Ocean Aero’s Submaran Presented to the Market

Ocean Aero’s Submaran Presented to the Market

Ocean Aero is taking orders for the Submaran S10 wind and solar-powered surface and sub-surface vessel. This vessel is specifically designed for extended autonomous ocean observation and data collection and it has the ability to dive ten metres, remain under water to avoid poor weather conditions, traffic or detection and then reemerge, thus combining the capabilities of an AUV and a USV. The Submaran S10 will have the power and payload capacity for a wide range of sensor systems, dependent on the user’s needs and desires.

Since April 2015, the engineering team has worked diligently on the subsystems of the Submaran. The team has worked on the development of the vehicle control systems and on the autonomous functions of the vessel. In addition the wing-sail control and folding mechanism, which retracts the wing when the vehicle submerges have been refined and the device is made sucht that it is easily transported by land, sea or air. The team’s work is directly reflected in the successful open water tests  and demonstrations.

The engineering and executive team are excited about the Submaran S10 pre-production vessels and aim is to deliver the products to the customers starting in the first quarter of 2016.

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