Pumping its Way to Success - 05/10/2009

MZT Pumpi AD

Ana Stojanova, business development manager, MZT Pumpi AD, Republic of Macedonia

MZT Pumpi AD was founded in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, as a small fire-fighting pump manufacturer shortly after the Second World War. Over the years, the company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of industrial pumps for transport of water, oil and oil derivates in the region of south-eastern Europe.

Established in 1945 in order to give an impulse to the reconstruction and development process during the post-war period, MZT Pumpi started its production with mobile diesel pump units, mainly for fire-fighting purposes, but they were also used for irrigation, drainage and transport of water. Gradually, the production programme was up-graded with products related to the transport and treatment of potable and industrial water. Today, a wide portfolio of products exists for clients in the oil and gas industry, process industry, irrigation and water supply, chemical industry, and mining and civil engineering. With affiliates in neighbouring countries Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo, as well as in Ukraine and Egypt and representatives in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Russia, Belarus and north-western Africa (Maghreb), MZT Pumpi has made its way onto the international market, too.


Good Balance

MZT Pumpi is a 100% private company, with 160 employees. The company's headquarters are located in the industrial part of the capital of the Republic of Macedonia - Skopje, covering an area of 32,000m², with an excellent infrastructural approach (railway lines and highway). "Our mission is to offer our customers a solution for the transport and treatment of fluids, by providing a good balance between price, quality and delivery terms," according to Mihail Petrovski, the head of MZT Pumpi's Production Department. "The main philosophy of our management is customer orientation, focusing to better meet their utmost needs and maintain their trust."



The production of end-suction pumps started back in the 1960s with the development of pumps for municipal services in water supply systems as well as transport of water in industrial plants. In the 1970s, MZT Pumpi started producing the first dosing pumps, rotary vane pumps and multi-stage centrifugal pumps, which contributed much to the successful growth of the company. The company's latest development is the introduction of end-suction pumps.



Nowadays, the company's product range includes not only screw spindle (Lloyd), end-suction, double-entry split-casing, multi-stage, vertical turbine, petrol, sewage and vacuum pumps, but also booster sets and custom-designed pumps. By having a separate research and development department, MZT Pumpi dedicates special attention to programmed product development by using software such as CAD, Solid Works and CAM software Master Cam. All pumps are tested in a test laboratory, constructed according to the latest technological developments and standards. At present, the company is engaged in projects concerning design and construction of pump stations; revitalisation and rehabilitation of existing waste-water treatment plants; and reconstruction and refurbishment of steel factories and pump stations.


Environmental Impact

In developing new projects, the engineers and managers at MZT Pumpi try to choose the most cost-effective alternative. The environmental impact of the manufacturing processes and reli-ability of the products are always taken into account. "We aim to minimise the environmental impact of our operations," explained Petrovski. The basic incentive for achieving these objectives is found in the skills and knowledge of the company's employees. That is why special attention is dedicated to the selection, education and formation of the company's personnel.



"For the company, the key elements for survival in the globalised pump market are flexibility towards market changes and ability to innovate - both in product designs and business processes," specified Petrovski, adding, "The field experience of our employees together with the adoption of management and technical standards are the foundation upon which highly innovative and technically advanced products are being created."



Within the next 5 years, MZT Pumpi aspires to become the leading pump manufacturer in the region of south-eastern Europe and to offer high-quality and efficient solutions to its customers by taking advantage of market trends within the pump industry. The company's core and long-term objective is to expand its sales network through finding new partners worldwide for different types of co-operation. "Challenge is our basic motivation and incentive when dealing with complex projects! So challenge us!" affirmed Petrovski.


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