The Passing of Professor Dr. Volker Böder

It is with great sadness that we recognise the passing on Friday, 31 August 2012 of Professor Dr. Volker Böder of Hafencity University Hamburg (HCU), Germany and, until his passing, vice-chair of Commission 4, and chair of Working Group 4.3 Multi-Sensor Systems for Hydrographic Applications. Ironically, Volker’s demise was due to a shipping accident that occurred on the River Rhine close to Basel (on the German-Swiss border).

Volker was a very active member of Commission 4 that was working on a publication related to the development of technical guidelines for sensor integration (best practices). Although he had a busy life outside of FIG and Commission 4, he was very supportive of the Commission’s work and objectives. I found him always pleasant, soft spoken, respectful and dependable. He shall be very much missed as a colleague and friend.

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