Ocean Business 2011 Preview - 16/03/2011

The third edition of Ocean Business will take place in Southampton, UK, from 5 – 7 April. The organisation anticipates more than 4000 visitors at the event, with 309 exhibitors from 19 countries. Ocean Business 2011 will be bigger than the previous editions, but will retain the cosy element, with exhibitors all taking relatively small stands. This time the organisation will have more vessels coming in, and there will be a full training and demonstration programme again. The organisation also found new locations for the offsite social events and the gala dinner venue is twice as big as last time. All ingredients are present for a memorable event. Hydro International will also be present. We have invited exhibitors to introduce themselves and their products and services. Many have responded, which has resulted in this extensive overview.

AK Industries

< HydroVolt Products

AK Industries is a small and agile high-tech manufacturer of underwater electrical connectors and a wide range of custom products for underwater applications. The flagship product is HydroVolt, an extremely rugged and reliable low-cost connector line. HydroVolt connectors have many unique features. The list of features includes colour-coded leads on bulkheads, internal water blocking, pressure wall on bulkheads and bending strain relief on the plugs. All electrical
contacts are gold plated to ASTM B488-01 type 2 class 0.50 or 1.25. Potential customers are encouraged to inquire about standard or custom manufactured products.
Stand number: L2

Association of Marine Scientific Industries  
The Association of Marine Scientific Industries is a constituent association of the Society of Maritime Industries and benefits from its significant resources across all maritime sectors. Whether a company is developing new markets for its products and services or seeking representation at the highest level of government and its agencies, AMSI is the trade association of choice for companies and organisations in the marine science sector including manufacturers, researchers, and system suppliers. Visit our stand to learn more about how we can help your business develop.
Stand number: A20

Applied Acoustic  Engineering Ltd

Have the inside track on the latest USBL systems on the Applied Acoustics stand. >

Ocean Business provides Applied Acoustics with an excellent opportunity to launch a host of new products. The much acclaimed USBL tracking system, the Easytrak Nexus, was unveiled here at the 2009 event and this year yet another innovative portable tracking system will make its debut with special features for extra flexibility. A new advanced beacon tester and a shallow-water release transponder specifically aimed at the growing oceanographic sector will also make their first appearances, along with a brilliantly designed new boomer plate for sub-bottom profiling.
Stand number: L6

Ashtead Technology

< The CDL MobIUS. 

Leading subsea equipment rental company Ashtead Technology announces the addition of the Vortex 4 inch dredge kit and CDL MobIUS-R to the global rental fleet.
The most powerful 4 inch ROV and diver dredge in the world, the Vortex has removal rate performance more commonly seen in 6 inch dredges.
The CDL MobIUS (Mobile Inertial Underwater System) offers Heading, Attitude, Depth, Speed of Sound, Acoustic Telemetry and Ranging all available in a slim, compact, rugged ROV friendly package.
For further information on our rental fleet, come and see us at Stand T7, where you can meet our team and discuss your requirements for your next project.
Stand number: T7

Atlas Hydrographic
Atlas Hydrogrpahic is a German high-tech company, specialised in integrating scientific instrumentation systems for research vessels and sonar-to-chart solutions for customers in the field of hydrography.
Our single-beam echo sounders ATLAS DESO, multi-beam echo sounders FANSWEEP and HYDROSWEEP as well as parametric sub-bottom profiler PARASOUND are well known in the worldwide marine society.
Stand number: B7

Atlas Services Group
Atlas Services Group has been operating in the energy and marine industry for more than 27 years. With offices in over 10 strategic international locations, Atlas Services Group put employees and consultants to work in the seismic, hydrographic, oil and gas, power, engineering, renewables, offshore, dredging and shipping industries.
Located at stand J6, Atlas Services Group would like to invite attendees to visit our stand where we will be showcasing our marine and energy services and capabilities. In addition, Atlas Services Group will also have the 11m catamaran ‘M.V Atlanta’ moored alongside the NOC pontoon, where our hydrographic professionals will be offering a series of workshops in multi-beam surveying.
Stand number: J6

Axys Technologies Inc.

TRIAXYS Directional Wave Buoy with the Next Wave sensor and dual primary telemetry. >

Axys Technologies Inc. (AXYS) is a Canadian company with over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of remote environmental monitoring systems worldwide. Marine products include moored buoys for weather, wave, and sea state forecasting, as well as buoys for specialised applications such as tsunami, red tide, and oil spill detection.
AXYS will be exhibiting at Ocean Business with our UK agent, Planet Ocean, at stand number G12. We will be showcasing the new TRIAXYS™ Next Wave buoy, which is now available with dual primary telemetry. We are also pleased to offer free training on the TRIAXYS™ Next Wave sensor on Wednesday 6 April at 3:00pm. Please e-mail info@axys.com to reserve a spot.
Stand number: G12

BioSonics, Inc., a manufacturer of digital scientific echo sounders for fisheries and aquatic habitat assessment, will be featured at Stand V14. New products on display will include the DT-X SUB, a submersible autonomous echo sounder and new MX Series echo sounders with specialised data-acquisition and visualisation software for habitat assessment.
BioSonics will offer a 1-hour demonstration of the DT-X echo sounder aboard RV Callista on Wednesday 6 April departing at 3:00 pm. Contact BioSonics to RSVP soon as space will be limited. BioSonics will also host a training session for authorized BioSonics distributors on Thursday 8 April from 1:00-3:00pm.
Stand number: V14

Bowtech Products Ltd
Bowtech Products Ltd will be exhibiting at stand number H5 at Ocean Business 2011.
We will be demonstrating some of our latest innovations in underwater imaging technology, such as our pioneering 3D HD underwater camera, the Surveyor-SD camera with remote control and LED underwater lamps for use to 6000 metres depth. We invite you to talk to our experts about Leak Detection Systems, Riser Replacement Monitoring Systems, FPSO Chain Monitoring Systems.
Sales manager, Chris Knight, will be giving a classroom presentation on these new technology developments at Bowtech at 12.30pm on Tuesday 5 April.
If all this seems too much like work, come and visit us during the Wine Trail for a chat over a glass of wine and some fine cheeses.
Stand number: H5

Bluefin Robotics
Bluefin Robotics develops, builds, and operates Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and related technologies for defence, commercial, and scientific customers worldwide. We offer a full range of modular, free-flooded AUV platforms. As a full AUV lifecycle provider, we offer research and development expertise, technology integration, full-scale manufacturing, platform training, and operations support. No other provider has our depth and breadth of expertise and resources dedicated exclusively to AUV development and production.
Stand number: C2.

