Marck Smit graduated in Maritime Technology from the Delft University of Technology. For more than a decade he was responsible for the NIOZ Marine Technology Department. This department has vast experience with innovations in measuring, monitoring and sampling in the sea. Marck is now technology manager of The Netherlands Deep Sea Science and Technology Centre.


Research Vessel Technicians Meet their Peers at Woods Hole Oceanographic

Research Vessel Marine Technicians from all over the world gathered in Woods Hole, MA, USA, on 16-18 October for their biannual Inmartech 2018 conference. Organised by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), the conference was the largest to date. David Fisichella, conference chair, said &l... (read more)
SEAEXPLORER Underwater Glider

SEAEXPLORER Underwater Glider

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