Barry Lusk's company has set up his company Lusk Hydrographic Expertise in 1995 to provide hydrographic services to industry. He concentrates primarily on offering expert advice on the accuracies of nautical charts and how these documents may have contributed to various shipping accidents.
He also has experience in establishing hydrographic offices in third world countries and providing advice for educational institutions who wish to be IHO accredited at the Cat A and Cat B levels.

Specialties: Barry has 45 years experience as a scientific authority and hydrographic surveyor. He is qualified by the ACSM as a inshore and off shore hydrographer, has a Canada Lands Surveyor accreditation and Cat A and Cat B. He also has a masters ticket home trade.


Hydrography in East Asia

The second East Asia Hydrographic Symposium and Exhibition was held in the Legend Hotel in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on from 20 to 22 October 2009. The Symposium was opened by the assistant to the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Yang Berhormat Dato’ Saifuddin Bin Abdullah. The previous Conference... (read more)
SEAEXPLORER Underwater Glider

SEAEXPLORER Underwater Glider

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