Oceanology International 2010 Preview (2)

This is the continuation of the Oceanology International Preview.

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MacArtney Underwater Technology Group

MacArtney will be introducing their newest innovation in multiplexers - the NEXUS MK E electrical multiplexer, which is designed to the same high standards as the fibre optic multiplexer range with the telemetry part of the multiplexer adapted to non-fibre optic cables. Another highlight will be the demonstration of a working active heave compensation winch, the Cormac 3 Stainless Steel winch. It will demonstrate load stability during vessel movement on the sea. MacArtney will show their Focus ROTV, camera systems, DIDSON, the NEXUS multiplexer, the steel termination range, samples of their range of standard cables and the range of SubConn connectors.
Stand number: D200


Marine Electronics
Marine Electronics will introduce the See-Echo, an Electronically Scanning 3D Digital Sonar with ranges up to 1km and vertical angular resolution of 1º, achieved using chirp technology with enhanced DSP. Frequency ranges of 50KHz to 500KHz are available for applications such as Obstacle Avoidance, Mine Hunting, Diver/Intruder Detection, and Harbour Surveillance. Also on display will be See-Bed, the new digital Bathymetry Sonar as well as 2D and 3D digital Scanning Sonar's and Multi Return Altimeters.

Stand number: E525

Marine Sampling Holland B.V.
Marine Sampling Holland is an internationally operating company specialised in geotechnical and environmental site investigation and geotechnical advice. It has a wide range of sampling, coring, and drilling equipment at its disposal. A Mini-CPT with a penetration of 10m below seabed is now also available. The combination of the geo-technical and geological knowledge of MSH, in addition to the nature of the equipment, makes MSH the right partner for investigations in a wide range of offshore projects.
Stand number: G600

Maritech provides Survey and Geophysical Consultancy Services to the offshore industry worldwide. Maritech is a leading provider of freelance personnel including geoscientists, surveyors, engineers, ROV operators. Maritech also provides specialist training services including survey appreciation courses, dedicated systems operating courses for specific hardware and software as well as technical support.
Stand number: D720

Measurement Devices Ltd
With more than 25 years experience, MDL is a global pioneer and world leader in laser measurement technology and positioning and navigation systems used by businesses which have reached the forefront of their industry by increasing their efficiency and providing the best technologies for their staff. Founded in 1983, MDL is a privately-owned, UK-based developer, designer and manufacturer of eye-safe, laser-based, time-of-flight measurement systems used in scores of applications where speed, accuracy and safety are paramount. MDL is ISO 9001/2008 certified. MDL has recently introduced the Dynascan to its product portfolio and will be showcasing this.
Stand number: B120

Miros will be presenting data from installations using the Miros SM-094 type radar based tide gauge. The sensor is very accurate and with selectable sampling rates from 0,016 - 50Hz plus polling mode, the sensor is successfully used for combined water level and wave measurements in a number of countries. Miros will also be demonstrating their marine radar based Miros OSD - oil spill detection system which with nearly 40 units sold worldwide has proved its usefulness and success. Additionally, Miros' radar based wave monitoring systems - for use from shore stations and all types of ships and offshore units, will be on display.
Stand number: F505

National Physical Laboratory
NPL provides the UK national measurement standards for underwater acoustics. NPL has a unique capability and for acoustic testing including laboratory tanks, an acoustics pressure vessel simulating ocean conditions in the laboratory, and an open-water calibration facility located on a reservoir. NPL calibration services are accredited to ISO17025 by UKAS in the frequency range 250Hz to 1MHz. NPL also offers offshore measurements of underwater acoustic noise, for example, from sources such as marine piling for offshore wind farm construction, and the assessment of noise impact on marine life to satisfy marine licensing requirements.
Stand number: L555

Nautikaris B.V.
Nautikaris is proud to announce that SEA has chosen Nautikaris to become their distributer for the Benelux. The distributer contract was signed in December 2009. The SEA interferometric wide swath sonar systems are a major added asset to our product portfolio and cab now be offered to our customers. We have also recently added SevenCs to the family of high standard products. SevenCs develops chart display engines for ECDIS, WECDIS, tactical displays, portable pilot units and other maritime and nautical applications.
Stand number: G600

Neptune Survey Expedition
Neptune Survey Expedition is a complete marine survey. We own and operate our own growing fleet of offshore and coastal survey vessels, in particular, the 50m M/V Neptune and the 69m M/V Poseidon, both are classed as DP1+ and have various ROV's on board. Poseidon is capable of CPT operations. All vessels have been re-fitted to a very high standard and provide safe and stable survey platforms for a varied suite of survey sensors, quality accommodation and state of the art communications, enabling clients to check progress and download reports and charts. Highly qualified survey personnel work on the projects.
Stand number: R440

