Meet the Hydro International Team at Oceanology International (A-F) - 08/03/2012

Wim van Wegen, editorial manager, Hydro International

In the third week of March, the entire marine world will be gathering in London, as this is where the biannual Oceanology International event is taking place. The exhibition and the conference bring together technological and scientific developments. With over 550 exhibitors and a state of the art conference programme OI12 is definitely the place to be. OI12 will be held from 13 to 15 March at the ExCel Exhibition and Conference Centre in London’s Docklands. The organisers are expecting at least 7,000 visitors to attend. Hydro international will of course be present. We not only have a stand (No. A325), but we will also have a team present at the exhibition and conference. Furthermore, our team will be publishing the OI Show Daily on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We will be at OI to serve all your needs, as Oceanology offers us the perfect opportunity to talk face to face with our readers and advertisers, certainly a welcome thing in this digital age! Our team at OI will be comprised of: Durk Haarsma (publishing director), Meine van der Bijl (financial director), Victor van Essen (sales manager), Wim van Wegen (editorial manager), Mark Pronk (technical editor), Joost Boers (content manager) and Trea Fledderus (marketing assistant). We look forward to meeting you to discuss our editorial opportunities and interesting advertising options. Visit our stand to share your comments and suggestions with us. See you in London!

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ACSA will introduce to the market its latest innovation, the SeaExplorer glider. During final tests, communication links and piloting were successfully tested demonstrating outstanding performances in freezing conditions (-2°C) in Swiss fresh water lake and in rough conditions at sea. Main characteristics are: speed double compared to other vehicles, large interchangeable payloads, dedicated nose cone including 4 puck ports, wingless concept (no wing means no break, nor entanglement) and extraordinary maneuverability.

The SeaExplorer design has deliberately been green technology oriented. Power is only by rechargeable batteries. Besides the impact of polluting primary batteries, the Li-Ion solution makes the glider, first of all, safer avoiding vehicle opening and, secondly, more cost-effective at each mission, eliminating cells exchange and re-balancing operations.

Last but not least, during the OI 2012 event, ACSA is committed to granting very attractive discounts to every launch customer.

Stand number: B300



ACSM is a Spanish marine company with its head office in Vigo and a ROV Logistic base facility for ROV storage and maintenance, including a Perry TXLS ROV Simulator. Currently ACSM manages ship crew on cable ships and offshore vessels, among other, together with more than forty ROV pilots/technicians, and other techs such as cable engineers and cable jointers.

ACSM is an experienced worldwide ROV operator with EU, USA, and Middle East clients. We manage ROV and plough systems from most of the main submersible manufacturers: Perry, SMD, SubAtlantic, Seaeye, and Schilling.

We offer customised ROV services: ROV purchasing, engineering and full management, personnel for maintenance and operation, ROV systems and ancillary equipment, etc. Among other, we currently have available a Seaeye Cougar ROV, a system very easy to be mobilisedand shipped.

Stand number: P255


Airborne Hydrography AB

Airborne Hydrography AB manufactures survey equipment that can be used for the survey of land and water (bathymetry). The airborne Lidar system Chiroptera simultaneously surveys both land (400kHz) and seafloor (18kHz and depth < 15m) and provides data for the nearshore and shallow-water region. The HawkEye II system focuses archipelagos and the high-sea by providing 64kHz terrestrial data at the same time as it provides 4kHz bathymetric data down to depth of 50m.

Using airborne Lidar sensors for measuring land and seafloor is a very cost efficient means for production of submerged vegetation maps, understanding sediment transport, rapid assessment after storms and nautical charts. With more than 10 % of the world population living close to the shoreline and being affected by raising mean sea levels, assessing the impact with Lidar has become increasingly important.
Stand number: D615



AMT Analysenmesstechnik

AMT Analysenmesstechnik is a manufacturer of OEM-sensors, electrochemical measuring and calibration devices for the use in laboratories, industry, research and development and for environmental monitoring. AMT is a reliable partner for probe manufacturing companies and delivers OEM-sensors, such as micro-sensors for hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, ozone, hydrogen and hydrogen peroxide, deep-sea sensors for pH, ORP, conductivity and carbon dioxide for aquaculture. Furthermore, AMT is a manufacturer of underwater fuel cell stacks and co-operates with fuel cell system suppliers.

