Oceanology International 2010 Preview (1) - 01/03/2010

Oceanology International, the world's premier event for the marine science and ocean technology community, will this year be held in London, UK, from 9th to 11th March. Over 6,600 attendees are expected to drop in on this event, visiting the world largest exhibition with over 500 suppliers, the associated biennial conference, or are attracted by the many vessels and networking opportunities. This preview aims to give a foretaste of this year's exhibition that is the largest ever held, with pavilions from Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands and individual exhibitors from nearly 30 countries. We invited exhibitors to introduce themselves and their offerings and loads of them responded, resulting in this compilation.

7 Sea Geosciences offers high quality, cost-effective exploration, geotechnical, geophysical and construction support services, and whether it be marine or terrestrial, in the oil and gas, engineering or mining sectors, they address the specific needs of the project. From designing and building small processing plants and coring machines, to specialised geophysical interpretation, 7 Seas has serviced some prestigious contracts, such as the geotechnical supervision of the Cape Town Stadium, for the 2010 soccer world cup.
Stand number: K655

AC-CESS will feature a 3000m rated ‘fly out' micro ROV prototype - it's a "first". The micro ROV is housed on a work class (large) ROV and acts as a third eye. Also shown will be our TMS (electric). All other attempts at this technology have failed. The ‘fly out' is a major step forward on ROV tooling and capabilities. It will be of interest to large ROV manufacturers and operators. We will also show the AC-ROV underwater inspection system. AC-ROV will be live in a water-filled demo tank. The system is used by and of interest to the subsea, oil and gas, military, police, research, tourism and nuclear sectors.
Stand number: E505

ACSA Underwater GPS
ACSA Underwater will be presenting its SeaExplorer Glider, its latest at sea test performances including key features: independent payload section offering a large volume to accommodate a variety of oceanographic or acoustic sensors; rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, easy recharge & no rebalance of the vehicle between missions; no wings, just static directional fins for easy launch and recovery operations; full acoustic payload for navigation, communication and control; latest portable tracking systems improvements, in particular for SAR application, hull/barrier inspection, diver & torpedo tracking.
Stand number: C315

Currently ACSM has strong skilled ROV and subsea plough crews, with the back up of the senior technical staff ashore. ACSM can also provide full ROV services as requested by their clients: ROV and Techs Services for specific projects, Mob/Demob, ROV purchase consulting, ROV projects case study, etc. We can supply both the ROV together with the skilled crews (Pilots/Techs), always following IMCA procedures and recommendations.
Stand number: R320

Advanced Orientation Systems Inc.
The NJ based electronics and sensor manufacturer will unveil its newest miniature single axis solid state directional indicator. Designed specifically for applications where magnetic compass is unable to provide reliable directional indication due to severe metallically saturated environment. Major uses include marine navigation and positioning, underwater research, and submersible vehicle orientation, among other. AOSI's newest EZ-COMPASS-3AL LOGGING Compass incorporates a three axis Magnetometer with tilt and temperature compensation and a high capacity integrated logger that allows independent storage of up to 20000 measurements, which are easily transferable to any PC.
Stand number: M255

Ageotec is to launch three new products. The new Perseo GT, a high quality multi-purpose class ROV with depth capacity 600m free fly and 1500m TMS. We will also be launching the new Sound Velocity Probes IMSV, a brand new advances system for real-time velocity measurement of sound propagation in water, based on CTD measurement and conversion with Chen and Millero formula. Also the new Tide Gauge ITG-9601 will be shown, based on compensated pressure sensor and data transmission through iridium satellite constellation. Ageotech is part of the Lighthouse Group.
Stand number J405

Airborne Hydrography
Airborne Hydrography introduces new technologies for near coastline surveying with its analysis software and its HawkEye II technology. With gross coverage rates up to 50-60 square km per hour, HawkEye II is a cost-efficient airborne LiDAR surveying tool for seafloor morphology studies, including seabed and vegetations classification. The HawkEye system allows simultaneous surveys of land and shallow water and is a compliment to traditional multi-beam surveying. Coastal zone management requires periodic monitoring of environment changes which puts demands on efficient surveying and a multitude of application areas such as sediment transport, shoreline erosion, pipeline planning, ecologically sensitive areas and estuaries.
Stand number: N405

AK Precision Ltd.
AK Precision will feature a range of components manufactured for use in assembly of connectors, fibre optics and submersibles. The products exhibited have been manufactured using the latest technology, and backed up by extensive technical knowledge, by a company with traditional values and customer care. Our exhibits are used by/of use to manufacturers of products requiring bespoke component parts for the subsea market and are relevant to those attending all five conference streams - Navigation & Positioning; Hydrography/Geophysics; Marine Environment; Geotechnics; and Ocean Observation & Forecasting.
Stand number: D625

