Editorial for Hydro International Buyers Guide 2016

I regularly write about the opportunities hydrography holds for manufacturers, service providers and also professionals: many new developments that we have seen over the last few years will come to maturity sooner or later – and the pace of this process may depend on the need for new technologies or new business. I think that we are in need of both, simply because it’s a rough sea for many of us out there with a shaky economy, low oil prices and conflicts all over the globe that are having their impact on trade. Working with satellite bathymetry, deploying unmanned vehicles and putting crowdsourcing in place are all ways of doing more difficult jobs in difficult circumstances in a more cost-efficient and fast way – often with better results. Being able to deliver in a faster, more accurate way for a lower price should – following economic principles – result in a greater need for hydrography. This greater need will not come at once and for nothing. Companies will have to invest, among others, in sales and marketing, to show and convince people in other fields of their added value. We are offering help, not just in our regular issues of Hydro International, but also in this Buyers Guide, and increasingly in complementary features on our newly (a few months ago) launched website In this Buyers Guide you will find information on hundreds of companies, both manufacturers and service providers, but also academic institutes and organisations. A large number of companies have highlighted their products or services. In the Companies section on the website you will find links to the websites of those companies and more. As in the past, this Buyers Guide will go out to 40,000 professionals at tradeshows and conferences and offices and homes. The number of companies in this guide and on the website hopefully underpin our strong belief that there are plenty of opportunities, despite the headwind we may be currently experiencing. Use it for inspiration, as a business directory or simply to find that one contact you can’t come up with when you need it. But also use it as a way of finding opportunities and making connections with those who can make the opportunities work for you and your business.

Durk Haarsma

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