Stand number: H300



Applied Acoustics

Applied Acoustics will be exhibiting their range of subsea tracking and seismic survey equipment at Oceanology this year with several new editions to the line-up. Complementing the series of Easytrak USBL tracking systems will be the new compact version, the Alpha Portable, and adding to the sub-bottom profiling range will be an innovative triple boomer, the S-Boom that will significantly increase penetration without loss of data quality. Both new products will be seen for the first time at Oceanology in London.

Stand number: I400



Aquatec Group

Aquatec are specialist designers of innovative underwater instrumentation, with a range of products covering applications in the ocean science and offshore energy sectors. On display for the first time at Oceanology will be:

• AQUAmodem Op1 – an underwater optical modem designed to assist ROV operators to communicate transparently with subsea instrumentation without making physical connections

• LEAKlog – a range of underwater leak detection equipment, including long range fluorometers for the detection of dyes and hydrocarbons, as well as acoustic and thermal leak detection probes

• HYDROlog – subsea process pressure and temperature recorders used for monitoring subsea pipeline testing and other high pressure applications

• AQUAmodem 500 – data acquisition (temperature, pressure, CP potentials, etc.) with built in ‘send and forget’ acoustic data transfer


In addition, we will be showing our range of oceanographic and environmental monitoring instruments including:

• AQUAlogger 520 – compact temperature and depth recorders

• AQUAlogger 210TY – self-contained turbidity data logger

• AQUAscat – a multi-frequency acoustic suspended sediment profiler

• AQUAclick – a marine mammal activity recorder

• AQUAmark - acoustic marine mammal deterrents for fisheries and offshore construction.

Stand number: S240




In addition to OBS profilers, Argus provides a unique tool called DPS, designed for the marine environment. This device reduces the possibility of cable breakage on moorings such as data buoy systems. The DPS is a galvanically isolated rotary joint that withstands loads in excess of 4 tonnes. The unit is ideal for handling data transfer and power transmission while decoupling a buoy from submerged instruments in single mooring applications.

Stand number: H300



Argus Remote Systems

Argus is a full spectrum subsea provider with services ranging between R&D, ROV Design and Manufacturing, ROV operations and Subsea Survey services. Argus was established in 1991 and has an impressive track record of high-performance electrical ROVs and well accomplished ROV missions.

Argus Remote Systems is a developer and supplier of ROV systems and services for rental and sales. Well-equipped ROVs may be further adapted for research, survey and construction work by client-specified add-on modules.

Argus Systems may be fitted with a variety of subsea instruments, manipulators and tools, both electric and hydraulic. ROV electronics and software for research, survey and construction work are available or may be developed, both for modules and special client requirements.

Argus delivers complete systems: ROV, control and workshop containers, winches, Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS) and Tether Management Systems (TMS).

Stand number: F500


ASL Environment Sciences

ASL Environmental Sciences has provided oceanographic services and instruments to a worldwide market for 35 years. At Oceanology International 2012, ASL will be featuring:

• Ice Profiler - an upward-looking sonar device, mounted on the ocean floor, used for year-long accurate ice draft measurements.

• MF-AWCP - high performance measurement of the presence and location of zooplankton, fish or sediments

• IRIS - data logger for Imagenex 881A Sonar


ASL provides a full arrange of physical oceanographic consulting services including flow measurement, numerical modelling, wave measurement and analysis, sediment transport, ice studies, and satellite and air-born remote sensing.

ASL also has a large lease pool of oceanographic instruments with related mooring design, deployment services and data processing.

Stand numbeer: R100


Atlas Services Group

Atlas Services Group would like to welcome you to our stand at Oceanology International to celebrate with us our 30 years proven track record as a recruitment agency in 2012. Atlas Services Group has been trading in the specialist niche markets of the seismic and hydrographic industry since 1982 and is the original offshore freelance agency.

Our depth of experience and widely spread in-house specialist skills coupled with our track record of consistently high quality service has established Atlas Services Group as a market leader in the provision of high calibre professionals to the seismic and hydrographic industry.

We would like to personally inform you at our stand J555 about our track record, experience, global network and largest database of offshore professionals ‘Atlas4Jobs’.

Stand number: J555



Balmoral Offshore Engineering has worked with the oceanographic, defence and energy sectors for many years and will be showing its range of innovative surface/subsurface and ROV/AUV buoyancy, cable protection and insulation systems at Oi12. David Clayton, sales director, said: "Clients recognise the value of the engineering experience we provide. From conceptual discussions, through detailed design and technical input, Balmoral Offshore Engineering brings in-depth knowledge to the table.