ALS Marine Ltd.
ALS Marine is a leading ship management company which provides consulting services and participates in scientific and technical underwater projects. The company conducts Underwater Engineering and Salvage Operations. We maintain powerful management and multi-discipline engineering capabilities, offering an enviable level of expertise and technical strength. We provide engineering support to feasibility studies, wreck removals, inspections/surveys of underwater constructions, special studies for underwater constructions out of composite materials and structural analysis, construction design and construction of AUVs hulls and pressure proof cases out of composite materials manufactured by filament winding machine.
Stand number: R160

AML Oceanographic
AML Oceanographic - formerly Applied Microsystems - will introduce Sensor-Xchangeable Instruments. These instruments allow you to change any instrument's sensor-load in-the-field and on-demand. Your CTD can be a SVTP: Shallow pressure sensors can be swapped for deep and temperature range can be changed, as needed. All X•Series instruments share a common architecture, so any sensor-head can be attached to any instrument, regardless of size or type: real-time probe, vertical profiler, or in-situ logger. Total flexibility - of instrument model, of sensor type, and of sensor range - ensures that the right instrument is always available.
Stand number: F200

Applied Acoustics
Applied Acoustics will be exhibiting their range of subsea tracking and seismic survey equipment at Oceanology this year with two new editions to the line up. Complementing the series of Easytrak USBL tracking systems will be a new small, compact version and adding to the CSP seismic energy sources, will be a powerful 12kJ unit housed in a 12U robust case. The company has been designing and manufacturing high-tech subsea acoustic products for over twenty years and the new tracking system, known as Easytrak Alpha, is following on only shortly after the launch of the Easytrak Nexus in 2009.
Stand number: I400

Arc Controls, Inc.
Arc Controls, Inc. is a manufacturer of diving equipment including saturation chambers, diving bells, hyperbaric rescue chambers, launch and recovery systems and other related equipment supporting the diving industry. Capable of PVHO pressure vessel construction in accordance with ASME section VIII Div. 1, NBIC, DNV and ABS standards.
Stand number: R260

Ashtead Technology
Come along to the Ashtead Technology stand, meet our team, and view the latest Seanic Class 1-4 ROV torque tool, which we will be launching at the show. Seanic is a respected ROV tool specialist and Ashtead is delighted to be able to offer a range of their tools for rental. Have some fun at our surprise game - guaranteed to be a laugh - see if you can be our big winner! Ashtead Technology specialise in the rental of Positioning, ROV, Hydrographic, Geophysical, Diving and IRM Equipment. We look forward to meeting you at Oceanology.
Stand number: H305

Ashtech Technology Ltd
Ashtech (formerly Magellan Professional) is unveiling its new marine GNSS product range - the ProFlex family. We are thrilled to celebrate the rebirth of the Ashtech brand on the GNSS market and excited to offer a fully renewed product portfolio dedicated to the marine professionals and system integrators. The ProFlex 500 and the new ProFlex Lite Series deliver outstanding RTK positioning to dredging, port construction, offshore works, hydrography services, up to the most demanding RTK+heading or relative positioning application. Land survey receivers, rugged handheld GPS for GIS/mapping as well as the Ashtech OEM GNSS boards, will also be showcased.
Stand number: K700

ASK Subsea
ASK Subsea, a leading Russian subsea company, has recently completed the route survey for the offshore section of the new "Olympic Pipeline Project", connecting the existing Blue Stream pipeline with Sochi, where the 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be held. "This project shows that ASK Subsea is the only non-stop shop for subsea services in Russia and that we have the necessary skills, personnel and equipment to carry out even the most advanced of operations" states Alex Shmatkov, Managing Director of ASK Subsea Ltd.
Stand number: M550

ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.
ASL's expertise in manufacturing underwater acoustics has benefited scientists and engineers worldwide. Climate change scientists and arctic engineers use the Ice ProfilerTM to measure sea ice thickness. Coastal biologists use the Acoustic Water Column ProfilerTM to measure zooplankton. ASL's team of 40 scientists and engineers has carried out over 680 oceanographic environmental assessment projects from the poles to the equator. ASL has measured flow, waves, ice, and sediments for research scientists, tidal power projects, offshore oil and gas companies, marine terminal construction and many other types of clients. ASL also has a large lease pool of oceanographic instruments with related mooring design, deployment services and data processing.
Stand number: A350

Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys
Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys is an ISO9001: 2008 accredited, chartered survey company offering a full range of topographic, hydrographic, oceanographic and environmental survey services, with expertise in combining all disciplines into single projects. Our services include: multi-beam bathymetry, side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, ADCP surveys, underwater video and marine positioning services. Continued investment in the latest survey equipment and vessels has helped to maintain us at the forefront of our specialism. From initial site-survey to project completion, we advise the client on specific equipment choice, assist in the construction phases and provide marine back-up consultancy services anywhere in the UK or abroad.
Stand number: P505

Association of Marine Scientific Industries
The Association of Marine Scientific Industries (AMSI) will be providing an information point on UK companies at OI this year. As the trade association for marine scientific and technology industries in the UK, AMSI supports a wide range of member companies exhibiting at the show. At the opening on Tuesday at 4:45 pm, AMSI will announce the AMSI Business Person of the Year 2010 Award and all visitors are invited to be present. We look forward to seeing you!
Stand number: P300

Atlas Seistech
For over 25 years Atlas Seistech has been a leading provider of high quality personnel to the hydrographic and construction survey industry. We pride ourselves on the fast, efficient service that we are able to provide to survey companies worldwide with our global network of offices. Our experts operate in High Resolution Seismic Survey, Oil Rig Site and Platform Site Surveys, Geotechnical, Cable Surveys, Construction and Construction Support activities. Come to our stand to benefit from our experience, discuss training courses, job vacancies, or win an IPOD in our draw!
Stand number: J555

With its Spatial Enterprise Nautical Solutions suite (SENS), ATLIS offers a fast performing database driven, open enterprise solution that supports the complete hydrographic production process including management of bathymetric data and ENC production. SENS offers a unique concept for a new generation of electronic charts, information products and services: open, fast, detailed and reliable. In addition, ATLIS provides a wide range of consultancy, implementation, training and support services. SENS is built by ATLIS, together with its global HydroTeam partners.
Stand number: G600

AXYS Technologies, Inc.
AXYS Technologies will feature an improved TRIAXYS wave buoy. The TRIAXYS Directional Wave Sensor has proven itself as a reliable and accurate wave measurement device for more than 10 years. In recent months AXYS engineers have been working on improvements that have made the sensor even better. Some of these new advancements include continuous wave sampling, real-time transmission of wave data, higher motion data acquisition, and larger capacity data logging. The improved TRIAXYS sensor will also incorporate the WatchMan500 controller, which is the common platform used in other AXYS monitoring products.
Stand number: D10

Balmoral Offshore Engineering
Balmoral has worked with the oceanographic, defence and energy sectors for many years and will be showing its range of innovative surface/subsurface and ROV/AUV buoyancy, cable protection and insulation systems at Oi10. David Clayton, Sales Director, said: "Clients recognise the value of the engineering experience we provide. From conceptual discussions, through detailed design and technical input, Balmoral Offshore Engineering brings in-depth knowledge to the table. By maintaining a focus on high quality products and encouraging a strong health and safety culture Balmoral Offshore Engineering is currently contributing to a number of prestigious projects on the global stage."
Stand number: J300

Barum and Dewar
Barum and Dewar specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of complete packaging solutions offering one of the widest ranges of deployable, re-usable, rugged, water-tight, secure and dependable protective cases and containers in the UK. On stand will be some of the latest products from leading manufacturers such as Peli, BWH, Zarges and Thermodyne.
Stand number: P350

BBE Moldaenke
Nutrient input and global warming increase impact on coastal waters. While the open ocean can buffer, at least for a while, shallow waters rapidly react to the changed conditions, allowing drastic growth of microalgae and cyanobacteria. Some of the metabolites produced are harmful to ocean animal life and human beings. Therefore an early and reliable method for the detection of different algae is necessary to follow the dynamics of upcoming algae growth. In situ measurement with the bbe FluoroProbe in real-time enables sensitive profiling of different algae classes and calculation of algae content without sample preparation.
Stand number: H300

C&C Technologies Uk Ltd.
C&C Technologies will feature the latest addition to the C-Nav range of precise positioning solutions. Delivering unprecedented accuracy, the C-Nav3050 GNSS receiver has been specifically designed to meet the changing needs of users. A simple upgrading path allows customers to tailor the C-Nav3050 from a single frequency receiver to a powerful geodetic quality instrument - all in the same hardware. The C-Nav3050 conforms to MIL-STD-810F for low pressure, solar radiation, rain, humidity, salt-fog, sand, and dust. The unit is also IP certified to the IP67 level and complies with type approval procedures of the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC.
Stand number: K355

For over 30 years, Caris has been leading the way in the development of GIS software for the marine industry. Its products are selected by national mapping and charting agencies, survey companies, port and waterway authorities, oil and gas companies and academic institutions around the world. Not a single other company can supply a software solution for your entire offline workflow. From processing the sonar ping, to the creation and distribution of charts and data, you can trust in the effective and established solution provided by Caris. Its software can be integrated, providing resource optimisation and a true operational advantage.
Stand number: E605

