Meet the Hydro International Team at Oceanology International (R-Y) - 08/03/2012

Wim van Wegen, editorial manager, Hydro International

In the third week of March, the entire marine world will be gathering in London, as this is where the biannual Oceanology International event is taking place. The exhibition and the conference bring together technological and scientific developments. With over 550 exhibitors and a state of the art conference programme OI12 is definitely the place to be. OI12 will be held from 13 to 15 March at the ExCel Exhibition and Conference Centre in Londonfs Docklands. The organisers are expecting at least 7,000 visitors to attend. Hydro international will of course be present. We not only have a stand (No. A325), but we will also have a team present at the exhibition and conference. Furthermore, our team will be publishing the OI Show Daily on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We will be at OI to serve all your needs, as Oceanology offers us the perfect opportunity to talk face to face with our readers and advertisers, certainly a welcome thing in this digital age! Our team at OI will be comprised of: Durk Haarsma (publishing director), Meine van der Bijl (financial director), Victor van Essen (sales manager), Wim van Wegen (editorial manager), Mark Pronk (technical editor), Joost Boers (content manager) and Trea Fledderus (marketing assistant). We look forward to meeting you to discuss our editorial opportunities and interesting advertising options. Visit our stand to share your comments and suggestions with us. See you in London!

OI 2012 Preview A-F - OI 2012 Preview G-P


Quester Tangent

Use your sonar to make maps of seabed type. Quester Tangent is a world leader in acoustic seabed classification technology. Single beam, multi-beam, side-scan and interferometric sonar data are supported.

For 2012, QTC IMPACT 12 classification software for single beam echo time series data is released. QTC IMPACT 12 is a complete rebuild development that uses new processing flows and methods, with a new user interface. User friendly features include an integrated database structure, meta-data displays, interactive echogram display with QA tools, improved algorithms, and a new form of SEL depth compensation.

Stand number: F240



Radac BV develops, produces and markets the WaveGuide. This oceanographic instrument measures wave height, wave direction and tide. Available versions are: Free Space, Wave Direction and Stilling Well.

At OI 2012, Radac announces the commercial version of a wave direction system with three radar gauges as one system with only one mounting point. The WaveGuide system consists of two tilted radars and one perpendicular downward looking radar. A live internet connection with an operational Wave Directional System at sea will, via the standard facility, be available.

Stand number G600



Resinex is a company specialised for more than 50 years in manufacturing navigational aids and floating equipment for the offshore oil industry and above all in oceanology. It produces a wide range of floats for ultra deep water and anti-tsunami buoys. Resinex also has a Quality Control System ISO:9001 and testing facilities for pressure tests. We are glad to meet you at our booth.

Stand number: P200



RESON is a market leader in underwater acoustic sensors, state of the art echo sounders, multi-beam sonar systems, transducers, hydrophones, and PDS2000 software. RESON’s SeaBat sonar systems and NaviSound echo sounder systems have become an industrial standard in areas such as hydrographic, dredging and offshore operations as well as within defence and security applications.Due to continued high technology development, RESON leads its technological field. The company is growing and expanding into new markets and applications for naval and commercial systems in terms of accuracy, resolution, depth rating, and range. RESON’s 30 years of industry experience and pioneering innovation has created the world`s largest product range of high resolution multi-beam sonar systems.RESON has its corporate headquarters in Denmark, with subsidiaries in the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Germany and Singapore.

Stand number: G100


RF Forschungsschiffahrt

RF Forschungsschiffahrt GmbH (RF) has been operator and owner of research vessels and involved in research shipping since 1977. The flagship of the fleet is their global operating RV Sonne, a versatile research platform for the most stringent requirements

RV Sonne has been serving science for more than 30 years. It has undertaken more than 200 voyages covering more than 1.5 million nautical miles. Thoroughly modernised and extended by approximately 11 metres in April 1991, it is now ready for demanding charter. RV Sonneserves as a high-performance work platform for teams of researchers and scientists from all over the world. The epitome of reliability, it features constantly-updated technical equipment, which makes it ideally suited to complex, interdisciplinary scientific work. Its highly trained, experienced crew will ensure your expedition achieves optimum results.