NKE Instrumentation
NKE Instrumentation provides Autonomous Data Loggers for the monitoring of physico-chemical parameters in the marine environment, ultra depth sediment monitoring, sensors radio network embedded in fishing vessels. We also have Automated Systems networks monitoring estuarine waters, instrumented Buoys, subsea observatories. Provor and Arvor, Argo and specific profiling subsurface floats. Visit us and see the new ARVOR C profiler and instrumented buoy. As part of our international development, we are looking for commercial agents in Latin America, Mediterranean countries and Asia.
Stand number: C350

Noordhoek Survey
Noordhoek Survey are extremely excited about the launch of their recently built vessel the Noordhoek Pathfinder. The vessel will be permanently mobilised with an array of new equipment including a RESON 7125 MBES, L3 Klein 3000 SSS & SBP, Veripos Ultra DGPS and POS M/V MRU, to name but a few. A presentation will be shown of the exciting launch of the vessel and you can talk to us about how the Noordhoek Pathfinder will "Discover the Difference".
Stand number: H600

Northern Diver Int. Ltd.
Northern Diver will highlight the new and improved Thor Rubber Drysuits, the Recovery Vest and the Hotwater Suit. Their Rubber suits are CE approved and have BSEN 14225 approved. The Hotwater Suit has unique new technology to give 20 percent better flow rate and is much more comfortable to wear than similar suits. The Recovery Vest now has bigger sizes for a full spectrum of fitting larger divers. Sat bag (Saturation tool bag) and hammer loops are available as standard. Other exhibits will include: A choice of drysuits, thermal under garments, wet and drygloves, harnesses, contaminated water drysuits (hazmat suits) and bags.
Stand number: K600E

Nowcasting Weather
Nowcasting Weather, specialist Forecasting Company, is announcing the launch of Nowcasting Pro 6. This major upgrade to our core product Nowcasting Pro 5, represents a new step in Weather Forecasting technology, providing a faster and easier way to plan offshore operations reducing any weather related downtime. Nowcasting pro 6 has a new interface, new charts, new parameters, higher resolution of data (down to 2.5km) for higher accuracy of the forecasting. Nowcasting weather is supporting the needs of offshore operators. Nowcasting Weather is headquartered in Ennis, with offices in Aberdeen, Houston and Muscat, Oman.
Stand number: I350

Ocean Business 2011
It is the largest marine science & ocean technology exhibition in Europe in 2011 and you're invited! Come and discuss your participation at the action packed Ocean Business week, 5-7 April 2011, Southampton, UK. Picture the scene... busy exhibit stands, live equipment demonstrations where visitors can test drive equipment, social events planned for each evening and as if that weren't enough, there is also an Ocean Careers event and an Offshore Survey Conference! Take part in our infamous wine tasting quiz and at the same time find out why Ocean Business is now firmly established as one of the most important international events in the ocean technology calendar!
Stand number: B235

The Oceanscience Group, Ltd.

Oceanscience is exhibiting its Underway CTD (UCTD) system that gives users the prospect of high quality CTD casts to 500m on a vessel moving at 10kts, and even deeper casts at lower speeds. The Next Generation system for 2010 promises even deeper profiles and extended probe reusability. Oceanscience continues to offer popular seafloor ADCP platforms and custom engineering for your deployment challenge. Our mission is to make your environmental monitoring easier, safer, faster, and more accurate.
Stand number: D115

OceanWaveS GmbH
OceanWaveS participated in a three-year Joint Industry Project (JIP) the ‘On board Wave and Motion Estimator (OWME)'. The project aimed to develop, demonstrate and validate a new type of system to predict vessel motions on board in real-time and in advance. The OWME system uses the Wave Monitoring System WaMoS II to derive wave profiles at a distance of 1-2km ahead of a vessel by means of X-Band radar. OWME allows predicting quiescent periods of vessel motion up to 2 minutes in advance! The project has proven to be successful and OWS will continue its research in the field of ship motion forecasting.
Stand number: H250

Optech Incorporated
Optech is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced LiDAR survey instruments. See our 3D display of SHOALS seafloor reflectance images, hyperspectral data, and seafloor classification maps produced with Optech's proprietary Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) software. REA is the only image processing software to provide coastal environmental information by fusing airborne LiDAR/hyperspectral data. Also on display will be the ILRIS MC for coastal zone mapping. When integrated with an INS system, ILRIS delivers geo-referenced data sets for shoreline mapping, harbour entrance mapping and navigation obstacle recognition.
Stand number: D500

OSIL will showcase a range of products including the Shearwater Data Buoy, designed to be adaptable and to withstand the harshest of conditions; the Rapid Deployment Buoy, designed for use in applications where data needs to be obtained fast; the Box Corer, a double-shovel corer for seabed sampling in biological, chemical and geochemical applications; and MiniBAT, a lightweight tow body that has the capability to carry a variety of payloads from custom supplied CTD, SV, Chlorophyll, Turbidity and Dissolved Oxygen packages right through to clients own R&D sensors. OSIL also represent SonTek, YSI, Guildline, Sonardyne, AML, InterOcean Systems and Zebra-Tech.
Stand number: H100