Coastline Surveys Ltd.
Coastline Surveys to launch new Concept C-Pen20 seabed CPT. The C-Pen20 is a newly designed compact CPT system ideal for seabed geotechnical evaluation for cable and pipeline route surveys, port development, and pre-dredge assessment. Using a 5cm² piezocone, the system can penetrate up to 3m below the seabed providing real-time in situ measurement of soil properties. C-Pen20 uses a unique Geomarine hydraulic drive mechanism providing up to 20kN of total thrust. Data is transmitted directly to an onboard computer where it can be processed and interpreted instantly offshore by a specialist engineer.
Stand number: H700

Since the last OI event CodaOctopus has continued to introduce new products. A host of new features and sophisticated software has been developed and after-sales service has been enhanced. The extensive range of systems and software will be on hand, including the all-new Coda Survey Engine Seismic+ with a detailed overview of its impressive new features. On the water adjacent to the exhibition hall there will be daily demonstrations of Echoscope 3D real-time sonar technology. Each session lasts 30 minutes and sessions can be booked in advance with CodaOctopus.
Stand number: G200

Cygnus exhibits its new Ultrasonic Underwater Thickness Gauge - Cygnus Dive. The new Cygnus Dive rated 300m depth is designed to be worn on divers' wrist or forearm thus freeing up a hand and making the display easy to see. With a large and versatile display, it accommodates various viewing angles, preferences of reading colour and left/right-handed requirements. As with all of Cygnus thickness gauges, the Cygnus Dive employs the Cygnus-pioneered multiple echo technique to measure through coatings and give accurate, error-checked readings. Cygnus Instruments also exhibits its entire range of ultrasonic thickness gauges.
Stand number: R240

Data Quality Systems
Data Quality Systems makes meteorological and oceanographic (met-ocean) data valuable and affordable by ensuring efficient working processes and knowledge sharing. Data Quality Systems launches a new system to the global market integrating management of observation activities and data qualification operations. The system has been developed based on decades of hands-on experiences. One of its features is the capability to support a wide range of observation scheme standards and deployment procedures. The solution improves the quality and manageability of data, and reduces operational costs. All in all, Data Quality Systems makes met-ocean data useful - already appreciated by a number of users.
Stand number: M20

DeepSea Power & Light
DeepSea Power & Light is proud to introduce the intensely bright, 6000-lumen LED Matrix-1 SeaLite and 18,000-lumen LED Matrix-3 SeaLite. Both require less maintenance, meaning additional time and money well saved. These solid state light sources are ideally matched to the harsh, cold, high pressure environment of the deep ocean. DeepSea Power & Light has illuminated the darkest corners of the ocean for over 25 years, helping manned submarines, commercial divers, robot vehicles reveal nature, harvest resources, or secure the seas. Their low power consumption translates into smaller and lighter battery packs, or greater time and range of operation.
Stand number: A135

The Netherlands Pavilion
The Dutch are pioneers in international business. More than 25 companies and institutions from the Netherlands welcome you to the Netherlands Pavilion (G600) and the area surrounding it. New ships, products and services for marine and coastal monitoring and surveying, in combination with the Dutch hospitality in the Holland Lounge, are again the key elements for our presence at OI. On the first day we will host the "Lunch with the Dutch". During OI young ocean professionals (YOP's) from different universities and colleges will survey new international market developments.
Stand number: G600

ECA Group
Specialised in underwater autonomous or remotely controlled robotics and manipulator arms, ECA Group will introduce their new development for Inspection, Survey and Underwater Intervention. The Unmanned Surface Vehicle INSPECTOR is a remote controlled surface platform carrying or towing different sensors for shallow water survey and inspection. ARM5E is the only 5 functions fully electric arm which can be integrated on any Remote Controlled Vehicle down to 3000m.
Stand number: A305

Eco-Line France distributes famous brands of ROVS such as the miniROVs GNOMS, Mariscope, Sub-Atlantic, VideoRay, Ocean-Modules. The miniROV Console being exhibited has an embedded PC in the case and an industrial 15" monitor on which camera images, sonar data and sonar images are displayed. The PC-compatible single board computer at the base of processor Intel Atom is connected to a touch LCD monitor 15" and integrated into the control case. The computer has standard interfaces (USB, Ethernet, COM, etc.) and the video grabber board, and special software for work with ROV GNOM. The control box can be made splash proof.
Stand number: C355