Cadden is an experienced French provider of a large range of specialised sensors and systems based on GNSS receivers, Inertial Motion Units, side-scan sonar, single-beam and multi-beam echo sounders, bathymetric survey software, and mosaicing software. This offer includes a rental pool, technical support, product training and installation/configuration on site.
Based on 10 years experience, Cadden has designed new products to extend its offer worldwide. Our innovations include GEOD BALI, a lightweight single-beam bathymetric system, GEOD PPU, a Portable Pilot Unit, GEOD Tracking, a GPS system for fleet and tug management and we are a supplier of complete hydrographic vessels. Cadden is taking the opportunity to meet any potential dealers at OB11.
Stand number: V22

Caris will be holding two free workshops highlighting the new features in the latest releases of two of the powerful components of its unique Ping-to-Chart solution as part of a busy schedule planned for Ocean Business 2011. On 5 April, from 11:00-12:00am, AV Room 124, a workshop will be held outlining the latest developments in hydrographic processing using HIPS and SIPS 7.1. On 6 April, from 3:00-5:00pm, AV Room 124, a workshop will be held outlining the benefits of the storage and management of high density bathymetric surfaces using Bathy DataBASE 3.1. Please visit www.caris.com/events to register, and remember to visit CARIS at stand A17.
Stand number: A17

Image: A CARIS Instructor demonstrates HIPS and SIPS Software.

Chelsea Technologies Group
Justin Dunning will be demonstrating Chelsea’s range of miniature, multi-wavelength Lux fluorimeters on board RV Callista during Ocean Business. These fluorimeters can be configured to measure a wide range of oceanographic parameters including chlorophyll-a, turbidity, dissolved organic matter and tryptophan. However, the most popular application to date has been dye tracing and oil in water monitoring. The Lux range of fluorimeters has recently been augmented with a range of accessories which allow these small fluorimeters to be used in almost any deployment scenario.
The Chelsea team will also be demonstrating the amazingly versatile Fast Repetition Rate Fluorimeters system, which has seen a significant increase in applications over the last two years. These range from fish survival assessment, coastal monitoring, iron fertilisation experiments, algal bloom monitoring and water contamination detection. With increased functionality, detailed analysis of phytoplankton within the laboratory can now be achieved. To book your place on one of these in-water demonstrations or arrange a meeting at Stand number T8, please contact Ellen Keegan.
Stand number: T8


C-MAX CM2 Side-scan Sonar. >


C-MAX will be exhibiting at stand K7, showing the high resolution CM2 side-scan sonar plus associated equipment including the portable power winch and two versions of counting pulley. Demonstrations will be on the Bill Conway on Tuesday and Thursday.
Stand number: K7

Coastline Surveys Ltd
Coastline Surveys is one of the fastest-growing, privately owned marine survey companies in the UK and offers a full range of services to all marine sectors including offshore oil & gas, marine renewables, ports & harbours, marine aggregates & coastal civil engineering.
We acquire geotechnical data up to 10m below seabed using a range of owned equipment including seabed penetrometers (CPTs), vibrocorers, piston corers, box corers & grabs.
With a fleet of coastal vessels including the 24m ship MV Flatholm, which is fully equipped, permanently crewed & ready for mobilisation at all times, Coastline Surveys continually delivers a seamless, efficient & professional service from data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation through to the final report. With the experience gained from 20 years in business we pride ourselves on listening to clients wishes, advising best practice and providing a safe working environment with full accountability and relationship building encouraged throughout.
Stand number: K10

Edge Tech/ORE Offshore
EdgeTech and ORE Offshore invite you to visit our stand number B9, and to attend one of our on-water demos or classroom training programmes at Ocean Business. The organisations will be highlighting some exciting new products, such as 4125 Side-scan Sonar, 4600 Combined Side-scan Sonar & Bathymetry and SPORT Acoustic Release. High resolution imagery, combined side-scan and bathymetry and customised long-life acoustic releases are just some of the technologically advanced solutions at EdgeTech and ORE Offshore. Also at our stand - our latest video highlighting the new 4125 Side-scan Sonar. Also online: www.youtube.com/EdgeTechMarine
Stand number: B9

EIVA will be introducing S-CAN combinatorial anti-noise cleaning algorithm for automatic cleaning of massive sonar data point clouds.
S-CAN algorithm avoids the problems of previous local neighbourhood-based algorithms. It is extremely I/O-efficient as it is capable of efficiently processing millions of sonar points that do not fit in internal memory but must reside on disk without loss of speed. The algorithm is relatively simple and thus practically efficient, due to the development of a new algorithm for computing the connected components of a graph embedded in the plane.
The S-CAN algorithm is an option to the EIVA NaviModel digital terrain modelling software.
Stand number: B6.

French Pavilion Pools Sea Technology Talent
The Trade Commission of the French Embassy in London will showcase the best of French ocean technology at Ocean Business 2011. Ocean Business, which is held every two years at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton (England), will take place from 5 to 7 April 2011.
A total of eight sea technology companies from France will be exhibiting at the Ocean Business trade show as part of the French Pavilion (Stand number H8), which is being organised with the backing of the French Trade Commission in the UK and UBIFRANCE, the French export-support agency. Cadden and CLS will not be exhibiting at stand H8, but at stands V22 and V23 respectively.
The French companies, from across the sector, will present their innovative products and advanced technological solutions in sea technology in order to reinforce their professional contacts with British partners and to provide new business opportunities for trade between France and the UK.