"By maintaining a focus on high quality products and encouraging a strong health and safety culture Balmoral Offshore Engineering is currently contributing to a number of prestigious oceanographic projects on the global stage."

Stand number: D400



Bluefin Robotics

Bluefin Robotics is proud to celebrate 15 years providing state of the art Autonomous Underwater Vehicles to the defence, commercial and scientific communities worldwide. We continue to expand our product line and strengthen our vehicle capabilities by developing small and large diameter AUVs, ROVs, modular battery solutions and advanced autonomy. In addition, we would like to highlight that our expert marine operations engineers are available to demonstrate the Bluefin-9 and Bluefin-21 AUVs at our waterfront facility or onsite. From debuting our new HAUV-3 vehicle for ship hull inspection to fielding the first Hawkes ROV, this year will certainly impress.

Stand number: P455



BMTI, a French company, has more than 20 years of expertise in the field of chemical formulation and manufacturing of high performances pure syntactic foam:

• Dedicated to buoyancy for subsea, ROV and oceanography applications in the range of depth between 500 and 10,000m.

• Developed, qualified and used at the origin for military submarines, BMTI has today a strong buoyancy experience for large volume fulfilling, long-term test and ultra-deep water application with original manufacturing processes.


The low density pure syntactic foam range matches the highest level of ROV customer’s requirements.

Stand number: B300


Bosch Rexroth

Rexroth offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic products including the widest range of radial piston motors, large hydraulic cylinders and customised power units available on the market. Together with unrivalled expertise in heavy engineering and offshore applications these drive and control offerings provide attractive systems and solutions to all types of marine and offshore clients.

With the most advanced design they offer marine engineers a reliable and versatile drive unit with a wide range of accessories such as brakes, valves, torque arms and brackets.

We shall exhibit the versatile Hagglunds motor with plexiglass front to show the workings and also the new hydraulic cylinder with innovative high wear and corrosion resistant Enduroq piston rod coating.

Our stand will be manned with specialists in marine business areas who are available to discuss specific applications such as ROV deployment, carousels, drilling and all kinds of winches.

Stand number: I650


BUFAB Bulten Stainless

BUFAB Bulten Stainless is a first time exhibitor and will display its BUMAX bolts. BUMAX is a range of stainless steel fasteners with properties far beyond normal standards and considered to be the strongest Stainless Steel bolts on the market. BUMAX is the only range of Stainless Steel fasteners with ’equivalent’ strengths of 8.8 and 10.9 Carbon Steel fasteners available off the shelf. With roots dated as far back as 1899 - BUFAB Bulten Stainless has been manufacturing fasteners for over a century. Strength, corrosion, availability and safety are our keywords.

Feel free to visit us at OI to discuss what we can do for you.

Stand number: P250


C A Clase

C A Clase, the UK’s leading distributor of marine electronics will announce a major upgrade to its mini-VSAT Broadband network, and launch the brand-new TracPhone V11 at this year’s Oceanology.

KVH will majorly upgrade its mini-VSAT Broadband network for 2012 with the addition of global C-band satellite coverage overlaying its industry-leading Ku-band footprint. This first-of-its-kind unified dual-band maritime satellite communications network will provide multi-megabit service covering 95% of the Earth’s surface, including all of the world’s major shipping routes, offshore oil fields and commercial fishing grounds.

The TracPhone V11 satellite communication system is a revolutionary onboard terminal which uses a single stabilised antenna with a unique dual-band transmit and receive capability, allowing it to seamlessly switch between the mini-VSAT Broadband network’s global C-band and Ku-band satellite coverage. The 1m antenna delivers robust and seamless worldwide broadband connectivity at all times and is 85% smaller and lighter than other solutions available on the market.

Stand number: S120



Cadden provides high-tech electronic measurement solutions for geopositioning and oceanography.

The company offers its own range of products and services for hydrography, trajectory/guidance and GIS applications.

Its agility and the quality of its services have earned it the trust of big names in energy, industry, science and research, and actors such as territorial authorities and harbours.

Cadden has ambitions to export specially on niche market with its GEOD’s range : BALI, PPU, TRACKING, C3A ... This portfolio shall contribute to increase the turnover around 20% in the 3 following years

Stand number: A300



Established in 2009, Calecore’s trading divisions Calegeo and Calesurvey have quickly established themselves as major players in the offshore geotechnical, geophysical and environmental site investigation industry.