The built-in scientific and technical equipment allows it to enjoy a leading position amongst large research vessels. RV Sonne has an impressive and highly experienced professional crew who are fully conversant with the exacting demands of science and industry. The RV Sonne is highly reliable and excellent value for money and is available for charter in 2013.

Stand number: H300




The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the world’s largest professional society of surveyors with over 130,000 members. Over 3000 of our members specialise in the geomatics sector, either as professional members or technical members. We will be launching our new technical AssocRICS grade in hydrographic surveying at Oceanology 2012.

Stand number: S505


RJE International

RJE International is a worldwide supplier of underwater acoustic relocation and diver navigation equipment for subsea vehicles, equipment moorings, emergency relocation, and diver survey. Introducing the autonomous electronic diver navigation console that creates underwater GPS for subsea survey and navigation. The DNC diver navigation console provides accurate navigation to divers without floating antennas, acoustic beacons or baselines. Includes dive-planning software to support creating maps and charts from the data collected. Also introducing the SEEKER Directional Acoustic Receiver for subsea vehicles. Allows a vehicle operator to home in on acoustic beacons and transponders through a RS232 protocol. RJE International also specialises in custom acoustic beacon solutions to meet unique requirements.

Stand number: R355. provide a unique range of services that can substantially lower international voice and data roaming costs, particularly for organisations operating within a global footprint.

For businesses with managers and teams operating internationally and often out of Euro-zone regions it is imperative that telecoms costs are managed and that efficiency and economy are maintained; yet at the same time allowing for mobile communications in the form of voice, email and data roaming to continue unhindered.

The team at will analyse your roaming profile and then advise on the best possible options aimed at substantially lowering your roaming bills. Meet us on stand B120 to discuss how we can save money on your international mobile expenses.

Stand number: B120


RS Aqua

On booth F550, RS Aqua will feature several exciting new to market devices. From Rowe Technologies Inc comes the new and extensive range of ADCPs and DVLs. Oi12 will also see first ever viewing of Datawell’s eagerly awaited DWR4 Directional Waverider with embedded acoustic current sensors.

Novatech MINI flashers and radio location beacons from MetOcean will be sat alongside the SOOGuard ferry box system from AADI as licensed by the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

Turner Designs will show two new fluorometers; the deepwater Cyclops7 probe and the Enviro-T single channel, in-line monitor.

HydroC CO2 and Hydrocarbon detectors will be on display from Contros, Germany and, from the same country, Nautilus Marine, will be showing their Vitrovex glass buoyancy spheres and instrument housings as recently featured in a National Geographic Channel documentary on the Search for the Giant Squid.

Stand number: F550



Amerigo is our new autonomous & automatic benthic lander for the monitoring of benthic fluxes at the sediment-water interface, including CO2, nutrients and metals, and has been developed in a joint venture between RSE (Institute for Research on Energetic System), Milan (Italy), and CNR-ISMAR (Italian National Research Council, Institute of Marine Science), Ancona (Italy).

It consists of a stainless steel tripod structure (1.5x1.5x1.5m side; 1.1m height; 200kg weight).

Amerigo payload includes: 3 benthic chambre, 1 microprofiler, 1 CTD probe, 1 Oxystat device, 3 automatic and programmed sampling system (VAMPIRE), sensors (CH4, CO2, turbidimeter, O2 planar optode, pH, etc.), 1 underwater camera, 1 Niskin bottle, 3 localisation systems (flash, radio & satellite), two-dimensional acoustic communication system. Amerigo operates down to 6000m depth and for several days, with a modular structure which allows events reproduction (sediment re-suspension, natural & anthropogenic inputs).

Stand number: B550


Scorpion Oceanics

Scorpion Oceanics distributes and stocks for Birns Inc. underwater electrical connectors, Souriau underwater and nuclear electrical connectors, Cortland cables and Puget Sound high modulus fibre ropes and hydrophones from High Tech Inc. Scorpion serves key subsea markets including defence, seismic, aquaculture, ROVs, diving, renewable, oceanography and many specialist applications. This company has developed the SubOptica range of fibre optic and hybrid electro/optical connectors. Cable plugs and bulkheads together with inline receptacles are currently offered. We will be showing the SubElectra Range including a mated pair of miniature Coaxial Connectors.

