About Hydro-Tech

Hydro-Tech had developed a full serie of products, including multi-beam echo sounder, side scan sonar, sound velocity sensor and INS system for diversified surveying application.

Hydro-Tech is a high-tech enterprise in China and has developed completely independent and controllable core technologies in multibeam echosounder and side scan sonar. Following company strategy, Hydro-Tech focuses on the standardization of underwater exploration equipment and overall procedure. With high quality and good performance, Hydro-Tech products have been well utilized by the hydrographic industry customers and occupied the leading market share in China since the day released.

Besides developing standard and customized products, Hydro-Tech also takes advantage of their strong R & D knowhow and hydrographic expertise to provide thoughtful consultation service or one-stop solutions for special customer requirements.

ES Series Side Scand Sonar

ES Series embedded side scan sonar is multi-frequency optional specially designed for AUV, USV, ROV and other unmanned platforms. The selectable working freque...

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Complete the accumulation of echo sounding technology and envolve in R&D work of national echo sounder.


Breakthrough in the key technology of "time leap" pico-second time measurement and join to set the national standard of Sound Velocity Profiler;

Base on new concept of "Inertial & sounder fusion", finish the prototype & engineering sample of MS400 multibeam echo sounder, whose specification and performance is similar to the international major products.


MS400 multi-beam echo sounder  system (Model Worker) was launched and took the lead in realizing the  bottom-level fusion of inertial with acoustics and unique advantages such as installation-free calibration and inclination measurement at any angle.


Being authorized as a national high-tech enterprise;

Launch MS200 multi-beam echo sounder system and SS3060 dual frequency side-scan sonar.

Participate in the formulation of industry standards and test regulations for Shallow Water Multi-beam Echo Sounder, Sub-bottom Profiler and Side-scan Sonar organized by the Ministry of Communication



Breakthrough in muddy water bathymetry technology, high-definition side-scan imaging technology and broadband continuous frequency conversion technology.

MS400 and MS200 keep the record of zero defective rate.

Won 1 silver prize of Satellite Positioning and Navigation Science and Technology Award, 1 second prize of Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology Progress Award.



Complete the new generation of underwater exploration technology system that matches hydrological environment and fusion information technology. Launch the new generation of multi-beam bathymetric products MS400P, MS400H & MS8200 together with single & dual frequency side-scan sonar series.


Complete the product platform compatible with small carrier, small submersible and shipborne. Launch the high-end small multi-beam echo sounder system MS400P (Elf) and small side-scan sonar system ES900 & SS900. Win 6 championships in authoritative competition of the water surface & underwater unmanned platform in China. Win the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award from the Ministry of Education.


Complete five major product series of multi-beam echo sounder, side scan sonar, imaging sonar, sound velocity profiler and attitude determination.

Realize mass production of small side scan sonar SS900M equipped in ROV & AUV.

The products of MS400P, MS8200 and SS3060 win the New Technologies and New Products Approval by Beijing Science and Technology Commission;