research Ship Operators group (IRSO), and that they specifically targeted technical staff for their meeting. In an informal atmosphere, about a hundred participants from all continents exchanged experiences about scientific installations on board research vessels.

The group noted that investments in a state of the art research vessel is only effective if this comes with investments in technical staff and other advanced support systems. Other trends that were discussed included the very large scale of modern instruments, fast developments in glider systems and the introduction of the InMarTools website to exchange post practical tips (website 1).


Many participants showed up in a comfortable blue sweater, handed out during the Icebreaker party. A great idea from the organisers, as the autumn had just set in, like an uninvited guest. Further highlights included a cruise and barbecue on board the RV Navicula and RV Pelagia, and lunches in the NIOZ workshop, among some of their largest oceanographic installations.

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