We are specialists in Polyethylene and Polyurethane Cable Mouldings. The company supplies cable systems for harsh environments including mechanical (strain) terminations incorporating combined electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and optical connections.

We offer a complete range of cable and termination accessories including Polyurethane Twinpacks, Mould Tools and Cable Grips etc.

Stand number: K350


Sea & Sun Technology

Sea and Sun Technology GmbH makes a difference to its customers by offering integrated business solutions to customers seeking absolutely reliable and superior offshore technology, oceaneering and environmental products and services. Our main focus is the development and manufacturing of high-end sensors, instruments, software, and data collection platforms for water quality monitoring as well as environmental technologies. The integrated sea and ocean technology solutions we deliver to our customers are tailored to their specific needs. Reaching beyond our products, we build enduring relationships with national and international customers through our dedicated customer service, including technical applications and service support.

Stand number: G205


Sea-Bird Electronics

Sea-Bird Electronics is pleased to announce:

• Opening of a European calibration and repair centre in Kempten, Germany. Sea-Bird GmbH offers European customers the same high-quality services that until now have only been performed at Sea-Bird’s USA headquarters. A four-day training class and open house will be held at Sea-Bird GmbH, 23 to 26 April 2012.

• Introduction of the SBE 25plus CTD, featuring modular temperature and conductivity sensors and pump, integrated pressure sensor, 8 differential A/D channels, 2 RS-232 input channels, 16Hz sampling, 12 alkaline batteries, and 2 GB memory. Customers with existing SBE 25s can re-use the temperature and conductivity sensors, pump, cabling, and cage with the 25plus, reducing the cost of upgrading.

• Introduction of the SBE 63 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor for use with Sea-Bird CTDs. Each SBE 63 is characterised individually, with a 24-point calibration, response time test, and evaluation of salinity and pressure on response.

Stand number: B100



The SEACON Group are world leaders in underwater connector technology and provide an extensive and diverse range of electrical, optical and hybrid connector assemblies, submersible switches and cable system solutions for many applications within the oil and gas, defence, oceanographic and environmental markets. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth F650 at Oceanology International where our full product range as well as a number of latest product developments will be available.

Stand number: F650



SeeByte creates advanced software for the latest generation of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and remotely operated vehicles (ROV). Our solutions help users transform their raw data into actionable information for asset management and vehicle operation, often in real-time. At this year’s Oceanology International exhibition, SeeByte will announce its newest ‘Smart Software Partner of Choice’ initiative, following collaboration agreements with MicroROV manufacturer VideoRay, Sonar provider BlueView, Work-class ROV leader SMD, and long-standing partner, Subsea7. For more information on SeeByte’s most recent collaborative commercial release, visit SeeByte at Oceanology booth N155 to discover the latest technology available for navigation, real-time monitoring and DP of MicroROVs.

Stand number: N155


Sensor Technology

Sensor Technology Ltd. specialises in underwater acoustic transducers, hydrophones, echo sounders and piezoelectric ceramics in volumes ranging from prototyping to full-scale production. The company is vertically integrated, manufacturing the piezoelectric materials as well as the acoustic transducers that utilise them, thereby providing end-to-end quality control and delivery scheduling. At Oceanology 2012 Sensor Technology will be displaying an array of piezoelectric ceramic pieces, hydrophones and transducers that illustrate the breadth of it design and manufacturing capabilities.

Stand number: M205



Septentrio is a Belgian company specialised in the development and selling of high-precision GPS/GNSS receivers for industrial applications. At Oceanology, Septentrio will be featuring the AsteRx line of products, a family of compact, low power, high precision positioning GNSS engines running stand-alone, DGPS, RTK, PPP and heading algorithms. Products include AsteRx2eL, which can run Veripos Ultra and APEX services, AsteRx2eH, providing GNSS-based positioning and heading from a single receiver, and AsteRx-m, an ultra low power solution ideally suited for buoys, unmanned vehicles, portable computing platforms and other low power applications.

Stand number: S360


SIDUS Solutions

Simply put, SIDUS Solutions builds high quality products and offers outstanding support.