Panolin will be exhibiting a new range of High Performance Environmentally Considerate Lubricants which have been registered for use offshore. These oils have been developed to meet the increasingly severe requirements under the OSPAR agreement and can be used in Marine Conservation Zones and/or SSSIs. Their ATLANTIS range of oils will be spotlighted at Oceanology International via photographs of applications plus numerous case studies.
Stand number: A220

Planet Ocean
Planet Ocean will be showcasing products from Analite, DSPComm, Elkins Engineering, Fluid Imaging Technologies, SiS and Xeos. The majority of our technology partners will be present. These include ASL Environmental Sciences with their new 3 channel Acoustic Water Column Profiler; AXYS Technologies with directional wave buoy and metocean data buoys; Satlantic with their newest SUNA nitrate sensor, radiance and irradiance sensors and LOBO Biogeochemcial observation system; Star-Oddi with their ever expanding range of miniature data loggers; and our newest partners WET Labs, exhibiting their range of extremely high quality fluorometers, spectrometers, and their latest the exciting CYCLE PO4, phosphate system.
Stand number: J500

P&O Maritime Services
P&O Maritime Services is a diversified specialist shipping and marine logistics service provider with experience in niche shipping solutions to Governments for Antarctic research, marine science and research, border and fisheries protection and Defence small vessel fleet management. We operate in Antarctica, the Southern Oceans, Papua New Guinea, Irish waters and the north Atlantic Sea and northern Australia. In Europe, we manage and operate three marine research vessels and an ROV: Celtic Explorer, Celtic Voyager and ROV Holland1 for the Marine Institute, Ireland with additional technical support services.
Stand number: I350

Provence Promotion
Provence Promotion, an economic development agency, offers a broad range of opportunities to start or expand businesses in the south of France. Its services are free of charge and confidential. They include: search for partners in R&D, manufacturing, distribution, etc.; acquisition of companies; selection of sites/offices; search for incentives and financing; and the introduction to principal local actors. Settle in Provence as ECA, Ixsea, Geocean, Moteurs Baudouin, Thales Underwater System, Comex, Ifremer, Cybernetix and other companies did and benefit from the dynamic business environment.
Stand number: C300

QPS BV, makers of QINSy Data Acquisition Software will have the latest software developments on display. Continuous software refinements have kept QINSy ahead of the steep data volume curve. QINSy can handle most multi-beam echo sounders and laser systems simultaneously. Kalman filtering in QINSy allows integration of GNSS with an INS, and even an acoustic bottom tracking system, with multi-beam and laser systems, so that surveying under bridges and near gantry cranes is not interrupted. To provide context for the 3D point clouds, QPS recently added QINSy support for the Nikon D Series digital cameras. QPS presents this combined, fully integrated multi-beam/laser/digital photo data acquisition system.
Stand number: I100

Qualitas Remos
The Regional Government of Andalucia has confirmed funding to monitor by means of compact CODAR SeaSonde HF Radars the surface velocity field in this relevant and complex oceanographic area under the scientific leadership of the University of Cadiz with the participation of Sasemar, Puertos del Estado, Instituto Hidrográfico, Instituto Español de Oceanografía, the Harbours of Algeciras and Ceuta, University of Malaga, NPS Monterey, Egmasa, SECEG and SNED, Natural Park of the Strait, University of Abdel Malik and the engineering company Qualitas Remos. The project will also improve the operational tools existing for the Gibraltar Strait, with very heavy ship traffic.
Stand number: D125

Quester Tangent
Quester Tangent is a world leader in acoustic bottom classification technology, providing products and services to make sea, lake and river bed maps using data acquired by single beam, multi-beam and side-scan echo sounders. Used in more than 40 countries across a broad range of markets, the products are used by habitat mappers, hydrographers, marine geoscientists and naval officers, from small contractors to large state, federal and academic institutions. Visit us to see the real time seabed classification software for single beam echo sounders, or find out how to make a seabed classification map from your multi-beam or side-scan data.
Stand number: F240

Vessel track lines exhibiting real-time single beam classification with a QTC VIEW Series 5.5, overlaid on a S57 chart, Vancouver Island, Canada

Radac BV
Radac will be launching the Wave Directional System, a system based on four standard WaveGuide Radars. The Waveguide Radar is well proven technology and the information on tides and wave heights are accepted in the oceanographic community. Wave directional information is being used more and more in all oceanographic activities. A live internet connection with the Wave Directional System at the "Prinses Amalia Windpark", 23km offshore IJmuiden, the Netherlands. Also exhibited will be a remote service facility via GPRS/UMTS.
Stand number: G625