GeoAcoustics Limited
GeoAcoustics are a leading manufacturer of sonar seabed survey equipment including shallow- water multi-beam systems, side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profilers and our clients include leading commercial survey companies, navies and marine research authorities.
Our product portfolio includes Shallow Water Multi-beam Systems: GeoSwath Plus is the market leading phase measuring bathymetric sonar with over 150 systems in operation worldwide; Side Scan Sonar systems: Sonar 2094 Digital, the newly developed digital side-scan sonar is suitable for use in both shallow and deep water applications and Sub-Bottom Profilers: GeoPulse Plus, the newly designed sub-bottom profilers are suitable for towfish deployment, over-the-side or hull mounting.
Stand number: M9

Geocap AS
Geocap AS provides software and services for the oil and gas industry and hydrographic institutions. Our software product is called Geocap and is a mapping and modeling program. The software includes functionality for geological mapping and plotting and also has a toolbox for calculating the outer limits of the continental shelf. The new Geocap Seafloor product lets you process survey data from multi-beam echo sounders and create large high resolution grids. It can also import shallow seismic and convert to depth and combined with the bathymetry. This software replaces the current CFLOOR software.
Stand number M4.

GOSS Consultants Ltd
GOSS Consultants Ltd is a leading provider of marine recruitment services for the hydrographic, telecoms and offshore marine wind farm industries. Established in 2000, we have established a reputation of providing high quality personnel to our clients on a global basis.
In a fast-moving environment, we offer the most up-to-date, accurate vacancy information via our website www.gossconsultants.com.
We provide the most effective and reliable candidates, on both a temporary and permanent basis, to clients on a worldwide scale.
Stand number: T3

Helzel Messtechnik
The shore-based HF ocean radar, WERA, provides reliable ocean surface current and wave data over long distances (> 200km) with outstanding spatial and temporal resolution for various applications: Port Authorities, SAR, Environmental Protection, Disaster Management, Offshore-Planning, Met-Offices, Fishing-/Tourism-Industry and scientists. The new VHF-WERA provides highest resolution down to 100m range cell size for ranges of up to 20km with a very compact site geometry (< 20m for 8 antennae). It is easy to install and can be carried by a van/trailer as a mobile station.
Stand number: F8

Image: WERA Current maps from the Loire river estuary near St. Nazaire, France, at high tide of 4.5m and low tide of 3.0m.

Hydroid, LLC
Hydroid, Inc., a subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime, will showcase the integration of GeoAcoustics’ GeoSwath Plus wide swath sonar with its REMUS 100 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) at the Ocean Business 2011 show (stand number P1).
GeoSwath provides very efficient multi-beam swath bathymetry and side-scan mapping for all survey applications; the same area can be mapped 30% to 40% faster using GeoSwath Plus than with a typical beam forming multi-beam echo sounder. The seafloor coverage provided by GeoSwath Plus is up to 12 times the water depth, and can be even greater than this in very shallow water. The integration of GeoSwath Plus with the REMUS AUV is made possible through a joint effort between GeoAcoustics and Hydroid.
Stand number: P1

  Image: GeoAcoustics GeoSwath Plus Remus 100.

Hydro-Lek Ltd
Hydro-Lek will be showcasing the HLK 14000 series of new compact hydraulic cylinders which have been designed to be extremely lightweight, compact and highly versatile. Manufactured from hard anodised aluminium, the cylinders are ideally suited for subsea applications where weight and durability are of paramount importance. With 4 bore sizes ranging from 10 to 25mm and piston rod diameters of 6 to 16mm, Hydro-Lek’s 14000 cylinder series offers high performance at a standard nominal working pressure of 210 bar. All sizes are available with varying stroke lengths and three industry standard mounting options: the Rear Eye Mount, the Nose Thread Mount and the Front Flange Mount. The cylinders are manufactured to customers’ required stroke length and are supplied on a 2-3 week delivery. Hydro-Lek will also be demonstrating the HLK 40400 and 40500, the new work class 5 and 7 function manipulators which have been developed to meet the increasing requirements of the new work class ROVs.
Low power consumption is a unique feature of both arms: the hydraulic power required is 1.5Kw max and as all joints are hydraulically locked in dormant mode there is no need for constant flow to maintain position. Each arm can be mounted on either side of the ROV by virtue of a unique slew bracket which can be installed for starboard or port mounting. Intuitively controlled via a seven axis joystick, a full range of positions can be achieved and the ability to regulate speed on the rate control system enables greater precision over movement.
Stand number: P8

Imagenex Technology Corp
Imagenex Technology Corp., Canada, will be exhibiting at stand M10 with their UK representative, Hydro Products Limited. Imagenex is well-known for designing and manufacturing compact and affordable sonar solutions for many industries and applications.
Featured products will include a selection of multi-beam, side-scan and mechanically scanning sonar . Imagenex will be showcasing the exciting new multi-beam imager with mechanical tilt, the Imagenex Model 965, as well as the most recent addition to the 881A & 881L product line, the 881A/L Narrow Beam Imaging sonar.
Stand number: M10

International Marine  Contractors Association (IMCA)
IMCA, with over 750 member companies in 58 countries, is pleased to be a supporting organisation for Ocean Business. IMCA publishes good practice guidance covering diving, marine, offshore survey and ROV/AUV operations and works closely with other trade organisations. An example of this co-operation is the forthcoming joint OGP/IMCA publication entitled GNSS positioning in the oil and gas industry, a thorough revision of the 1994 UKOOA guidelines on the use of DGPS. This detailed document was prepared by a group of experts from clients, contractors and suppliers.
Stand number: R9

In Vivo
In Vivo provides marine environmental and coastal oceanographic consultancy services: hydrographic, geophysical, oceanographic and environmental surveys, professional and scientific diving, habitat mapping, ecological inventory and sampling as well as environmental impact assessments. Working in the field with its own fleet, In Vivo operates a wide range of instrumentation to collect the critical marine environment data. In Vivo specialises in data collection, processing, interpretation and use, in particular, the presentation of cartographical data (GIS). In Vivo is also involved in R&D projects concerning renewable marine energies (Sabella, Winflo) and designing of artificial reefs. Application fields include marine energies, marine protected areas, harbours, underwater cables.
Stand number: H8

