Shachak Pe'eri

Shachak Pe’eri is a research assistant professor at the Center of Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM), University of New Hampshire (UNH). His research focus is in airborne remote sensing with a focus on experimental and theoretical studies of airborne Lidar bathymetry, topographic Lidar, and terrestrial laser scanning and hyperspectral remote sensing.


Automated Depth Area Generation for Updating NOAA Nautical Charts

NOAA’s Marine Chart Division (MCD) is currently revising production efforts using an ‘ENC-first’ approach to provide seamless and tiled geographic coverage. Currently, ENC production workflows within MCD require cartographers to manually manipulate data in the Nautical Information... (read more)
SEAEXPLORER Underwater Glider

SEAEXPLORER Underwater Glider

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