RBR manufactures rugged high precision instruments for applications in physical oceanography, limnology, coastal zone monitoring, water quality, and cryospheric research. Examples on display include tide and wave recorders, CTDs with optional DO, pH, ORP, turbidity, fluorescence and PAR measuring channels, thermistor strings, and a data controller. RBR is proud to introduce its new multi-platform data logger software Ruskin and its development plans for an underwater multi-drop communication network. Tutorials are offered on Ruskin and our ambient temperature salinometer. Choose reliability and superb customer support for your important data.
Stand number: J205


Reson A/S
Reson will introduce new feature packs for SeaBat 7101 and 7125 multi-beam sonar systems allowing the users to choose solutions supporting exactly their requirements and budget. The well-known and still popular SeaBat 8125 will also be presented in an upgraded version, which will give the users some of the benefits of SeaBat 7000 series platform without changing the sonar head. Come and see our range of SeaBat sonar systems, PDS2000 data acquisition software and transducers and hydrophones. Demonstration of various sonar systems will take place onboard the Port of London vessel Yantlet.
Stand number: G100

RICS is the only global professional institution to offer the alternative professional chartered designation of Chartered Hydrographic Surveyor. RICS will also be using Oceanology to promote its new marine AssocRICS route to membership. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the world's largest professional society of surveyors with over 130,000 members. Over 3000 of our members specialise in the Geomatics sector, either as professional members or technical members. RICS offers the chartered designations of Land, Hydrographic and Engineering surveyor.
Stand number: N155

RS Aqua Ltd
RS Aqua will be featuring a number of new and enhanced products. These include the Fiobuoy (Australia) seabed marker and recovery system and the Contros (Germany) sub surface Carbon Dioxide and Methane sensors. An array of Cobham (Canada) location beacons for vehicle, lander and sub-surface mooring applications includes the AS-900A Argos satellite network beacon. There will be a significant display of equipment from Turner Designs Inc (USA) including the re-housed model 10-AU field fluorometer, a new "refined oils" Cyclops fluorometer and a handheld Databank display logger unit.
Stand number: F550

Saab Seaeye
The new Cougar XTi will be launched by Saab Seaeye. Pioneering technology in the new electric ROV means the vehicle can go deeper, has a smaller launch system, a thinner umbilical, clearer interface, smarter fault diagnostics, easier configuration and tighter piloting. We see the new vehicle opening up a whole new market for combined inspection and light-work ROV and it also brings cost savings in with a compact solution for the launch and recovery system (LARS). Other innovations include a simplified man/machine interface (MMI) for easier control. It also keeps the pilot in touch with the health of the ROV.
Stand number: J100

Saderet will have a number of new product introductions on show including the new Eclipse based A220 and 221 dual frequency RTK receivers from Hemisphere GPS. These systems offer centimetre level performance. The smart antenna design integrates the receiver, radio and antennas in one single easy to configure package with an optional user keypad and display. We also have the new Citadel CTD oceanographic product range from Teledyne RDI. These scientific quality products deliver exciting technology that is complementary to Teledyne RDI's leading ADCP systems. In addition, Saderet will show products from Teledyne Odom Hydrographics, QPS, EPC and Satel.
Stand number: I500

Scorpion Oceanics Limited
Scorpion Oceanics are manufacturers and suppliers of underwater cables, connectors, hydrophones, mouldings, ropes and terminations. UK Distributors and Stockists for Birns Inc. underwater electrical connectors, Souriau underwater and nuclear electrical connectors, Cortland cables and high modulus fibre ropes and High Tech hydrophones. We are also specialists in Polyethylene and Polyurethane Cable Mouldings and Terminations. The company supplies cable systems for harsh environments including mechanical (strain) terminations incorporating combined electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and optical connections.
Offering a range of cable and termination accessories including Polyurethane Twinpacks, Mould Tools and Cable Grips etc. We are a BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Registered Company.
Stand number: K350

SEA will be featuring ROV and AUV-deployable mapping and inspection technologies. The company will be carrying out waterborne demonstrations of its SWATHplus system onboard the Wessex Explorer throughout the event. SWATHplus is an interferometric sonar system for acquiring co-registered, very wide swath, high resolution bathymetry and seafloor imagery. The system offers a cost-effective system with excellent productivity in shallow water, together with reliable accuracy. The versatility of SWATHplus also makes it suitable for ROV and AUV applications.
Stand number: D400

SeaDarQ B.V.
SeaDarQ has developed a radar processing technology which extracts information from radar waves to detect and monitor sea surface features. The system processes radar data from a standard conventional ship's navigation X-band radar. This information is employed for oil spill detection, for the extraction of hydrographical and oceanographic parameters and for the detection of small objects. With this SeaDarQ processing software it is possible to conduct real-time, continuous surveillance of the water surface from a shipborne or stationary land- based system. Demonstrations of the capabilities of the SeaDarQ system will be made during the OI exhibition.
Stand number: G600