Calegeo, specialising in geotechnical site investigation services to the offshore energy and telecommunications markets, operates the DP2 geotechnical vessel Highland Spirit. The vessel is capable of delivering geotechnical borehole through Wison-APB PCPT and push sampling and IDS BHA wireline rock coring.

Calesurvey, focusing on geophysical, hydrographic and environmental survey services, operates the Kommandor Stuart, a proven multi-purpose survey vessel built to DNV Ice Class C. The vessel is mobilised with a high specification geophysical spread, capable of acquiring data in harsh Arctic conditions to 3000m water depths to high-resolution shallow-water mapping in support of safe rig siting and drilling and field development programmes.

Having successfully completed over 30 major offshore projects for a number of high profile clients, the company has quickly developed an excellent reputation for successful and timely project completion.

Stand number: N550



For over 30 years, CARIS has been leading the way in the development of marine GIS software. CARIS’ all in one hydrographic data processing solution, HIPS and SIPS, can increase your productivity.

With water column processing, you’ll be able to extract even more qualitative information from your sonar and analyse the data directly in 3D and 2D – completing the view between the sea surface and seafloor.

For more information about HIPS and SIPS and CARIS’ Ping-to-chart solution, visit us at our booth.

Stand number: E605



Cygnus Instruments

Cygnus Instruments is launching its latest underwater model, the Cygnus DIVE, at Oceanology International 2012. Cygnus DIVE is packed with new features and has been designed to be worn on the diver’s wrist potentially offering the diver an invaluable free hand whilst working.

Like all Cygnus products, the DIVE has been designed for ease of operation and has only two buttons for quick and easy navigation of the menu. It has an easy to view large bright colour TFT screen and to assist in the verification of thickness measurements on badly corroded metal, the Cygnus DIVE can display an A-Scan graph of the ultrasound received.

Topside Options include DIVE Link software to data log readings and store A- scans on the surface and a Topside Display unit with an option to overlay the thickness measurements on a composite video signal.


The optional HelmetView remotely displays thickness measurements via a display fitted to the diver’s helmet – invaluable in low visibility water conditions.

Stand number: H505


DECO Geophysical

DECO Geophysical Software Company is an independent vendor of seismic processing software.

We offer RadExPro seismic processing system on Windows, dedicated mainly to high-resolution data either single- or multi-channel, 2D/3D. Use it for complete processing or just for on-board QC – without any specific hardware requirements it runs smoothly on just an ordinary laptop or even a net-book. Processing algorithms include highly-efficient de-multiple module for near-offset data. Interpretation capabilities include horizon picking, attribute analysis, interactive map.

For deep 2D/3D seismics with huge data volumes we offer Prime – next-generation system for geology-driven seismic processing. Designed for incorporating geology information already at the stage of seismic processing it is aimed for the most reliable and geology consistent results. The system is scalable from a RedHat Enterprise Linux laptop to a leading-edge cluster and offers true high-performance processing, including iterative 2D/3D velocity-depth modelling, pre-stack depth migrations, 3D SRME, and more.

Stand number: S300


Deep Ocean Engineering


DOE, Inc. is a technology-based engineering and manufacturing company that provides robotic solutions. DOE’s ROV systems have been utilised in a broad range of industry applications - security, military, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, inshore dams and lakes, oil and gas, scientific research, fisheries, salvage, broadcast filming, and pipeline inspections.

DOE Inc. will be exhibiting at Oceanology International this March. We will be displaying the wide range of products offered by DOE Inc. including systems designed exclusively for nuclear reactor inspections, ship hull inspection, oil/gas pipeline and rig inspection systems, homeland security systems and dam and bridge inspections systems. The focus for DOE Inc. is to provide complete integrated solutions for the underwater inspection industries.

Stand number: L600



Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water, subsurface and infrastructure. Throughout the world, we work on smart solutions, innovations and applications for people, environment and society.

Deltares’ hydraulic, geotechnical and ecological expertise in marine environments supports governments, developers and offshore engineers in the development, safe operation, value engineering and monitoring of offshore wind farms. Our specialised consultancy, applied research and integrated studies focus on:

• Operational and extreme metocean design conditions;

• Modelling of wave forces and wave run-up;

• Scour prediction, scour protection and morphodynamic predictions (including sand waves);

• Geophysical surveys, imaging and characterisation of the sub-surface;

• Geotechnical foundation engineering and assessment of geohazards;

• Cable trenching, burial, and (rock) protection against e.g. anchor damage;

• Geotechnical laboratory testing;

• Spatial planning and environmental legislation;

• Environmental (impact) assessments; and

• Ecological research and monitoring plans.