No big sales pitch, just these simple facts with a solemn pledge of outstanding reliability based on SIDUS’ technical capabilities for engineering and maintaining underwater systems, and the technical strength of the seasoned support and engineering staff.

At the Oceanology International SIDUS will be presenting their new SS471 HD Camera. This unique low cost high-definition underwater camera, with corrected optics, has a wide viewing field that brings in more of the visible scene without constantly having to repositioning the ROV. The camera has been constructed to operate at 6000m.

Stand number: B105



Skilltrade specialises in hydrographic training and courses for the hydrographic survey, dredging and offshore construction industry. The curriculum was developed and is taught by professionals who have extensive experience in the field. Training can be provided from introduction to project management at any location according to our clients’ wishes. Our hydrographic survey course curriculum encompasses all basic and essential competencies of hydrographic surveyors as defined by the FIG/IHO/ICA International Advisory Board on Standard of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors for a "Category B " course held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Handbooks on Offshore Surveying are currently available, comprising of:

Volume I - Projects, Preparation & Processing

Volume II - Positioning & Tides

Volume III - Acquisition Sensors

These books will be displayed on our stand.

Stand number: G600



Soacsy is a high-tech company that focuses on the development of acoustic systems in the field of seabed characterisation. Soacsy has just launched SeaChirp, an innovative shallow-water sub-bottom profiler that combines super wideband Chirp technology with synthetic aperture sonar processing and seismic inversion for rapid assessment of the seabed and embedded structures. Easy to transport and operate, even in complex environments, SeaChirp provides higher penetration to resolution ratio, improves object detection capability and enables geoacoustic characterisation. It is the ideal tool for soil investigation and route surveys campaigns, pipes, cables and UXO detection and localisation, dredging, mineral resources, harbours, shore zones,

Stand number: B300


Society of Maritime Industries

The 4th Marine Science & Technology Industry Trends Survey to be undertaken at OI2012

Once again the Society of Maritime Industries will be undertaking the fourth iteration of the annual trends survey of the UK marine science and technology industry at Oceanology International. Seen as a key indicator of how the industry has performed over the previous year, the survey also provides a view of where the industry expects to develop its business in the future.

Last year’s survey showed the industry turnover to be over GBP1.1 billion per annum and 63% had increased their staff numbers at a time when many other sectors were shrinking their workforce. Moreover, business outlook was highly positive with 65% of companies experiencing growth in the past 12 months and over 70% of companies predicting growth over the next 12 months. This is a remarkable performance in the current economic climate and it will be interesting to see if this sense of optimism has continued into 2012.

Stand number: B570



Sonardyne’s integrated low risk subsea technologies, custom engineering, project planning and field support services will be presented on stand G300. Whilst in the dock, Sonardyne’s trials vessel Predator will be hosting practical demonstrations throughout each day.

Sonardyne has chosen OI2012 to premier the following:

• A unique wireless communications platform which is capable of transferring subsea data at speeds comparable to broadband.

• uComm a range of small, high performance and affordable acoustic modems.

• Automatic Leak Detection Sonar (ALDS) designed to detect hydrocarbon leaks around offshore installations and pipelines.

At the conferences,technology development manager, Mark Carter, will be presenting a paper on the operational benefits of SPRINT on 13 March whilst Rob Balloch, will be chairing the maritime security conference the next day.

Stand number: G300


Sound Metrics

Sound Metrics, the manufacturers of the high resolution DIDSON multi-beam sonar has developed their next generation sonar, ARIS (Adaptive Resolution Imaging Sonar). The ARIS uses the same DIDSON Technology to produce crisp, clear images at the speed of sound through acoustic lenses. ARIS models include the Explorer 1200 (1.2 and 0.7MHz frequencies), the Explorer 1800 (1.8 and 1.2MHz frequencies) and the all new Explorer 3000 (3.0 and 1.8MHz frequencies).

With the ARIS Explorer 3000, Sound Metrics is introducing a whole new category of High Definition imaging sonar. Operating at 3MHZ with 128 beams, the ARIS Explorer 3000 collects more data than any other imaging sonar in its class. All of the ARIS Explorer models work in zero visibility conditions and are built to deliver in the most challenging conditions. In addition, the small size and efficient power use make the ARIS Explorer ideal for ROV/AUV integration.