Seatools B.V.
Seatools specialises in the design and construction of tailor-made dredging, offshore and underwater civil construction equipment. Seatools can provide its clients with a complete ‘one-stop' solution for underwater challenges. In addition to our dredging and offshore expertise and project management skills, we have all the necessary disciplines in-house for the design of any underwater system. This includes: 3D mechanical design, hydraulics design, electronics/electrical engineering, software design and implementation, advanced simulation tools. Seatools' track record continues to grow, its projects and clients are located worldwide.
Stand number: G600

Seatronics Ltd
Seatronics will highlight the P900-130 2D Forward-Looking Imaging Sonar. This is the system for maximum efficiency, especially in low-visibility and zero-visibility conditions. The compact size and ultra-wide field-of-view makes this the most efficient and effective forward-looking imaging sonar system available today. The P900-130 can be used as a stand-alone sensor module, or easily integrated on a wide variety of underwater or surface vehicles. Seatronics Ltd, an Acteon company, specialises in subsea marine electronic equipment rental for a range of applications, navigation and positioning; environmental and geophysical surveying; inspection and construction work; ROV survey sensors; diver-led non-destructive testing and video inspection.
Stand number: E300

Seaview Sensing Ltd
Seaview have installations around the world including several in Australia, the North West Atlantic, North East Atlantic and Indian Ocean and are also to supply their metocean data software to the University of Plymouth and PRIMaRE (Peninsula Research Institute for Marine Renewable Energy) for use in the new Wave Hub project in the South West of England. The software will be used to provide waves and surface currents across a field in real-time. Wave Hub will create the world's largest test site for wave energy technology by building a grid-connected socket on the seabed, 10 miles off the coast, to which wave power devices can be connected and their performance evaluated.
Stand number: A350

SeaZone will release the latest version of SeaZone GeoTemporal Editor, an innovative software solution to improve and simplify the management, analysis and presentation of geographic and environmental data where time is an important component. SeaZone GeoTemporal Editor manages tide, current and wave datasets captured from Acoustic Doppler Profilers, together with other oceanographic, hydrographic and meteorological information such as water quality and wind speed data. The software allows the import of custom datasets and links to GIS and external databases, bringing a wide variety of data together for further spatial analysis and improved reporting and decision making.
Stand number: P455

SeeByte Ltd
SeeByte will be showcasing its solutions for the military and security industries as well as the offshore oil and gas sector at this year's Oceanology International show. SeeByte is a software solutions-based company that creates some of the world's most advanced technology platforms for unmanned systems. SeeByte is helping these unmanned systems become fully aware of their environment and make optimum decisions. From mission-planning to condition monitoring to dynamic positioning, SeeByte brings your complete operations situation into view.
Stand number: N355

Sensor Technology Ltd
Sensor Technology Ltd. (SensorTech) specialises in custom acoustic sensors for marine applications. The company is vertically integrated, manufacturing hydrophones and acoustic transducers, as well as the piezoelectric ceramics at the core of these products. We will be showcasing the breadth of our in-house capabilities: from advanced sensor design services, to prototyping to full-scale production. SensorTech has supplied design and/or production services across the industry, including firms such as Kongsberg, Schlumberger, and Sonardyne. Sensor Technology Ltd. was established in 1983 and is an ISO 9001 registered company.
Stand number: R220

SIG France
Leading manufacturer of sparker-boomer systems, with 40 years of experience in high-voltage, power supplies from 100 joules to 5KJ. Priority to operators' safety. Electronically controlled with thyristor technology. SIGmille and Energos series of energy sources. The fish-bone pattern SIG multi-tip sparker-electrodes are used worldwide. SIG is also distinguished as manufacturer of analog high resolution hydrophone-arrays, from single-channel to multi-channel streamers.
Stand number: C300

With the recognition of our Hydrographic Survey "B" Course, Skilltrade received more interest from the international market. Since 2007 we have trained 60 students from different countries and backgrounds. In November 2009 we were pleased to issue the first diploma to the first group certified as Hydrographic Surveyors from April 2007. The separate modules are popular, from Introduction Hydrographics to Project Management. Survey Engineer and ROV Pilot Courses are lectured at client's location by field related instructors according to the IMCA guidelines.
Stand number: G600

SMD are pleased to announce a new addition to our Work Class ROV family
which combines very compact size with a powerful punch! The aptly named ATOM is SMD's new entry level WROV that supersedes the successful Quark and Quasar Compact and sits below the medium sized Quasar and flagship Quantum in SMD's Work Class vehicle range. The ATOM provides an easy to operate system that retains the power and robustness of a hydraulic vehicle but is of comparable size and weight to a large electric ROV. The system provides the ideal solution to the cost conscious who require Work Class power and capability but have limited available deck space.
Stand number: L300

