Fugro: The history and Future

FUGRO, The Netherlands

Fugro, headquartered in the Netherlands, is the world’s leading independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions, collecting data on topography, soil composition and environmental conditions, both onshore and offshore. Acquired data is organised, processed, interpreted and visualised whilst additional services include geo-related design, asset inspection and integrity advice.

By Debra Barker, Fugro, UK

Founded in 1962 by engineer Kees Joustra, the original business plan for the company included combining the practice of soil analysis with the theory of advice on foundation design. Over a period of more than fifty years of organic growth, mergers and an active acquisition policy (which included the takeover of Thales Geosolutions in 2003) led to the Fugro of today - a highly regarded company specialising in survey, subsea, geotechnical, geoscience and geoconsultancy services. Headquartered in Leidschendam, the Netherlands, the company has offices and other specialist facilities in more than 60 countries to support its worldwide operations.

Fugro Today

Fugro is an independent service provider and strives to be the preferred partner of its clients. Its 12,000 employees deliver quality services safely and consistently, applying world class, innovative and often proprietary technology and performing to high standards of professionalism and integrity.

Enjoying its status as the leading service provider in most market segments in which it operates, Fugro aims for leadership overall. Its extensive expertise and capabilities generate superior value for clients and returns for shareholders. In 2015, its survey, geotechnical, subsea and geoscience divisions together produced revenue of around EUR2.4 billion.

International Perspective

“As leading geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions provider, we contribute to major constructions and infrastructure onshore and offshore across the world, in all phases from concept, through design, construction and operation to decommissioning. We can be a true long-term partner to our clients contributing objective, independent information, advice and solutions during the entire life cycle of their construction and infrastructure assets.” Paul van Riel, CEO.

Oil and Gas

Fugro supplies the critical knowledge and operational support essential for safe, reliable and efficient development and operation of oil and gas facilities, both onshore and offshore. Its expertise in collecting and analysing data removes risk and uncertainty and streamlines projects, from exploration and development to production and decommissioning.

Sustainable energy

For both onshore and offshore energy development, Fugro’s resource analysis and ground and environmental investigations support construction activities and monitor the integrity of structures.

Water sector

Fugro’s technical expertise helps to increase productivity, safety and efficiency in sectors such as agriculture, water supply, water management, forestry and fishing, whilst reducing project risk and operating costs.

Building and infrastructure

Fugro collects, interprets and delivers technical data to help determine how natural environments and human activity impact upon the design, construction and management of buildings, highways, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports and electrical power and telecommunication networks.

Other sectors

Specialised solutions in defence and intelligence, regional and urban planning, natural resources management, environmental stewardship, marine resources and emergency management are provided, as well as exploration surveys to aid efficient extraction in mining activities together with positioning, site investigation and mapping services.

Looking to the Future

Fugro is dealing decisively with the current downturn in the oil and gas market, focusing on winning work, strengthening its leadership positions and efficiently executing projects. It has adopted a strong focus on innovation and performance improvement programmes whilst putting in place plans to reduce capacity, operating cost and investments.

It supports the widely held long-term view that population growth, urbanisation and climate change will increase demand for energy, water, food, raw materials and infrastructure in the coming decades. Fugro is well placed to take advantage of opportunities that result from the increasing importance of low-carbon energy and widespread commitment to lower carbon emissions. The reducing cost of offshore wind and the global spread of new developments in the sector are expected to create numerous opportunities for Fugro, along with those presented by growth in other low-carbon energy developments such as tidal, hydro-power, geo-thermal and nuclear.

The company’s sharp focus on clients’ requirements for cost efficiency, safety and ease of operation is delivering innovations that support long-term sustainability. Through innovation, integration and standardisation Fugro is providing smarter, more efficient solutions which lead to improved decision making and cost reductions.

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