EdgeTech will be introducing their new 4600 Combined Swath Bathymetry & Side-Scan Sonar System. The 4600 is EdgeTech's latest product offering and combines swath bathymetry with a Multi-Pulse Chirp side-scan sonar to produce a real-time high resolution 3D map of the seafloor. The 4600 will provide high resolution bathymetric and side-scan data and will also allow for high speed surveys while maintaining 100% bottom coverage.
Stand number: H120

Ensieta is a French « Grande Ecole », delivering Master degrees in Environmental sciences, Electrical engineering, and Mechanical engineering. The hydrography/oceanography option (yearly around 30 students) is recognised by the OHI as a cat.A Hydrographic Surveyors training course. Many course modules are given by external experts who are internationally recognised. While making use of the presence of most of French marine science research labs, Ensieta has also established close links with Hydrographic Offices, Dredging and survey companies, Offshore construction and Sensor technologies. The main aim of the Ensieta hydrography course is to give students a scientific background and practical skills.
Stand number: C235


ESRI will be launching ArcGIS 10, the latest release of ArcGIS that will be available later this year. ArcGIS 10 allows users to perform ArcGIS Desktop work more efficiently, save time on map creation and production, manage and create data more easily and provides improved access to 2D and 3D editing and design through desktop, mobile and Web clients. ArcGIS 10 also has the ability to both visualise time-aware data and a tighter integration of imagery. ESRI will also be demonstrating ArcGIS Online giving immediate access to ready-to-use content that is deeply integrated with ArcGIS.
Stand number: J605

Falmouth Divers Ltd
Falmouth Divers Ltd, the UK based subsea contractor who for over 32 years has specialised in the submarine cable industry, will be on hand to discuss any project you may be involved with. The company has now worked in over 65 countries around the world and can supply the complete installation package from the shore-side construction of joint bays and cable ducts through to the lay and burial of cables and pipelines out to their termination point. The company also supplies conventional diving services to others as well as vessel supply and marine plant and equipment trials.
Stand number: K600D

Fastwave's OceanStar system has been in operation in Australia since 2007, providing marine environmental monitoring data for major offshore gas projects. Data is delivered from underwater sensors to a client's computer within seconds via Iridium Satellite telemetry. OceanStar is suitable for a wide variety of marine environmental and oceanographic monitoring applications, and can be customised according to client needs. The field proven system combines global marine data monitoring capability with reliable operation in extreme conditions.
Stand number: R360

The Fugro Group delivers integrated solutions to support every stage of its clients' operations. Fugro will feature the integration of services for the oil and gas; renewable energy and maritime (including UNCLOS and Law of the Sea), with presentations on the stand to feature new Fugro technologies and services. The new technologies presented will include: two new positioning products, G2 and Strafix NG; the new SEAWATCH Midi Buoy; DeepWorks a fully integrated subsea engineering simulation and visualisation software toolset; and real-time measurement and forecast data. Fugro will also play an active role on Oceanology International Careers Day (11 March).
Stand number: E100

G.A.S. Srl
GAS has over 20 years of worldwide experience in geophysical, geotechnical, seismic, oceanographic and support to construction surveys. Based in Bologna-Italy, GAS also has branches in Kazakhstan, Libya and Holland. The mission of GAS is to improve its ability in supporting old and new customers, by being present in the most important areas of development of the oil & gas field (Caspian, Mediterranean, North Sea). This is also achieved through processing every kind of information, in every format, for every scope and everywhere, thanks to a highly specialized team of geologists, geophysicists and engineers.
Stand number: J125

Geo Plus B.V.
Geo Plus is a Dutch survey company who will be giving details of an important project just completed in the Northern part of Russia, providing hydrographic services for laying pipelines (LNG) under very difficult circumstances.
Stand number: G600

Gill Instruments are launching their next generation Combined Weather Station, the MetPak II. Based on the popular MetPak, it has new, improved features for monitoring and measuring weather parameters, and naturally is used for weather monitoring/forecasting. The MetPak II is a compact and lightweight multi-sensor instrument that measures a wide range of weather parameters. Other exhibits will include the Windsonic Wind Sensor, WindObserver range of Anemometers, WinMaster & WindMaster Pro Ultrasonic Anemometer. These are used for many different marine and land-based applications, such as providing wind data to ships, harbours, ports, oil platforms, and bridges.
Stand number: B115

GISMA will focus on what they see as the current important topics: their new 4-way pressure balanced wet mateable fibre optic connector and a 12kV wet mateable power connector that is being developed at the moment. GISMA is a manufacturer of high performance underwater connectors (electrical and fibre optic) for marine applications. The quality of the products is the focus of all developments. The available designs are well proven.
Stand number: I230

