Richard Guzmán Martínez

Master Chief Petty Officer Richard Guzmán Martínez is head of hydrographic surveys at the Centre for Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Caribbean (CIOH) and was designated as lead supervisor and coordinator of the installation of hydrographic equipment on board the ARC 20 de Julio and enlistment, planning and implementation of bathymetry in the Gerlache Strait, within the framework of the Colombian First Scientific Expedition to Antarctica. He graduated from Naval Petty Officer School ARC Barranquilla in 1991. He was a pioneer in the implementation of multibeam systems in Colombia and Commander of the first river hydrographic boat that had this system, which first conducted surveys in the majority of Colombian ports. He is instructor on the hydrography course for complementation of the Naval Officer School ‘Almirante Padilla’ and Naval Petty Officer on ARC Barranquilla.


Learning Curve during Survey in Antarctica

The first Colombian scientific expedition to Antarctica was a major challenge for the country and the Colombian Hydrographic Survey organisation because of the extreme conditions in which the investigations had to be carried out. It is Colombia’s vision to contribute to the preservation of the... (read more)
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SEAEXPLORER Underwater Glider

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