Sonar Equipment Services, Ltd
Sonar Equipment Services are eager to show case their newly released Multiport DTS Drop Camera System. Based around the SES Multiport Telemetry System, the deep water inspection tool includes a very high resolution digital camera and custom seabed frame for seabed imagery captures. Other product launches include the recently released Digital Transmitter for high performance sub-bottom profiling and the new range of high resolution ROV side-scan and sub-bottom sensors developed for pipeline, debris and environmental inspection services. Commitment to the Renewable Energy Sector is maintained with the release of the Powered Cable Reel for precise magnetometer, gradiometer and side-scan deployment.
Stand number: N100

Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. (SOSI)
SOSI was established in 1978 with the goal of providing quality marine and undersea systems at realistic costs through innovative engineering-SOSI is an experienced industry leader in the areas of oceanographic, CTD, and instrumentation winches, launch and recovery systems, data acquisition and telemetry; plus an extensive background in deep sea mining and subsea instrumentation. SOSI is 9001-2000 registered and offers an experienced team of engineers, designers and technical staff. SOSI provides clients with feasibility studies, conceptual and detail design, engineering, project management and field service.
Stand number: C140

Star-Oddi will display its product DST Comp-Tilt, a data logger that combines compass and tilt measurements. In addition to measuring compass and tilt in three directions, the logger also stores depth and temperature. The logger stores the data in its internal memory, and is battery powered. DST Comp-Tilt has enhanced resolution and accuracy compared to earlier models DST Compass and DST Pitch & Roll. DST Comp-Tilt is operated with the communication box reader. The user sets the start time and sampling interval for the recordings. The Compass-Tilt logger is ideal for use on ROVs, fishing gear and other underwater equipment.
Stand number: K155


Subsea Tech
Subsea Tech is specialised in the design and fabrication of underwater intervention and instrumentation systems. Its product lines include mini ROVs (Observer, Sentinel and Guardian) and small survey catamarans (Catarob and CatSurveyor), specially adapted for inshore and coastal waters applications such as harbour surveillance, dam& bridges survey, pipes external and internal inspection, environment monitoring, fish farming, drowned bodies search, etc. Subsea Tech proposes Observer and Sentinel, the world only fully autonomous ROV systems, which runs up to 4 hours on embedded batteries. Besides, all vehicles parts can be changed out on site, with standard tools and non skilled personnel.
Stand number: C305

Systea S.p.A.
The WIZ probe is Systea's latest development, the state of the art portable "in-situ" probe, to measure up to four chemical parameters continuously in surface waters or marine environments. The design allows an easy handling and field deployment. WIZ probe allows the multi-channel detection of the four nutrient parameters (orthophosphate, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate) in low concentration levels, applying standard spectrophotometric wet chemistries and an advanced fluorimetric method for ammonia. Other parameters including silicates, iron and trace metals are available. Concentration data are available through RS-232 port, allowing probe's configuration and its remote control by the WIZ Control Panel software.
Stand number: I555

Tech Safe Systems Ltd
Tech Safe Systems Ltd will be showcasing their new Jaguar Launch & Recovery System. Tech Safe Systems Ltd were invited to design a launch & recovery system (LARS) purely for the largest vehicle in Saab Seaeye's range. An electric work class ROV. The result is a space efficient single skid based launch system, complete with A-frame, electro hydraulic power pack and winch. The sleek looking design includes an A-frame outreach type LARS with extension giving an impressive total of 4m outreach. Cable capacity is presently 1600m with options for larger capability.
Stand number: M300

Teledyne Odom Hydrographic, Inc.
Celebrating its 25th anniversary and its first year as a member of the Teledyne Marine Group, Teledyne Odom continues its legacy of unwavering dedication to the principals of customer service and product innovation. With a product line that begins with the industry favourite Hydrotrac and stretches up to our triple frequency, feature loaded Echotrac CV, Teledyne Odom is the industry leader in single beam echo sounders. With the addition of the ES3, a multi-beam system that is big on performance and low in cost, it's no mystery why Teledyne Odom has become the supplier of choice for professional hydrographers around the world.
Stand number: D100

Teledyne RD Instruments
Teledyne RD Instruments (RDI) has stepped outside of its core technology with the introduction of their new Citadel CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth) product line. Teledyne RDI recently purchased the entire line of CTD products from Falmouth Scientific Incorporated (FSI), including the patented Non-eXternal Inductive Cell (NXIC) that has already acquired a solid reputation for robust operation in shallow, fouling environments. This product line delivers exciting and proven technology complementary to Teledyne RDI's Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) products. The addition of the CTD product line represents a tremendous opportunity for us to quickly expand our product offerings and deliver turn-key solutions to our worldwide customer base.
Stand number: D100