The ‘ocean observation pavilion' brings together the European Environment Agency (who have taken on the role of coordinating all in situ observations in Europe) and Microsoft (who have launched ‘Eye on Earth'). The EEA/Microsoft will present Eye on Earth as a tool for delivering ocean/marine information. This part of the GOOS/Ocean Observation Pavilion will comprise three parts which correspond to the three ‘scales' of the exhibit, i.e. global, regional and local. The EEA and Microsoft environmental information portal 'Eye on Earth' shows the latest information on water quality but also user ratings and comments, pictures and live webcam streaming.
Stand number: N600

G.O.S.S. Consultants Ltd.
G.O.S.S. Consultants Ltd is a leading provider of marine recruitment services for the hydrographic, telecoms and offshore marine wind farm industries. In a fast-moving environment, we offer the most up-to-date, accurate vacancy information. In an industry that demands high performance, we provide the most effective and reliable candidates. We are currently implementing ISO9001:2008 to ensure quality is achieved through adoption of a system of procedures that reflect the competence of the company to existing customers, potential customers, and independent auditing authorities.
Stand number: L505

H2Offshore S.r.l.
H2Offshore was established in 2008 to provide competent services and solutions related to offshore activities. The company can offer professional management services and turnkey solutions for projects planned at sea and underwater (Survey, PLGR, RC, ROV ops, engineering, installation and maintenance of submarine cables, etc). Moreover, in order to quickly achieve its main purpose - the acquisition of an Offshore Support Vessel - H2Offshore has already obtained the ‘Letter of the Approval' from the RINA register related to the issue of the ISM Manual, essential to manage a vessel over 500 GRT.
Stand number : P250

Hafmynd ehf. - Gavia AUV
The Gavia Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) is a highly versatile man portable survey solution with a modular construction. The Gavia can carry an array of sensors and custom payload modules that make it perfect for any research, monitoring or surveillance task where autonomy, cost and ease of deployment matters. Its modular design allows for rapid sensor reconfiguration and battery replacement. Typical applications include: Mine Counter Measures (MCM), ASW training, Pipeline Inspections (Autonomous), Hydrographic Survey, various pre and post construction support surveys and a variety of scientific applications.
Stand number: A205

Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co., Ltd.
Hi-Target will be presenting its Hi-Target HD370 Echo sounder and Hi-Target K10 Marine RTK. Applying the latest variable frequency technology, HD370 can reduce transducer buzz, surface noise and enhance echo strength. Configuring this with high-brightness fine-resolution LCD screen and mass data storage it becomes the perfect assistant for your surveying job. As the latest generation RTK system, K10 is a split dual-frequency RTK system using the most advanced board, usable for long-distance, working distance, compatibility of CORS system, quick tracking satellites and high positioning performance.
Stand number: M620

Warnemunde in northern Germany is to be the venue for Hydro 2010, the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies' 18th biennial European hydrographic conference which will be held from 2-5 November. Hosted and organised by Federation member, The German Hydrographic Society (Deutsche Hydrographische Gesellschaft), the event will feature main conference proceedings together with an exhibition and workshops. Scheduled topics include Hydrographic Surveys, Geophysics, Survey Platforms & Positioning, Coastal Mapping, Electronic Charting, Tides & Currents, Data Management, Marine Renewables, Education & Standards. English-language abstracts of maximum 300 words for presentations on these or related issues are required no later than 31 March.
Stand number: H720

Hydrograhic Society UK
An official supporter of OI10, The Hydrographic Society UK also represents the six-member International Federation of Hydrographic Societies of which it is the largest constituent organisation with an extensive international membership. Exhibits comprise an extensive range of services and literature available for individuals, institutes and companies with an interest in hydrography and associated disciplines. Among publications are latest issues of the peer-reviewed Hydrographic Journal as well as full details of the International Federation's 18th European Hydro Symposium in Warnemunde from 2-5 November, a major biennial event organised by the German Hydrographic Society (Deutsche Hydrographische Gesellschaft).
Stand number: H720

Hydro International

Free to the visitors at our Oceanology International stand will be a year's subscription to Hydro International, so make sure you come along and take advantage of this great offer to receive it 6 times a year! Hydro International, the worldwide information magazine for hydrography, and GIM International, the global magazine for geomatics are since October 2009 published by Geomares Publishing (former Reed Business-Geo). Hydro International, and related e-newsletter provide topical overviews and the latest news and developments in the technology and management of hydrographic activities.
Stand number: M10