Innomar Technologie GmbH
< SES-2000 light plus


Innomar offers mobile parametric sub-bottom profilers SES-2000 for shallow (1m to 500m) and deep water (up to full ocean depth). Very high resolution is achievable due to transmission of short focused sound pulses at high ping rates. The newest model SES-2000 light plus will be shown at Ocean Business in live demos onboard Bill Conway on all three days. This model incorporates a narrow-beam parametric SBP (4-15kHz; 100kHz) and a dual-channel side-scan sonar (250-600kHz) for simultaneous operation. It is intended for shallow-water applications, where mobility and ease of operation on vessels of opportunity is required.
Stand number: L1

Come to stand Q1 for details of iXBlue’s training sessions onshore and live demo sessions offshore, which cover its navigation systems, subsea positioning systems, side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profilers and software. At the Offshore Survey Conference, iXSea presents 3 technical papers on DELPH software experience, metrology and the recent subsea positioning upgrade.
Stand number: Q1

Kongsberg Martime Ltd
Kongsberg Maritime, a leading manufacturer of marine electronics and subsea instrumentation, will be exhibiting at stand N1 at Ocean Business this year. One of the new products being introduced this year is the EM2040 High Resolution Inspection Multi-beam, which will be featured on the Kongsberg Maritime demonstration vessel, the Solent Surveyor, situated at the dockside during the event. Attendees to the event are invited to attend regular demonstrations throughout the three days on board the vessel, which also features the Seapath 330+.
Stand number: N1

L-3 Communications ELAC Nautik GmbH
L-3 ELAC Nautik will present the HydroStar WCI Viewer, which is a powerful tool for the visualisation of WCI (Water Column Imaging) Data Files and Raw Data Files including the corresponding setting files of the new SeaBeam 3100 and SeaBeam 3012/3020 multi-beam family. The HydroStar WCI Viewer has a user-friendly graphical user interface and can be applied for the offline or online display of sonar data. Its key features are: Online-/Offline-Visualisation of the Water column (WCI), frame view forward and backwards, movie option with fast-forward and rewind function, linear or logarithmic amplitude scaling, arbitrary amplitude colour scale, zoom function, single-beam function, open development platform (MATLAB).
Stand number: Q11

Lighthouse R&D Enterprises, Inc.
Looking for reliable, high-quality scientific solutions to your marine environmental monitoring needs? Lighthouse R & D Enterprises, Inc. offers a variety of systems tailored to each client’s needs – from cabled real-time monitoring of physical and chemical properties to detecting tsunamis. Please join us at Ocean Business 2011 at stand G6 and on Wednesday 6 April for a training session. Videos, models and graphics that are aiding scientists in characterising the coastal and deep ocean environments will be presented. If you are involved in fisheries, meteorology, disaster warning, navigation, O&G or the coastal engineering disciplines, come explore the possibilities!
Stand number: G6

Linden Photonics Inc
STFOC - a proprietary miniature optical cable offers high tensile strength and crush resistance at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies. High-performance resins allow for small cable diameters with tensile strengths from 50lbs to >350lbs. The lightweight, small diameter cable is ideally suited for use with tethered ROVs. STFOC’s jacket is extremely impervious to moisture and oxygen, chemically stable, capable of operating at up to 250°C. Several variants are virtually unkinkable. To find out more about Linden’s product line of underwater fibre optic cables, please visit us at stand V12.
Stand number: V12

McLane Research Laboratories, Inc
McLane Research Laboratories, Inc. East Falmouth, MA USA will be on-hand at stand number A8 at Ocean Business in Southampton to highlight their samplers, profilers and mooring products and offer training on the latest profiler Deployment Planner software. Stand number A8 will also have information about the new Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) that McLane built in partnership with Monterey Bay Research Institute and Spyglass Biosecurity. The ESP, featured in the 17 December issue of Science, and in a recent Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Oceanus magazine article, is an electromechanical fluidics system with many potential scientific uses. Among other breakthroughs, the ESP is expected to revolutionise the detection and study of harmful algal blooms (HABs) by identifying them far in advance of full bloom state. The ESP will be tested by Dr. Don Anderson’s WHOI lab in Spring 2011. McLane has developed instrumentation for oceanographic research and environmental monitoring since 1983.
Stand number: A8

National Physical Laboratory
NPL provides standards for underwater acoustics and offers services that include testing of sonar , transducers and hydrophones in laboratory tanks, acoustic pressure vessel and open water test facility located on reservoir. NPL also provides training in underwater acoustic calibration and testing. NPL also offers a service for the assessment of the impact of underwater noise, providing the acoustics expertise required to satisfy requirements of regulators. Services include in-situ measurement of noise, noise prediction and mapping, and the evaluation of the impact on marine life.
Stand number: C6

Nautikaris BV
For over 40 years, Nautikaris has been serving the Marine market in supplying various high quality hydrographic equipment made by major manufacturing companies. Recently Nautikaris has added SEA interferometric wide swath sonar systems to their product portfolio and these can now be offered to our customers. We have also recently added SevenCs to the family of high standard products. SevenCs develops chart display engines for ECDIS, WECDIS, tactical displays, portable pilot units and for other maritime and nautical tasks and applications. As a qualified and experienced sales and service company, Nautikaris could be your one stop shop for your requirements. Our main clients can be found in the Dredging industry, Offshore construction industry, Hydrographic Survey services, Industrial System Integrators, Government bodies and various other companies both at home and abroad.
Stand number: E5

Nautronix is a marine technology company specialising in Subsea Acoustics and Positioning for the Offshore Industry. Headquartered in Aberdeen, with offices in Houston and Rio, Nautronix utilise their unique ADS² (Acoustic Digital Spread Spectrum) signalling technology to overcome the limitations of traditional acoustic systems in a range of applications. Nautronix’s main products include NASNet (Broadcast Long Baseline system providing wide-area, multi-user subsea positioning); NASNet DPR (Dynamic Positioning Reference System); NASeBOP (Emergency BOP Acoustic Control System); NASMUX (Acoustic Subsea Multiplex Control System) and NASDrill RS925 (SBL/LBL Deep Water Acoustic Positioning System). To learn more about the products listed please visit Nautronix at stand H2.
Stand number: H2.

