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About Leica Geosystems Geospatial Solutions Division

Airborne bathymetric solution

Leica Geosystems’ airborne bathymetric sensors, Leica Chiroptera 4X and Leica HawkEye 4X, offer unprecedented water depth penetration and seabed object detection even in turbid waters. Together with the Leica LiDAR Survey Studio (LSS) 3.0 processing workflow, the innovative 4X technology increases the point density by factor four, significantly reduces operational costs and provides more detail from every flight.

Scalability and seamless data from water to land

With integrated bathymetric and topographic sensors, the Chiroptera 4X collects seamless data from water to land with a water depth of 25 metres and illuminates seafloor objects from multiple angles. When fitted with the HawkEye 4X deep bathymetric module, the water penetration depths increase to 50 m.

 New high-performance processing workflow

The LSS 3.0 workflow provides end-to-end data processing from automatic LiDAR calibration, refraction correction and point cloud classification to data enhancement and 3D visualisation. LSS 3.0 has brought unprecedented improvements for depth penetration, hydrographic object detection and data accuracy.


Leica Chiroptera 4X

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Leica HawkEye 4X

The world's most competent deepwater bathy solution. The Leica HawkEye 4X offers unrivalled bathymetric point density and water penetration down to 50 m depth w...

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