Idronaut will be featuring their Ocean Seven 320Plus WOCE-CTD with redundant sensor capability. The Ocean Seven 320Plus WOCE-CTD multi-parameter probe with 24-bit resolution, is the result of Idronaut's 25 years experience, in the design and manufacturing of high quality fast response CTDs. The Ocean Seven 320Plus CTD will meet the WOCE programme accuracy, precision and resolution specifications. Other exhibits will include: Ocean Seven 315 On-Line Module; Ocean Seven 303, 304, 305, 316Plus CTD multi-parameter probes; and IDRONAUT µREDAS-5 Data Acquisition Software.
Stand number: A150

Igeotest is a highly qualified Geotechnical Engineering Services Provider. It has over 20 years of accumulated experience in the field of On Site Investigation and Instrumentation. It has carried out work in different kinds of soil and survey conditions, both on land and sea.
Igeotest Marina is particularly specialised in nearshore and offshore geotechnical projects. Its proximity, state of the art technical equipment, crew and experience, make it the best marine geotechnical partner in the Mediterranean region. The Igeotest team provides a high quality service, mainly through its Quick Investigation and Jack-Up Platforms business units.
Stand number: J655

Imagenex Technology Corp.
Imagenex, Canada, will be exhibiting with their UK rep Hydro Products Limited. Imagenex is well known for designing and manufacturing compact and affordable sonar solutions for many industries and applications. Featured products will include a selection of multi-beam, side-scan and mechanical scanning sonars. Imagenex will be showcasing the next generation in high resolution side-scan sonar, the Imagenex Model 878 "RGB".
Stand number: F700

The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology will, in addition to full information on the advantages of membership of this global organisation and on events in its busy calendar, have a number of special offers available on their stand, including: marine partners offers; publication offers; proceedings offers; student membership offers. Additionally, any student attending the IMarEST careers/membership workshop sponsored by Castrol Marine on 11 March can take part in a draw to win an IPOD.
Stand number: P305

IMCA, the international trade association for offshore, marine and underwater engineering companies, has almost 700 members in 52 countries. We will be showing our safety, efficiency and prosperity in marine contracting products. We publish guidance, information notes, and safety flashes; run regional meetings, seminars and social events; and encourage dialogue with clients, authorities and governments. Technically, we cover: offshore diving, marine operations including dynamic positioning, offshore survey and ROV operations. Personnel issues include safety, training, and competence. At OI we will be promoting employment in our industry and supporting the careers event on Thursday 11 March.
Stand number: L20

Infield Systems Ltd.
Infield, the independent energy data analysts for the oil and gas industry will be highlighting - and demonstrating - the industry's first online global mapping information database service, the ‘Infield Offshore EnergyGateway', which has been developed using ESRI's ArcGIS Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. The new GIS provides real-time data on existing and future offshore oil and gas field development activity taking place all over the world. Future plans for the system include the solution to allow its clients to import their own data onto the existing GIS mapping system, this function will be previewed at Oceanology.
Stand number: N250

Innova's main news is the international launch of the LINK fibre optic multiplexer family, and the expansion of our proven range of underwater electric motors. The electric motors are now available, for example, as Hydraulic Power Units up to 300kW, and as servomotors from 100W to 25kW. Our other main product areas include Electro hydraulic control systems, data collection and logging, vibration measurement and custom made tow bodies. Traditionally, one of Innova's main business areas has been product development for customers in the underwater environment, and this has now been expanded into instrumentation packages and sensors for offshore wind turbines.
Stand number: E500

InterMoor (previously Trident Offshore) launches the MOBI system (Mobile Offshore Bathy and Imaging). It is InterMoor's answer to near-platform or near-rig seabed surveys. The system is based on an interferometric side-scan sonar mounted on a microROV. Three times smaller than any ROV survey system in use today, it can be hand carried, mobbed without welding, launched and recovered by hand, and operated by a crew of two. Other exhibits will include: InterMoor rig positioning and AHV management systems and services, survey services, construction support and mooring services.
Stand number: F305

International Transport Intermediaries Club Ltd
ITIC is the world's leading specialist professional indemnity insurer for companies based in the hydrographic and geophysical surveying industries, along with other transport related businesses. ITIC's current clients include national hydrographic companies through to small one man environmental surveying companies. ITIC understands the operating environment and provides a tailor-made policy wording for those involved in hydrographic and seismic surveying. Throughout Oceanology, ITIC will be hosting a ski-racing event.
Stand number: P555

IXSEA is a leading manufacturer of FOG Inertial Navigation System (INS) and innovative underwater acoustic navigation systems and we offer tightly coupled solutions for navigation of your vehicles (AUV, ROV, sonar, towed fish) with optimised performances.
We will be exhibiting gyrocompasses (Octans), inertial navigations systems (Hydrins, Phins, Rovins), positioning systems (Gaps, Ramses) and seabed mapping systems (Shadows, Delph seismic).
Stand number: F100