Please stop by Booth F305 where we’ll have a water tank in the exhibit featuring the ARIS 3000 mounted to an X2 Rotator that provides pan, tilt and roll. Visitors will be able to operate the system and image a variety submerged objects.

Stand number: F305



From 1 January 2012 onwards, ECDIS training will be a compulsory navigation licence requirement for captains and navigating/maritime officers. A 5 year transition period till 1 January 2017 to meet the new rule has been agreed upon. By the end of this period, all maritime and navigating personnel must have acquired the ECDIS certification. Passenger ships will be required to carry an ECDIS system from 1 July 2012 onwards, with a transition period till 2018. Cargo ships over 3000 GT follow from 1 July 2014 onwards.

STC BV is a full subsidiary of the STC-Group. The STC-Group conducts the regular activities connected to vocational education on various levels.

STC BV conducts commercial activities in the field of maritime professional training, consultancy and operational research. STC utilises state of the art simulators and highly skilled and experienced staff. Most activities are tailor-made to the specific requirements of the customer.

Stand number: G600


Stema Systems

Stema Systems is looking forward to exhibiting at OI London 2012.

With more than two decades of survey experience, our specialists fully apply to the development of hands-on innovative solutions to enhance productivity for the hydrographic industry.

Stema Systems’ RheoTune fluid-mud tool received an upgrade further facilitating data processing and flawless integration with our variable speed Intelliwinch. At OI 2012 Stema Systems is proud to introduce the newest Crane Monitoring System.

Providing training, support and specialised equipment by sales and rental, Stema Systems won’t let you flout about…

We are pleased to welcome you to our stand to demonstrate our systems that can add your business.

Stand number: L175



SubCtech GmbH (at booth 205, EMMA Technologies) proudly presents the complete product range of pCO2 analyser and environmental monitoring systems e.g. for vessels. Recently this product family has been completed with new systems especially designed for buoy and subsea applications, launched at OI 2012. In addition, the company provides subsea Li-Ion PowerPacks (e.g. 14.8V 1.7kWh) to supply energy and realise autonomous surface and subsea applications.

Now SubCtech provides products for every specific application and looks toward to discussing your needs.

Furthermore, SubCtech products are presented by our partners "Subsea Monitoring Network" at booth H250 (focus on Subsea Power, e.g. Li-Ion PowerPacks) and Mariscope at booth C215 (ROV Inspection Sensor Packs). In addition, rough vessel systems for small ships e.g. ocean-going racing yachts are demonstrated at the French Pavilion "Pôle Mer Bretagne" at booth A/B/C300.

Stand number: G205



We will be bringing all the divisions of the company together at OI12 to demonstrate the breadth of service and support we offer to the industry. Our sales division will be showcasing the new Oceanscience Z-Boat, a compact remote hydrographic survey platform, which can easily integrate with your existing survey equipment to provide a turnkey solution to shallow-water surveys in hazardous areas. We have some exciting new developments from R2SONIC and additional new products from cutting edge manufacturers. We pride ourselves on our track record of consistent excellence in supporting our clients by providing the complete ‘plug & play’ solution through our experienced team of hydrographic surveyors. Our Survey and Lidar divisions will be on hand throughout the show to discuss how we can support you in 2012.

Stand number: J350


Technopole Maritime du Québec

Technopole Maritime du Québec’s main objective is to accelerate the development of marine science, technology and biotechnology sectors in Quebec by ensuring its national and international exposure and all this, while providing value-added services to its members and supporting for long-term priority projects.

At Oceanology International, Technopole Maritime du Québec will be with the following companies:

• AXSUB Inc;

• Interdisciplinary Center for the Development of Ocean Mapping (CIDCO);

• Saint-Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO-OGSL);

• Institut des sciences de la mer de Rimouski (ISMER);

• Multi-Électronique (MTE) Inc. (Booth R155);

• SYGIF International Inc. (Booth R155).