Stand number: G600



At Oceanology International 2012, dotOcean will officially launch the GraviProbe - world’s fastest and lightest rheological and density profiling system. It’s a free fall impact instrument, analysing the underwater sediment layers during intrusion. Under its own weight it accelerates and penetrates fluid and consolidated mud layers. The data acquired from on-board accelerometers, inclinometers and pressure sensors, at a sampling rate of 2kHz, is feeding a dynamical model which determines the rheological and density parameters of the intruded medium (depth, density, undrained shear and viscosity). As a result, the GraviProbe is able to very accurately distinguish the depth of the mud layers, even in gassy environments. Due to its light weight the probe can be operated manually from a small vessel, platform or quay and limits the operational costs.

dotOcean offers high tech geotechnical and geophysical instruments and related development services to the offshore industry.

Stand number: R550



Visit Esri’s booth no. M200 and learn how geographic information systems (GIS) can help you see, analyse, and model ocean data. Esri is the world leader in GIS technology. ArcGIS is used by ocean resource planners, oceanographers, shipping companies, government agencies, and others to research, report and chart the Earth’s oceans.

Stand number: M200


Falmouth Scientific

Falmouth Scientific, Inc. (FSI), a global leader in precision oceanographic instrumentation and marine systems integration, announces the next generation of single-point Acoustic Current Meter (ACM) technology. The FSI ACM-PLUS family will offer new features, functionality, and benefits that will enhance your ability to measure current speed and direction in 2 or 3 dimensions and display the data in real-time or capture it for later analysis. FSI will continue to offer shallow (200m) and deep (7,000m) versions and options to add an integrated CTD module or up to two external sensors.

In addition to ACMs, FSI offers sensor based products and services that include wave and tide meters; structural stress monitoring systems; side-scan sonar imaging; sub-bottom seismic profiling; acoustic transducer manufacturing and test; and acoustic positioning and relocation beacons.

Stand number: R350



Fastwave’s multi-award winning OceanStar marine environmental monitoring system will be on show at Oceanology featuring a number of new options for real-time data acquisition from subsea sensors.

The OceanStar system enables real-time data acquisition from instrumentation on the seafloor by integrating subsea, satellite and internet technology into a seamless, end-to-end system. The system has been in operation since 2007, providing reliable marine environmental data to clients all over the world, within seconds of being acquired from in-situ sensors. The system is designed to be integrated with a variety of sensor types from leading instrumentation suppliers, allowing clients to specify their preferred sensors.


OceanStar has been enhanced through the development of a telemetered inductive modem option for monitoring multiple sensors located at different points in the water column. Power efficiency and use of a wire rope as a combined data umbilical and mooring tether result in significant operational benefits for extended marine environmental monitoring deployments.

Stand number: B150



The new FIELAX VibroHeat combines a heat flow measurement system with a vibrocorer for operation in hard sediment conditions.


FIELAX offers scientific-technical services and products for research, shipping and offshore industries. Our core products are heat flow measurement systems. The latest product is the FIELAX VibroHeat system which combines the functional components of the FIELAX HeatFlowProbe with a VKG6 type Vibrocorer. This system allows retrieving sediment cores of up to 5.5m length and measures in-situ thermal gradients and thermal conductivities in one go. With the ability to penetrate even through harsh layers such as gas hydrates, permafrost soils or sands, the technical application is not restricted to soft sediment conditions anymore.

Stand number: H300



Fugro, a world-leading service-provider in the collection, interpretation and management of data relating to the Earth’s surface and sub-surface, will showcase an extensive range of service capabilities, underlined by its current global vessel renewal programme. With the introduction of the new FCV600 ROV, Fugro will demonstrate its strengths in subsea construction support whilst details of a new oil spill contingency response offering will be available from Fugro’s metocean specialists.

Expertise on geophysical and Lidar survey services, positioning services, metocean measurement and consultancy, environmental services and geotechnical consulting will be on hand throughout the event. Fugro is also demonstrating its integrated services for marine renewable energy at the RenewableUK Pavilion.

Stand number: E100

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