EvoLogics GmbH

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    13355 Berlin
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About EvoLogics GmbH

EvoLogics GmbH is a German high-tech enterprise founded in 2000 by a group of leading international scientists and R&D experts. The company is on a mission to develop innovative technologies for maritime and offshore industries through interdisciplinary cooperation between engineering and life sciences.

EvoLogics’ core values are rooted in bionic concepts that combine state of the art engineering with the best ideas found in nature. The team took a bionic approach when solving the common problems of transmitting data in the dynamic underwater environment.

The resulting S2C spread-spectrum communication technology became the basis for the company’s commercial products. Over the past 8 years it grew into a whole ’ecosystem’ that includes several lines of underwater acoustic modems, positioning systems and novel robotic solutions.

Research and innovation remain the cornerstones of EvoLogics - the company is active in multiple national and international R&D projects that drive development of novel technologies.

Advanced communication and positioning - the S2C technology

EvoLogics offers highly reliable, flexible and cost-effective solutions for multiple underwater communication, positioning, navigation and monitoring applications. EvoLogics’ acoustic telemetry provides an independent bidirectional data link with simultaneous positioning, broadcasting and networking.

S2C-based systems have been carefully designed for operations in harsh underwater conditions and are enhanced with special algorithms for signal processing and data management. The company’s extensive experience with sensor integration makes turnkey solutions possible for customers. These range from accurate positioning systems for subsea assets to underwater acoustic sensor networks for monitoring multiple environmental parameters and remotely controlling complex processes from the surface.