NKE Instrumentation
NKE Instrumentation offers complete solutions for wind resource, potential and environmental impact studies; data loggers to measure physicochemical parameters of fresh and marine waters; automated stations and instrumented buoys for coastal waters monitoring; monitoring equipment for atmospheric and marine corrosions and cathodic protection; specific equipment and developments for monitoring of sedimentary transports, diving systems behaviour, fishing efforts and environmental parameters and embedded measurement network; Provor and Arvor profiling subsurface floats (ARGO project), CTD, dissolved oxygen and optical sensors and Argos and Iridium transmission; and drifting surface buoys with temperature and GPS receiver for Surface velocity project.
Stand number: H8

No Limit Ships BV
No LImit 1950 >


Shipyard No Limit Ships BV, Groningen, The Netherlands, specialises in the development and construction of safe and seaworthy survey vessels for the Hydrographic industry. After having built 10 units of 16.40 metres they have recently received the first 19.50 metre order by a Russian client. Built to standards of Lloyd’s Classification, her range will be 150NM from safe haven and space for a continuous stay at sea with a crew/surveyors of 8. The shape of the hull and tube guarantees high seaworthiness, limited rolling and high speed, minimum 20 knots. Resulting in very efficient data collecting. 
Stand number: E5

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC)
The National Oceanography Centre delivers integrated marine science and technology from the coast to the deep ocean, working in partnership with the UK research community.
The NOC has a key role in providing national capability to meet the UK’s marine science needs, including Royal Research Ships, deep submersibles and advanced ocean technologies. NOC is home to the global mean sea level data archive, the UK’s sea level monitoring system for flood warning and climate change, the national archive of subsea sediment cores and the British Oceanographic Data Centre.
From 1 April 2010, the elements of National Oceanography Centre, Southampton owned by the Natural Environment Research Council merged with Liverpool’s Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory to form the new centre across two sites. The University of Southampton is a NOC hosting partner and a close, collaborative relationship is maintained at the waterfront campus.
Stand number: B5

Data loss near boundary layers has until recently been a problem with conventional Doppler current profilers, due to a combination of mounting height, blanking distance and first cell offset. Nortek has now solved this problem by introducing a Zero cell which comprises an extra set of horizontal transducers able to provide 2D current velocity measurements coincident with the transducer head. This Z cell option is available on both the Nortek 1MHz and 600KHz Aquadopp profilers. The latter being particularly popular, due to its inherently longer (30-40 Max) profiling range.
Stand number: K4

The Oceanscience Group
Learn about the revolutionary sensor deployment systems from Oceanscience. The UnderwayCTD and UnderwaySV profilers offer repeatable CTD and sound velocity profiling on vessels underway at over 10kts. Customers in 2010 conducted over 4,000 high quality CTD casts while underway at 6-12kts! With the introduction of the new SV probe option, hydrographic surveyors can now benefit from the latest in underway profiling. Come and find out how the UnderwaySV can give you better data and more efficient surveys.
Visit our in-depth seminars about the Underway CTD and Underway SV, with data sets from the field and video presentations (Tuesday 5 April 5 @ 11:00 am, Underway CTD and Wednesday 6 April @ 1:30pm Underway Sound Velocity).
Stand number: L8

If you have a subsea or underwater engineering problem then OceanTools may have the solution for you!
You may find exactly what you’re looking for in our standard range of products, which now includes the brand new RovFOG, high definition video overlay and the OceanSENSE leak detection system. Alternatively, our highly experienced team of engineers can provide you with a custom designed solution. The RovFOG, high definition video overlay and OceanSENSE leak detection system will all be on display at stand V16 so come along for a demonstration and further details of what OceanTools can do for you!
Stand number: V16

Ohmex will be showing its latest range of products including the new ‘infrastructure ready’ versions of its Port instruments. These are all WiFi enabled devices that can be easily linked into existing networks and ready for forthcoming developments in WiMax and Mesh adaptive networking. Both the TideM8 and WeatherM8 WiFi products will be on display. These units can be easily configured with EDAS software to provide a complete low cost system for the typical small port. The ‘infrastructure’ version of the AIS AtoN will also be on display. This unit addresses the perceived problem of rogue AtoNs transmitting false data and unable to be controlled. Also featured at the stand will be the ‘TideMet’ integrated AIS weather and tide station designed as an autonomous standalone AIS system with integrated batteries and solar panels, the updated system is the only commercial AtoN transmitting messages that comply with the recently introduced IMO SN.1/Circ.289 specification. Inclusion of the VEGA radar module enables the unit to be free standing or mounted on a pile and provides significant wave height measurements in its output message.

Seafloor Systems will be sharing the stand with Ohmex and will be displaying their HydroLite range of portable hydrographic surveying products. Versions on display will be the MB system of a Trimble Tablet PC running HYPACK software coupled to a Trimble SPS882 RTK and Odom swathe echo sounder. Also on display will be the highly portable TM version HydroLite interfaced to the new Trimble TSC3 controller, Trimble DGPS and an Ohmex MILspec echo sounder.
Stand number: A23

Pacific Crest Corporation
Pacific Crest is a leading supplier of wireless data communication solutions designed for positioning and remote sensing applications. The company also specialises in reselling Trimble Navigation’s high precision GPS receivers to system integrators for a variety of positioning applications. Our products are based on innovative technologies that are optimised for maximum dependability, accuracy and performance. Pacific Crest provides a total customer solution that reduces the overall size, cost, and complexity of critical data communications and positioning systems. Our solutions allow OEMs and integrators continuous mobile positioning and high-accuracy orientation for demanding marine applications.
Stand number: U10