Stand number: R100


Teledyne Odom

Teledyne Odom Hydrographic will be showing two all new hydrographic systems at Booth D100 during Oceanology 2012. First is Odom’s new multi-beam echo sounder, the MB1. Designed and manufactured within the Teledyne Marine Group of companies, the new multi-beam has a wide range of technical features typically only found on more expensive systems.

Secondly, Teledyne Odom will be showing the new Towed Survey Platform, a revolutionary new method of conducting small scale hydrographic surveys whilst minimising set up and calibration time and cost.

Teledyne Odom Hydrographic is a company specialising in hydrographic quality echo sounding equipment, including single beam, multi-beam and sound velocity probes. With over three thousand echo sounders produced and distributed worldwide over the company’s 25 year history, Teledyne Odom has established a reputation for accurate and reliable systems coupled with unmatched customer service.

Stand number: D100


Teledyne RD

Teledyne RD Instruments will be marking its 30th year of providing acoustic Doppler products for measuring water in motion and motion in water. On display at OI 2012 will be our full line of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), including the new next-gen Sentinel V ADCP; our Citadel CTD products; and our growing line of Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) for underwater navigation. Stop by booth D100 to see what Teledyne RDI and our sister companies have to offer, and join the party as we celebrate our collective 409th year of proudly serving this industry.

Stand number: D100


Teledyne TSS

With the reputation of Teledyne TSS being built on motion technology, Oceanology visitors will see the launch of another addition to the company’s comprehensive range. The DMS-535RP will be joining the company’s new DMS-500 group of products which have all been developed for users needing a top-quality motion sensor with Ethernet connectivity, but without a subsea rated housing. The DMS-535RP joins the range of conservatively-priced sensors suitable for Dynamic Positioning (DP), wave height and structural stress monitoring.

Oceanology will also be first public showing of the new OrionPLUS inertial navigation system, the first one of which has already been purchased by a leading offshore operator. This advanced instrument is considered ideal for hydrographic and offshore survey and subsea construction applications as it can provide precise attitude, heading and heave data for a wide range of applications such as supporting multi-beam sonar surveys or the construction of major seabed installations.

Stand number: K150/D100



Tritech specialises in the production of high performance acoustic sensors, sonars, video cameras and mechanical tooling equipment for professional underwater markets including; defence, energy, engineering, survey and underwater vehicles. Tritech remains the industry leader in the provision of sensors and tools for ROV and AUV markets. Visit us on stand J400, to learn about our latest products for 2012; including the SeaKing Hammerhead package and the Gemini Multibeam Family.The stand will also launch our new brand as we reach a milestone 21st year in business in 2012.

Stand number: J400


Tritex NDT

Tritex NDT have upgraded their Multigauge 4000 Series ROV Thickness Gauges for mounting onto most work class ROVs. The range includes the Multigauge 4100 and Multigauge 4400 which are for use in depths of 1000m and 4000m respectively. The Multigauge 4100 is now made from Acetal and the Multigauge 4400 from Titanium for extra durability.The gauges are used for inspecting metal thickness to check for corrosion in pipelines, pilings, ship’s hulls and subsea structures without the need for using divers. They use Multiple Echo to ensure coatings do not have to be removed, only the metal substrate is measured. Additionally, they have Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR) and Automatic Measurement Verification System (AMVS).

Another upgrade includes a selectable RS422 or RS232 output by means of a simple switch on the gauge. To accompany the Multigauge 4000 series, Tritex have developed Communicator Software, for use on a PC or laptop, to display and record the measurements and associated data such as the time and a descriptive label if required. Templates can be set up to store measurements in a grid, string or combination of both.

Stand number: K600B



Triton Imaging has formally released our new, fully integrated version of Perspective software that supports the processing of data from all three major sonar imaging modalities: bathymetry, side-scan, and sub-bottom. Bathymetry processing includes QC layers for validation and IHO compliance, with manual editors for detailed data analysis and cleaning. Perspective’s side-scan module includes a raw data waterfall view, autoTVG, targeting, and classification. Sub-bottom options include data filters, reflector digitisation, and point features for displaying lithologies and downhole measurements on profiles. The fusion of bathymetry, side-scan and sub-bottom data with cursor correlation between raw and processed results will give perspective users an increased understanding of surveyed areas.