Teledyne TSS
Teledyne TSS is exhibiting its Orion inertial navigation systems and SGB2000 solid state gyrocompasses. The Orion product range achieved IMO (International Maritime Authority) approval in 2009 making it suitable as a ship's primary heading indicator and for the export of data into equipment such as radar, electronic chart displays and voyage data recorders, as well as a popular choice for platform stabilisation and motion compensation applications. Teledyne TSS will also be hosting an evening reception for its customers on board HMS Belfast on Wednesday 10th March. Teledyne TSS will be co-exhibiting with 7 other Teledyne Marine companies spanning two booths.
Stand number: D100

Titanium Engineers
Titanium Engineers specialises in the development and manufacture of components, including underwater pressure housings, in titanium alloys such as Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5). Parts can be manufactured on a turnkey basis for both prototype and production. Qualified metallurgical and mechanical engineering support is available to advise on the application of the unique characteristics of titanium. To further support customers throughout the UK and Europe, Titanium Engineers is pleased to announce the expansion of its UK operations with the planned opening of a new office and warehouse. Titanium alloys will be held in stock to facilitate the development and manufacture of specialised components on short lead times.
Stand number: D615

Trelleborg Viking
Trelleborg have combined their Hunter diving suits with the Viking brand, and also introduced a new range of trilaminate diving suits, and a new range of surface rescue suits. This is new for 2010, and Oceanology will be the first exhibition in the UK for Trelleborg to feature the new range. They will be particularly featuring the Hunter suits rebranded as Viking. These are used by commercial divers, police & fire divers, Coastguard and environment agency personnel. Other exhibits will include new thin but incredibly warm 2-piece undersuits for diving. It is also 100 years since Trelleborg first launched a diving suit to the worldwide market.
Stand number: K600C

Trico Marine Group
Trico Marine Group will be showcasing their subsea technology. The company specialises in subsea installation and construction support, survey, inspection, maintenance and repair services as well as trenching, cable-lay and Life of Field Seismic (LoFS) systems. We own and operate the world's most technically advanced subsea equipment including ROVs, mechanical trenchers and ploughs. A major investment has been made to develop the trenching industry's first reality simulator, which allows safe and effective training in the use of our ploughing and jet trenching equipment. To find out more information about the group and sample the ROV Simulator visit our stand.

Stand number: E350

Tritech International Ltd, established in 1990, is an innovative, world-class company that specialises in the production of high performance acoustic sensors, video cameras and mechanical tooling equipment for professional underwater markets. We will be showing our 2010 product launches including the SeaKing Hammerhead DST Sonar, the latest addition to the Super SeaKing DST suite of products and the Tritech AM400-H, the underwater acoustic modem which provides a reliable and high-speed data link between the surface and a subsea unit. We will also showcase our growing Multibeam product range, professional underwater cameras, Micron sensor suite and our seabed imaging system, StarFish.
Stand number: J400

Tritex NDT Ltd
Tritex NDT Ltd will be launching their new Multigauge 4000 Series ROV Thickness Gauges for mounting onto most work class ROV's. The range includes the Multigauge 4100 and Multigauge 4400, used in depths of 1000m and 4000m respectively. These new products mean that pipelines, pilings and subsea structures can now be easily inspected in shallow and deep water applications without using divers. Also on display will be the renewed Multigauge 3000 Diver Handheld Gauge. Both gauges use Multiple Echo to ensure coatings do not have to be removed, only the metal substrate is measured. Additionally, they have Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR) and Automatic Measurement Verification System (AMVS).
Stand number: K600B

The Tsurumi Seiki Co Ltd (TSK) announces plans to produce a deep ocean profiling float, the Deep Ninja. A joint research project with the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) was begun in early 2009 with a goal of developing a buoyancy engine capable of operating at high pressure. The success of this research has lead to the decision to proceed toward commercial production of a profiling float based on the deep ocean capabilities of this buoyancy control system. Other components of the new design will make use of work completed for the existing, successful Ninja profiling float.
Stand number: M120

Turner Designs
Turner Designs announces a new Cyclops-7 Submersible Fluorometer for detection of Refined Oils and Fuels. New deep UV LEDs allow for excitation wavelengths down to 260nm enabling detection of a broad range of refined oils and fuels. Using BTEX as the standard, the C7 detects as low as 0.1ppm over a dynamic range >250ppm. In the standard C7 package, the Refined Oils (Fuels) version offers the same features - low cost, small size (4.3" x 0.9" and only 5oz), analog data output and stainless or titanium housings. The C7 is easily integrated into any third-party platform that supplies power and data logging.
Stand number: F550