PDM Neptec Ltd
PDM Neptec introduces Omicron, a compact, dry-mate, single way fibre optic connector to the subsea market. Low loss, high performance and rated for use to 5000m, Omicron is designed for single-mode or multi-mode fibre with insertion loss performance of <0.5dB at 1310nm and 1550nm. Omicron is extremely competitively priced and available from PDM stock along with a full range of cables and underwater electrical connectors. PDM has been at the forefront of harsh environment engineering for over 25 years. An exclusive distributor of Teledyne Impulse underwater connectors and cable assemblies, PDM also supplies high quality bespoke engineered connectivity solutions to customer requirements.
For more information, come to Stand B10 at Ocean Business 2011, call 01420 85848 or go to www.pdmneptec.com
Stand number: B10

Planet Ocean Ltd
Planet Ocean provides high quality, marine scientific instruments for research, survey and operations support and once again will be exhibiting at Ocean Business 2011. Joining us at stand G12 will be Axys Technologies from British Columbia, and Fluid Imaging Technologies from Maine, USA. AXYS will be featuring their new NEXT WAVE Directional Wave Profinig Buoy together with their range of data buoys. Fluid Imaging will be showing the latest developments in Imaging flow cytometry with their FlowCAM system and introducing their newest development Sumersible FlowCAM.
Planet Ocean will be showing the new range of mooring beacons from XEOS Technologies Nova Scotia including the very latest XMA-7500 ARGOS beacon, for deployment to 7500m as well as their IRIDIUM and strobe beacons. Also on display will be the new Compact Recoverable Ocean Mooring system, C-ROM from ROMOR of Nova Scotia.
Stand number: G12

Quester Tangent Corporation
Quester Tangent is a world leader in acoustic bottom classification, providing technology to create sea, lake, and river bed maps using data acquired by single-beam, multi-beam and side-scan sonar systems. New software products from Quester Tangent include QTRT and QTC SWATHVIEW. QTRT acquisition software for single-beam echo sounders provides a real-time classification option that displays sediment classes on an ENC on the fly.
QTC SWATHVIEW is classification software for multi-beam, side-scan and interferometric backscatter data. Quester Tangent are exhibiting at Ocean Business ’11 at stand Q6, and will run a 1-hour seabed classification training and demonstration session in classroom 121/05 on each day of the show.
Stand number: Q6

RBR Europe Ltd

The Inductive Mooring Line Modem (MLM-1000). >

RBR is exhibiting its most recently released products, the Inductive Mooring Line Modem (MLM-1000) and the Ethernet controlled Micro-Salinometer (MS-310e). The MLM-1000 provides a cost-effective, efficient and straightforward method to acquire samples from a series of loggers on a mooring cable. With an Ethernet interface, the MS-310e is controlled remotely allowing it to sample from calibration baths, pipeline, reservoirs, and fish tanks or from individual samples, thereby vastly improving sampling throughput. We are showcasing our latest development projects and Mike Penny, the newest member of RBR team, will be present to meet with old and new customers.
Stand number: D5

Rowe Technologies, Inc.
Rowe Technologies, founded by Dan Rowe and Steve Rowe in 2009, is a technology-based private company with a main office located in Poway CA, USA. We employ an innovative staff to develop, produce, market and service leading-edge high quality underwater sonar for international use in oceans, lakes and rivers. These sonar systems are pulsed backscatter systems which employ piston and multiple-element acoustic transducer arrays to transmit and receive echoes from “targets” in the water-mass, along surface and bottom boundaries, and in the sub-bottom to compute vehicle (DVL) and water velocity (ADCP) from Doppler frequency shift.
Stand number: V26

RS Aqua Ltd
RS Aqua Ltd will display products from many suppliers of quality ocean monitoring equipment at stand F1. From AADI there will be current metres as used in the Hypox observatory. From Contros comes the HydroC hydrocarbon gas detector. A Rosemount WaveRadar Rex will sit next to Datawell’s Waverider buoy. Glass housings and buoyancy from the Vitrovex range will appear alongside an array of Novatech location beacons, the Fiobuoy mooring marker and the Open Seas SUBS streamlined buoyancy device. Completing the display will be new fluorometry products from Turner Designs.
Visit www.rsaqua.co.uk to view details of all RS Aqua products.
Stand number: F1

Image: WaveRadar Rex. 

Seacon Europe Ltd
Seacon will be presenting a new range of underwater electrical dry-mate connectors at Ocean Business. The 66 Series of reverse gender connectors enable power to be applied to the bulkhead connector yet still be safe to use. Manufactured utilising tried and tested methods and materials this new range also incorporates shorter locking sleeves to ensure easier mating capability.
Other key features also include industry standard compatibility, proven sealing technology, heavy duty stub acme threads, fully interchangeable with SEA CON 55 series bulkhead mounting dimensions and pressure rated blanking caps available.
The 66 Series is currently available in two shell sizes; 16 and 20 with two configurations (8#16/13#16).
Stand number: N6

Subsea Asset Location Technologies Ltd
Subsea Asset Location Technologies are the creators of the SonarBell, a passive underwater location device. SALT are pleased to introduce the SonarBell Technical Evaluation Packages (STEPS), a phased programme enabling customers to fully understand the capabilities and exploitation of SonarBell prior to ownership. STEPS offers a tailored package based on the client’s requirements to provide solutions to their underwater location issues through consultation, interactive workshops, and practical demonstrations. SALT Ltd will be exhibiting at Ocean Business 2011 at stand V15 in the Dockside Exhibition Hall. If you would like more information stop by and meet the team.
Stand number: V15

SBG Systems SAS

The new IG-500E. >

The new IG-500E combines a MEMS based IMU and an on board real-time Extended Kalman Filter to fuse inertial data with external aiding information such as GPS position, true heading or even DVL and/or USBL data. By removing transient accelerations, calculated using external aiding information, the attitude accuracy is greatly improved compared to traditional AHRS.
Underwater position in a small package? The IG-500E will revolutionise underwater inertial navigation by enabling Doppler Velocity Logger (DVL) and inertial sensor fusion in a small, lightweight and affordable product. Need more? Connect a USBL system!
Stand number: H8

