Ewan Pelleter received a PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Lorraine at Nancy in 2007. He then spent a few years in Canada (Geological Survey of Canada, Québec) and France (French Geological Survey, Orléans) working on Iron Oxide Copper Gold Deposits (ICOG). Ewan has been a marine geologist with Ifremer since 2010 and he started working on seafloor massive sulphide deposits as a member of the FUTUNA project, a public-private partnership dedicated to the exploration of seafloor massive sulphides in the French EEZ of Wallis and Futuna. Since 2010, Ewan has participated in 6 research cruises and was co-chief of the HERMINE cruise (2017) that focused on the French exploration area in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. His research focuses on understanding the metallogenic processes related to the formation of deep-sea mineral resources.