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INNOMAR Technologie GmbH
Schutower Ringstrasse 4
18069 Rostock
+49 381 440790
INNOMAR Technologie GmbH
About INNOMAR Technologie GmbH

INNOMAR Technologie GmbH has been providing efficient underwater acoustic survey equipment and associated software tailored to customer requirements for more than 20 years.

The ‘INNOMAR SES-2000’ series of parametric sub-bottom profilers (SBP) with more than 300 units sold is perfectly suited for exploring the sub-seafloor at high resolution in water depths between less than one metre and full ocean depth. Applications include visualising sediment structures for dredging and geological surveys as well as mapping buried pipelines/cables or prospective offshore building sites.

All the different ‘INNOMAR SES-2000’ models feature a narrow sound beam to give results at very high resolution and quality. The delivery includes a user-friendly data acquisition and control software as well as a dedicated post-processing software. All data are recorded digitally, but analogue outputs are available too. Transmit pulse properties can easily be adjusted by the user to fit specific survey requirements. Transducers are available for installation in the vessel’s hull and over the side pole-mounting.

There are also ‘INNOMAR SES-2000’ models incorporating a narrow-beam parametric SBP and a dual-frequency side-scan sonar for simultaneous operation. New developments include a multi-transducer SBP providing high data density suitable for 3D visualisation and tracking of buried pipelines/cables, a towed SBP, a survey catamaran (USV) for remote operation in protected or extremely shallow areas as well as a low-frequency parametric sub-bottom profiler for operation up to 11,000 metres water depth.

INNOMAR’s quality management has been certified by DIN EN ISO 9001 for more than 15 years.

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