SeeByte creates the world’s most advanced smart software for the latest generation of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and remotely operated vehicles (ROV), equipping them with exceptional operating capabilities in a wide variety of roles, from identifying manmade underwater objects in frontline war zones to carrying out inspection and maintenance duties for the offshore oil and gas industry. Our solutions help users transform their raw data into actionable information for asset management and vehicle operation, often in real-time. You can find out more about our current solutions by visiting SeeByte at Ocean Business stand V1 in the Dockside Exhibition Hall.
Stand number: V1

Septentrio Satellite Navigation will be exhibiting at Ocean Business, stand number V11, featuring, amongst others, AsteRx2eL, a Compact dual-frequency GPS/GLONASS receiver platform, offering top-quality GPS code and carrier phase data and dual-frequency positioning (including DGPS, RTK and Veripos-Ultra PPP) at up to 25Hz; AsteRx2eH, a unique single-board dual-frequency multi-antenna GPS/GLONASS receiver that can be connected to 2 antennas for various machine control, heading and other multi-antenna applications, and AsteRi, a MEMS-IMU assisted Compact Dual-frequency GNSS receiver platform, offering a 50Hz RTK position based on integrated IMU and GNSS measurements.
Stand number: V11

Sidus Solutions LLC
Sidus Solutions, LLC. has developed the innovative Seafloor Observer system, featuring remote positioning, lighting, video and still photography through a single Ethernet cable at depths up to 3,000 metres. The system consists of an 8-megapixel camera, 200W/s strobe, low-light video camera, two dimmable 3000 lumen LED flood lights and six 3000 lumen LED spot lights. Red lasers allow for image scaling and distance measurement. Pan-and-tilt is provided by the company’s SS252 robotic positioning device; this delivers an impressive 65ft-lbs of torque on each axis at speeds up to 40 degrees/sec. The system is manufactured out of corrosion resistant titanium, beryllium copper and fibre glass. Sidus Solutions is a leading provider of state of the art video cameras, positioning, and imaging technology products for marine, military, offshore and subsea applications.
Stand number: A1

SIG France
Leading manufacturer of sparker-boomer systems, with 40 years of experience in high-voltage, SIG has developed skills and expertise in analog multi-channel streamers. In co-operation with the Geoazur laboratory of Villefranche s/mer, the 24-channel array has been optimised to work with air gun source, in deep water area to 2000m of water depths. The new model of array has the optimum configuration in frequency response, amplification, and density to give the best results to the geophysicists. Visit us at the French Pavilion, at Ocean Business 2011.
Stand number: H8

Ocean Business will mark twelve months since Sonardyne raised the bar for acoustic positioning, inertial navigation and wireless communications with the launch of its 6G hardware platform and Wideband 2 acoustic signal technology. Since then, 6G has been deployed on a variety of projects worldwide and visitors to Sonardyne’s stand (E1) will be able to identify those akin to their own and discuss the merits of specifying 6G. The company’s Survey Support Group will be on hand to share its experience and provide demonstrations aboard Sonardyne’s research vessel, Sound Surveyor (image) where the Lodestar aided inertial navigation system will also be operating. 
Stand number: E1

Swathe Services
Swathe Sales & Support Ltd will be taking delivery of two Oceanscience UnderwaySV Profiling systems at Ocean Business this year to add to their growing pool of rental and demonstration equipment. The new UnderwaySV system revolutionises the way accurate speed of sound profiles can be obtained whilst maintaining vessel speed. The UnderwaySV combines high precision Valeport sensor technology with innovative Oceanscience winch engineering to provide a compact, portable system that allows high quality accurate data collection time after time, making it the most cost effective and environmentally friendly system available.
Visit Swathe at stand V2 or go to www.swathe-services.com to find out more.
Stand number: V2

SYSTEA SpA, the specialised manufacturer of innovative automated solutions for nutrients and other chemical compounds unattended monitoring in water and sea water, is going to show the features, technical advancements and the latest collected field data of the WIZ in-situ multi-parametric nutrients probe in the technical training session on Tuesday 5 April at 12.30pm. On Thursday 7 April at 10.30am, in the dockside, the WIZ probe will be shown during a live measurement session of nutrients monitoring levels in the harbour, including automatic data delivery to a web-based remote control system.
Stand number: G4

Teledyne Benthos
This year at Ocean Business, the Teledyne Benthos group of companies will be exhibiting the latest products in underwater acoustic communications, sensor platforms, and geophysical survey systems. At stand M1, Teledyne Benthos, Teledyne Webb Research and Teledyne Gavia will be on hand to discuss the capabilities of our Slocum Glider, APEX profiling float, Gavia AUV, and Benthos ROVs. If you need to carry sensors into the ocean, we have a platform to fit your mission requirements. At stand S1, with Teledyne Marine, the Teledyne Benthos Acoustic Communications division will be showcasing our latest product innovation, the ATM-900 Series Modems. The 900 Series brings customers our latest 4G software and hardware innovations including Dual Serial Ports and Enhanced Datalogger capabilities. Visit stands S1 and M1 to find out more about our latest product solutions for your underwater challenges.
Stand number: M1 and S1

Teledyne Odom Hydrographic
Teledyne Odom Hydrographic is pleased to announce the premier of their new HYDROTRAC II portable echo sounder (image). This new unit includes not only completely new electronics inside, but also comes equipped with a built-in GPS receiver (WAAS and EGNOS compatible) and Ethernet interfacing capability. Same rugged design, same reliable performance, new capabilities and features. Also featured will be the latest generation of the ES3 shallow-water multi-beam, the ES3PT; the multi-beam that’s big on performance and low in cost. Stop by and see us at the Teledyne Marine stand S1.
Stand number: S1

