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GEOMOD is a software development company specialized in marine geomatics and hydrography. Since 2004, we have been building our expertise on hydrographic products dedicated to mariners, harbour workers, and hydrographic offices. Our products are aligned with requirements of the IHO (International Hydrographic Organization): The S-57 standard for Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), and the new hydrographic data model: S-100, still under development, that we are following closely. Since 2021, GEOMOD has become a member of the COEXYA group (Formerly SWORD group) in order to put in common their respective expertise.

Dedicated to the mission of providing seafarers, harbours and cartographers with reliable and high-quality services, GEOMOD has been working to develop the following products/deliveries:


PortAll is a dynamic web application intended for harbour workers. The tool is organized by features dedicated to each harbour service (hydrographers, harbour managers, mariners, dockers…), and allows all these services to exchange the necessary information (Real-time data, most up-to-date harbour info…) in an efficient way.

ENC production

As an accredited ENC producer registered in the IHO list S-62, GEOMOD is able to deliver the creation of specific S-57 Electronic navigational charts. This service is provided to harbours or hydrographic offices requesting the creation of their own Harbour ENCs (electronic navigational chart). These ENCs are more precise than the ENCs produced by hydrographic offices since cover the smaller areas of the concerned harbours and follow a different Navigational Purpose. Their purpose is to answer the needs of harbour workers, such as pilots.

The latest product CALHYPSO

The creation of official S-57 ENCs is performed by cartographers of Hydrographic Offices around the world. For that purpose, they have to deal with high-density bathymetry datasets covering the seabed, which are made heavier and heavier by the constant progress in data acquisition. Following the request of Shom (French hydrographic office) cartographers to develop a tool helping them in this task, GEOMOD developed CALHYPSO: An automated tool and a service for cartographic and hydrographic offices for creation and update of bathymetry charts.

CALHYPSO allows:

  • Creation of a generalized bathymetry chart using high density data sets
  • Generalisation control comparison of the input file with the result to assert accuracy and readability requirements of the ENC for cartographers
  • Comparison of newly acquired bathymetry data with current ENCs to detect differences and warn cartographers and mariners about apparition of new dangers