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KLEIN A MIND Technology Business
11 Klein Drive
03079 Salem, New Hampshire
United States
KLEIN  A MIND Technology Business
About KLEIN A MIND Technology Business

Celebrating over 50 years in the marine technology industry, Klein, a MIND Technology business continues to be a world leading sensor technology manufacturer of high-resolution side scan sonar equipment and radar-based security and surveillance systems. Klein continues to lead the industry with the development of side scan, bathymetry and sub-bottom profiler systems to support undersea search and survey.  MA-X technology is a cost-effective solution to filling the nadir gap that is characteristic of traditional side scan sonar.  By seamlessly covering the nadir region, MA-X based products eliminate the need for overlapping survey lines, resulting in an estimated 40% increase in efficiency.  Klein has developed a worldwide reputation of excellence in the industry by providing quality products and excellent customer service. Klein sonar systems are deployed by government agencies, navies, port authorities, surveyors, oil companies and universities worldwide. Visit our web site to see the entire line of Klein sonar systems and discover how Klein is Making the Oceans Transparent!

is Making the Oceans Transparent!

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