JFE ALEC Co., Ltd.
JFE ALEC has been manufacturing various kinds of oceanographic instruments for many years. Recently, we have released a new optical sensor series called RINKO which has high response as well as good stability. RINKO-1 is a self deployable data logger for stand-alone applications. RINKO-3 is an analog-output model for easy integration with other measurement systems, such as CTD, AUV, glider, etc. Both models provide profiling of oxygen concentration with the sub-meter resolution to the full ocean depth. RINKO has started to discover a lot of unique structures in the ocean that could not be observed before.
Stand number: J245

Jowo-Systemtechniek GmbH
WIRBELCON is a completely encapsulated rotating joint for underwater application (500m) and also for very strong tensile force with in excess of < 15t. Specially for this connector JOWO designed a cable which represents both the electro-mechanical bearing and connection element - no additional strain relief (steel cable) is required. The rotational movements of 360° in any direction are possible with an angular deviation < 15°. Inside the rotator electrical data are transmitted in the form of 7 galvanically isolated and pressure-proof contacts - for data as well as power supply (I = 15A).
Stand number: H300

Kongsberg Maritime
Kongsberg Maritime demonstrates the latest's in its broad portfolio of hydrographic, camera, AUV and positioning solutions. In addition to a selection of technology solutions on its stand, Kongsberg Maritime will perform live on-water demonstrations aboard the 16m survey vessel, Seabeam, together with MMT. Among the products exhibited will be the new EM 2040, which as the world's only true wide-band high resolution multi-beam. Kongsberg Seatex will present the 5th generation of its Motion Reference Unit, which takes roll, pitch and heave measurements closer to perfection. Kongsberg Maritime's Camera Group shows its latest high performance underwater camera and lighting products.
Stand number: E600

KM3NeT will be a deep-sea research infrastructure in the Mediterranean Sea, hosting a multi-cubic-kilometre sized neutrino telescope for the astronomy based on the detection of high-energy cosmic neutrinos. It will give access to long-term and real-time deep sea measurements of interest to biologists, geophysicists and oceanographers. The realization of KM3NeT poses substantial challenges concerning e.g. photo-detection, data acquisition and processing, deep sea technology, installation and maintenance procedures, cost effectiveness and stability of operation. KM3NeT has been identified by ESFRI as one of the research infrastructures of European interest and funded by the EC through a Design Study and a Preparatory Phase project.
Stand number: L150

L-3 ELAC Nautik
L-3 ELAC Nautik launches its new multi-beam echo sounder SeaBeam 3000. The multi-beams are fully real-time motion compensated to guarantee full coverage even under severe environmental conditions, like SeaBeam 3020 ICEBREAKER, which is the ideal solution for all ships with ice class. Another innovation is the HydroStar WCI Viewer, a visualisation package for water column imaging (WCI) or stave RAW data. The software extends the functionality of the latest SeaBeam 3100 and SeaBeam 3000 multi-beam echo sounder families. L-3 ELAC Nautik also presents the combination of a conventional ASW sonar with a multi-beam system for use in Anti-Submarine Warfare.
Stand number: G500

LinkQuest Inc.
LinkQuest Inc. is a manufacturer of precision acoustic instruments and the only company in the world capable of producing sophisticated underwater acoustic modems, USBL tracking systems, acoustic current profilers and Doppler velocity logs. They exhibit the TrackLink USBL acoustic tracking systems; SoundLink high speed underwater acoustic modems; FlowQuest acoustic current profilers; NavQuest Doppler velocity logs; and PinPoint LBL acoustic positioning systems. Also exhibiting the light-weight FlowQuest 2000 acoustic current profiler which operates at 2 MHz with a blank distance as short as 10cm. The FlowQuest 2000 acoustic current profiler is ideal for measuring currents, flows and discharge in shallow waters.
Stand number: H10

Liquid Robotics
Liquid Robotics is pleased to announce the European debut of the Wave Glider, a unique and innovative unmanned maritime vehicle (UMV). By harvesting abundant natural energy Wave Gliders provide a persistent ocean presence to commercial, scientific and military users. Wave Gliders offer the ability to deploy most oceanographic sensors and instruments, as well as real-time command and control and accurate positioning. Wave Gliders have demonstrated a one year deployment on station as well as long-distance ocean voyages and are well suited for physical oceanography, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance and many other missions. Liquid Robotics will have a Wave Glider vehicle on display at their stand.
Stand number: N500

LYYN is the world leader in real-time video enhancement for the subsea industry. Our products are sold stand-alone or as integrated accessories in all major ROV manufacturers' product portfolios. With more than 600 units sold in 47 countries we are setting a new standard for underwater video.
Stand number: K330

Last updated: 28/01/2021