Stand number: A200


Turo Technology

Turo’s successful Devil XBT and Quoll XBT data recorder systems will be joined by the Quoll XBT-sv data recorder, which will be launched at Oceanology International 2012. The Quoll XBT-sv supports both expendable bathythermograph (XBT) and expendable sound velocity (XSV) probes. Turo XBT and XSV recorders offer advanced features such as climatology, automatic quality control and satellite telemetry, USB or Ethernet connection and Power over Ethernet. With the addition of sound velocity capability, Turo remains at the forefront of XBT technology.

Stand number: K300



Aberdeen-based Veripos, leading suppliers of GNSS precise positioning facilities to the world offshore industry, will feature two new services utilising GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations, Apex² and Ultra² , on stand number B400.

Delivering decimetre-level accuracies globally, both are based on Precise Point Positioning (PPP) techniques with which all GNSS system errors are removed or minimised by direct calculation, precise modelling or estimation. Real-time corrections for all satellites are provided by proprietary algorithms using data from Veripos’s indepedent worldwide network of over 80 reference stations.

Other main exhibits comprise a series of advanced integrated mobile units configurable for single or dual frequency GNSS receivers together with a series of proprietary software modules supporting a wide range of applications, including dynamic positioning, hydrographic surveying, dredging, offshore construction and seismic exploration.

Stand number: B400


Wildlife Acoustics

Wildlife Acoustics is the leading provider of bioacoustics monitoring technology for researchers, consultants and government agencies worldwide. For the marine market, Wildlife Acoustics offers both weatherproof terrestrial and fully submersible marine recorders. The Song Meter SM2M and SM2M Ultrasonic passively record and monitor anthropogenic and biological acoustics up to a working depth of 150m and support the calculation of absolute SPL receive levels. Withstanding harsh environments, the terrestrial SM2+ mounts above water with a submerged hydrophone. Regardless of the application, customers rely on Wildlife Acoustics to innovate and produce the flexible and reliable solutions to meet their diverse needs.

Stand number: C630


Wood & Douglas

Designing solutions for monitoring and sensor applications where the choice of communications can make all the difference to the success of the project is where we excel. Developing concepts and ideas into reality with our design team over the last 35 years to create specific, effective, reliable products is what has given Wood & Douglas the reputation it has today for excellence. Delivering these products in the UK from our recently upgraded state of the art surface mount technology centre is another element that allows us to maintain the quality of our range. At the show we are looking to grow our existing relationships and make new ones in areas where we currently have none.

Stand number S235



At Xenubis we pride ourselves on rising to the challenge. We are a technology supplier and channel sales consultancy serving a broad range of companies in a variety of industries. Our focus is on delivering innovative solutions backed up with integrity, quality and knowledge.

In a Maritime Counter-Piracy environment, Xenubis provides innovative situational awareness, tracking, beaconry and communications solutions to suit all types of vessels from plug and play trackers for fishing vessels, bespoke one off’s for Yachts or extended systems on tankers. Solutions can be completely autonomous or alternatively be operated successfully from a citadel during lockdown. We can supply overt and covert solutions. We also provide complete competitive airtime and billing services ensuring the cost of keeping your assets secure is kept at an acceptable level.

Industries that have already benefitted from our solutions include aviation, media, fisheries, mining, oil & gas, construction, security & legal. Our clients operate in diverse environments from deserts and jungle through arctic to ocean floors and drilling rigs.

Stand number: P150



YSI has used its long experience in water quality monitoring to develop the ultimate multi-parameter sondes for challenging marine conditions.

Key Benefits:

• CTD plus 3-5 additional sensors in one small package

• High-accuracy sensors with on board memory

• Quick and easy re-configuration and calibration

• Seamless integration into marine monitoring systems

Choose the new EXO1, with ports for 4 sensors, or the new EXO2, with 6 ports and a central anti-fouling wiper. Each sonde is rated to a depth of 250 metres.

Parameters include: Temperature, Conductivity, Depth, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, ORP, Total Algae (Blue-green Algae and Chlorophyll in one sensor), Turbidity, and fDOM, plus 6 calculated parameters.

Stand number: G240

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