Teledyne RD Instruments Inc
Teledyne RD Instruments will once again be proudly exhibiting with its sister companies on the Teledyne Marine stand number S1. On display will be our Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs), and Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) sensors. Teledyne RDI will also be hosting two exciting new product launches: 1. Get a first-hand look at our new, highly anticipated V line of ADCPs. Our Workhorse ADCPs have enjoyed fifteen years of astounding field success. Discover what our new platform has in store for you! And 2. Go deep with our new PAVS150 DVL, designed to deliver up to an amazing 500m of tracking range at up to 1000m depth.
Stand number: S1

Teledyne TSS

The DMS-500. >

Teledyne TSS will be presenting the DMS-500 as the newest addition to its extensive range of motion sensors. The DMS-500 features the latest innovations from one of the world’s top manufacturers of motion sensor technology and will be of major interest to operators of vessels equipped with dynamic positioning (DP). Although it has been developed specifically to meet the needs of DP operators, it is capable of other motion sensing tasks that will also make it attractive to other users. Teledyne TSS will be exhibiting alongside other companies in the Teledyne Marine group at Stand S1.
Stand number: S1

Trimble’s Marine Construction Division and Pacific Crest will appear on a joint stand (U10) at Ocean Business 2011 to present their latest solutions for the marine market. As a leader of advanced positioning solutions, Trimble offers a range of technologies including optical systems, wireless communication, application software and high-precision centimeter level GPS (RTK) positioning as well as sub-metre (DGPS) positioning solutions which can be integrated with other marine sensors to create application specific marine systems. Key applications for Trimble’s marine products are hydrographic survey, structure placement, dredging, piling & jetty construction, rig positioning. The Trimble SPS852 GNSS Modular Receiver, for example, lets you immediately determine water level wherever you are. It makes measuring tidal height on location significantly more precise and cost-effective than with conventional methods. Tide gauges and associated radio links are no longer essential.
Stand number: U10

Tritech specialises in the production of high performance acoustic sensors, sonar, video cameras and mechanical tooling equipment for the professional underwater markets of defence, energy, engineering, survey and underwater vehicles. Tritech remains the industry leader in the provision of sensors and tools for ROV and AUV markets.
Visit us at stand D6, to learn about our product launches for 2011; including the latest additions to our Gemini multi-beam family and Super SeaKing DST suite of products.
The stand will also showcase our professional underwater cameras, Micron sensor suite and our seabed imaging systems, StarFish.
Stand number: D6

Tritex NDT Ltd
Tritex NDT Ltd will be showcasing their recently upgraded popular Multigauge 3000 diver handheld Underwater Thickness Gauge. Popularity of the gauge is ever increasing with divers realising the advantages of the large 10mm display, for poor visibility applications, and versatility to upgrade to a topside repeater at any time by simply replacing the end cap. The gauge incorporates Tritex NDT’s standard multiple echo technique to ignore coatings and has Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR), which matches the probe to the gauge for ultimate performance, even on extremely corroded metal. The bright yellow colour means that the gauge is highly visible in case of loss in murky water.
Stand Number: J5

Turner Designs
C-FINS (Fluorometric Integrated Nautical Mapping System) integrates Turner Designs’ C3 Submersible Fluorometer digital output with GPS and mapping data. C-FINS works together with ArcGis, via a simple plug-in module, enabling real-time mapping of fluorescence, temperature, depth and turbidity. The ability to capture and integrate this data in a reliable and integrated package is an exciting enhancement to our C3 product line. For more information stop by the Turner Designs stand number E7 where we will also be exhibiting our PhytoCyt Flow Cytometer, PhytoFlash Active Fluorometer, AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer, Cyclops-7 Submersible Fluorometers, and DataBank Handheld Datalogger.
Stand number: E7

UTEC Survey
UTEC Survey is an international subsea survey company specialising in Construction Support, Surface and Subsea Positioning, Industrial Measurement, Geotechnical surveys, Hydrographic and Geophysical surveys. Offices are strategically located in Aberdeen, Calgary, Houston, Perth and Singapore. UTEC is staffed by highly experienced professionals who work to provide improved and cost-effective survey services to global customers. This is achieved by engaging closely with our clients and ensuring that their objectives - whether in terms of survey, engineering specification, quality, safety or environmental protection - are UTEC’s objectives. For UTEC, project management involves total commitment from start to finish and if alternative strategies or new ideas can provide a better solution, the UTEC team will find them.
Stand number: P10

Valeport Ltd
Valeport plan to launch an Altimeter and a Radar Level Sensor during OB11. Both products have been designed and produced in response to market demands. The Altimeter is available in a titanium housing with a choice of 500Mhz and 200Mhz transducers, plus an option of a high accuracy, 0.01%, pressure transducer. Fully sealed in an IP67 rated, injection moulded housing, the Radar Level Sensor operates via a pulsed k-band method and includes three standard outputs, plus an optional GPRS link offering quick data to internet applications. “Our aim was to make these products different whilst utilising the latest technology at our disposal” commented Kevin Edwards, Valeport’s sales & marketing manager.
Stand number: M1

Xsens Technologies BV
Xsens is the market leader in low-cost MEMS based motion sensors for use in sonar systems, ROVs and AUVs, USBL and ship motion detection. Xsens’ Motion Tracker series (MTi and MTi-G) are top of the line miniature motion sensors that have been the top-pick for integration in many innovative products by leading companies in the marine industry. Because of the small physical footprint, onboard processing and configurable output options, the power-efficient MTi and MTi-G are flexible, easy to integrate motion sensors. The required communication bandwidth and computation power are extremely low, which allows for integration into any application.
Stand number: D10

YSI Hydrodata Ltd will demonstrate its palm-sized CastAway CTD (image), a hydrographic instrument designed for quick and accurate conductivity, temperature, depth and speed of sound profiles. With the CastAway, oceanographers and hydrologists can quickly collect reliable data from any dock, bridge, or boat. YSI will also display its EcoMapper AUV, a remote-control underwater vehicle which has integrated water quality and bathymetric sensors and weighs less than 21kg. It is ideal for routine mapping/surveying of lakes, reservoirs, rivers, estuaries and near-coastal environments. A wide range of YSI portable, fixed and buoy-mounted water monitors and anti-fouling technologies will be available for view at stand H1.
Stand number: H1



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