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emma technologies GmbH

emma technologies GmbH, established in Kiel (Germany), is a manufacturer and supplier of marine technologies, providing customers with tailor-made marine technology. emma delivers systems on time, including training, documentation and support. emma sources specialist knowledge and components from experts who share a passion for thinking outside the box, delivering solutions that work.

In 2008, Martin Volz founded emma technologies in Kiel. With 20 years of ocean engineering experience and a large network of experts who worked with him from the start, his enterprise focuses on designing individual solutions.

The initial driver - to free customers from dealing with a wealth of companies to assemble their system - has proven to be a much-desired service many companies and government organisations relied on from the start. The ambition to provide service to small, medium and large customers alike made the transition from a start-up to a name in the business possible.

Simply ask emma – we’ll see to the rest - is our mission statement for all customers looking for a one-stop provider. With ten qualified engineers we design and manufacture multi-purpose survey boats, unmanned surface and underwater vehicles, hydrographic and oceanographic electrical winches, communication systems and various inspection tools. Along with our own products and third-party components we offer fully integrated turn-key systems.

From construction and design to electrical, electronic and mechanical tasks, our staff service the systems provided and offer training and maintenance support. In 2013, the annual turnover was approx. EUR5 million.

emma’s main markets are in southeast Europe and Russia. Other key areas are China and India. Many customers are research institutes and harbour authorities, but also private companies and navies. New markets for emma lie in northern Africa and South America.

Development in Deep Sea

Predicting market behaviour has never been easy but needs to be addressed. emma carefully listens to customer demands and evaluates feedback to understand individual perspectives and needs. Assessing queries systematically allows us to identify new potential targets for which to develop suitable approaches. The company sees important economic development in deep-sea research, instrumentation and communication. Technology for intercommunication systems will become more essential. A complete survey, communication, and data transfer chain with autonomous underwater, surface and aerial vehicles and underwater monitoring stations will become a standard equipment demand in the next decades.

emma technologies concentrates on data transfer demands for sending big data via cable or wire-less over long distances. New algorithms will be applied to optimise utilisation of data. Industry-science collaborations will gain ground and new products will be developed by ‘joint labs’. emma is already involved in such projects.

Direct Lines of Communication 

emma technologies increasingly involves experienced scientists in finding answers to current product requests. The company focuses on providing a suitable solution for the customer’s budget, existing instrument environment and operator experience, with a favourable life cycle cost balance. Its lean structure enables emma to react quickly. Communication is directly with the CEO, engineers and software developers. Decisions on how to realise the customer’s project can be made quickly, manufacturers are contacted, time lines for assembling components and adapting them to requirements are set, the whole solution is presented to the customer in time.

CEO Martin Volz explains the philosophy: “We experienced a steep learning curve over the past years. We have come to know many customers very well, they trusted us all the way and our mutual respect has grown from project to project. We still learn from our customers, many new ones have come on board, we still enjoy taking on new challenges and mastering them.”

emma also co-finances customer projects to help overcome financing barriers or formal tender obligations. The company considers the ability to do so as a core strength.

The company is ISO certified; ISO and MIL standards are applied, as are STANAG guidelines so as to guarantee quality standards throughout the supply chain.

The company aims to acquire greater market significance as a system integrator for big turn-key solutions and innovations in the next five years.

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