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Blueprint Subsea
Blueprint Subsea
The Clock Tower Business Centre
Ulverston LA12 8LY
United Kingdom
Blueprint Subsea
About Blueprint Subsea

Since 2006, we have been designing and manufacturing an innovative range of underwater acoustic products to meet the rigorous demands of the global subsea, offshore and defence markets. Specializing in 2-dimentional imaging sonars, acoustic positioning beacons and diver handheld navigation systems, Blueprint Subsea offers high quality equipment at economical price points.

Our passion for innovation and our dedication to customer service is what sets us apart from the rest. We strive to make our products compact and intuitive, and our customer support responsive and comprehensive.

StarFish side scan sonars offer exceptional image quality and are specifically designed for operation in shallow waters. The towed StarFish systems allow quick and easy, single person deployment making them ideal for survey work and Search And Rescue (SAR) applications.

Oculus multibeam imaging sonars offer single and dual-frequency models with unparalleled image quality in a small-scale housing. Designed for use on small inspection-class ROVs to larger work-class vehicles, the Oculus series offers operating ranges of up to 200m and depth ratings down to 4000m.

SeaTrac is a high accuracy USBL acoustic positioning system giving real-time ROV, AUV and diver tracking. Underpinned by a robust signalling protocol, SeaTrac systems give reliable positioning data even in the most challenging of environments.

Artemis diver handheld navigation systems offer covert navigation, sonar imaging and acoustic communication capabilities in an extremely compact, rugged form factor. The robust design and variety of configuration options provide a world-class platform applicable to Special Forces and Emergency Services divers.

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