Turo Technology Pty Ltd
Following on from the success of the Turo Devil XBT data recorder system, which was launched at Oceanology International 2008, Turo Technology Pty Ltd will be launching the Turo Quoll XBT data recorder system at OI10. The Turo Quoll offers the same advanced features as the Turo Devil, such as climatology, automatic Quality Control and satellite telemetry, while providing the added enhancements of Ethernet connection and power over Ethernet.
Stand number: R205

The French national pavilion organised by UBIFRANCE (the French Agency for International Business Development) will showcase the best of French marine technology. Ubifrance offers a complete range of services based on the provision of information on export markets, legal issues and regulations, as well as international finance and tenders, while also supplying data by sector. Companies exhibiting at the French Pavilion include: PACA and Brittany clusters, ACSA Underwater GPS, BMTI, Cadden, Cesigma, Corrodys Critt, Ensieta, Eco-Line, Flodim, Ifremer, In vivo Environment, Kley, Lapp Muller, Meteostrategy Sarl, Osean, Sarl Technicap, SBG Systems Sas, SIG, and Subsea Tech.
The French Pavilion will be located at Stand numbers: A 300/B300/C300/ B250.

UTEC Survey
UTEC Survey, one of the world's largest independent offshore survey companies, provides a wide range of offshore survey and geotechnical services to clients worldwide. Headquartered in Houston, with offices in Aberdeen, Singapore and Perth, the company enjoys a reputation for providing highly professional, customer-focused services and innovative solutions for both deep and shallow water applications.
Stand number: C505

The Vaisala Maritime Observation System MAWS410 is a superior automatic weather station that guarantees reliable performance even in the most demanding weather conditions. The hardware is especially designed to withstand the harsh conditions that applications in maritime environments face every day. The system measures all basic weather parameters (incl. wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, and air temperature and humidity) as well as elements related to the position, course and speed of the ship. A MAWS410 demo station will be on display on Vaisala's stand. Other exhibits include the Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT520 and the Vaisala Present Weather Detector PWD22.
Stand number: N525

An established world leader for provision of precise GNSS positioning solutions on behalf of the offshore oil and gas industries, Veripos is exhibiting a wide range of equipment and services in support of augmentation data via multiple satellite and terrestrial platforms for GPS, Glonass and other comparable networks such as the EU's forthcoming Galileo service.
New products displayed include the first public showing of LD6, an advanced integrated mobile positioning unit incorporating a demodulator and multi-frequency receiver. Also new is Apex, a next-generation decimetre-accurate global positioning service using proprietary PPP algorithms developed by Veripos.
Stand number: B400

WFS is the world's leading developer of RF-based underwater communication systems, with over 70 patent applications filed worldwide. WFS' products include RF modems, RF-Acoustic hybrid networks, and wireless power transfer systems. These have begun a revolution in subsea, freshwater and underground communications in the environmental, defence, and subsea oil and gas markets. The company is headquartered near Edinburgh (UK), with a research centre in Belfast and a projects team in Aberdeen, as well as offices in Houston and Washington (USA). WFS will be demonstrating its Seatext and Seatooth products.
Stand number: C725

Wuxi Haiying-Cal Tec Marine Technology Co., Ltd
Wuxi Haiying-Cal Tec Marine Technology Co., Ltd. will be launching 2 new products. The
HY1601 single beam echo sounder, an all-in-one PC based digital hydrographic echo sounder which has a 208KHZ-8 transducer, an automatically recording echogram based on Window XP which is compatible with any hydrographic surveying software. And the HY1602 Dual Frequency echo sounder which has a 208/24KHZ-8/20 transducer, an automatically both recording echogram and a charting paper recorder based on Window XP which is compatible with any hydrographic surveying software. We also exhibit the sound Velocity Profilers which includes HY1200A direct-reading SVP and a self-contained SVP HY1200B.
Stand number: P125

Xsens is a leading innovator in the field of miniature motion sensors for control, stabilisation and dynamics measurement. Its industrial Motion Trackers, MTi and MTi-G, have been integrated in various applications of , for example, Sonardyne, Kongsberg and Saab. Xsens will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2010. The first of the four celebration events worldwide will be held at OI10. On March 10th, Xsens will host an exclusive lunch for selected customers and partners, where the 10,000th Motion Tracker will be presented to one of Xsens' most valued customers.
Stand number: H450


Two new products will be shown on the Zupt stand. They will feature the recent successes of the offshore trials and operations of "C-PINS" for metrology as well as the introduction of an affordable serial multiplexor system for ROVs their µTTU (microTTU) . Photographs, data sets and white papers discussing the many offshore trials and now jobs that C-PINS has completed; and their µTTU serial multiplexor will be on the stand - demonstrating how simple the system is to configure and use. A joint Total - Zupt paper will be presented on this topic in the Tuesday navigation section of the conference.
Stand M235

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