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Leica Geosystems Geospatial Solutions Division
Klubbhusgatan 15
55303 Jönköping
+46 36196680
Leica Geosystems Geospatial Solutions Division
About Leica Geosystems Geospatial Solutions Division

Leica Geosystems develops and sells airborne Lidar survey systems for various applications in the field of airborne hydrography. The product line includes the Leica Chiroptera II and Leica HawkEye III sensors for combined bathymetry and topography.

Seamless Data From Sea to Land

By integrating multiple sensors into the survey systems, Leica Geosystems has optimised the survey efficiency and performance. For everyday nearshore surveys, the Chiroptera II will collect seamless data from a water depth of 25 metres onto land. When fitted with the HawkEye III deep bathymetric module, the survey water penetration depths can be increased to 50m with the highest possible efficiency.

Colourised RGBN Point Clouds

All Leica Geosystems airborne Lidar sensors are equipped with the Leica RCD30 high-resolution 80-megapixel camera for 3D imaging and documentation enabling RGBN colouring of Lidar point clouds and production of ortho image mosaics in RGB or CIR.

Integrated Processing of Lidar data

The Leica Lidar Survey Studio (Leica LSS) allows simultaneous processing and quality assurance of all sensor data, therefore increasing productivity. Users can quickly create coverage plots, check accuracy and point density, 3D visualise the data, and review and extract Q/A reports. Tools such as automatic calibration, data classification, water refraction correction, data cleaning, turbid water enhancement, point cloud colourisation, point cloud matching, import of reference points and quality assurance statistics analysis are integrated.

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